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  1. Demon/Summoner RP. Do not post, please and thank you.
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    Victor Leon awoke on a terrible night in his mansion to find his parents murdered and with that a horrible ritual going on in his main hall it seemed that the servants had a agenda of their own. Candles red robes and dead animals, it seemed straight out of a cheesy horror movie that Victor had watched as a child. He felt fear in his heart for if these people found him he would be next. People were chanting and speaking in tongue. Victors older brother grabbed him and covered his mouth. His hand was covered in blood. He explained that they tried to kill him in his sleep but failed. He was equaly as scared as Victor. The bloodmoon had risen that night. Victors brother signaled he was going around the corner and left in a hurry. A scream was heard Victors brother was grabbed and taken to the main hall where everything seemed to be going on. Victor followed in the shadows helpless to do anything otherwise. Victors brother was bound and put in a circle where the corpse's of his parents now lay. He noticed a man leading this whole ceremony he made his way closer to this man because if this could be stopped it could be stopped with him. The chanting was now growing louder and more vigorous. The circle began to glow, victor had to make his move now he grabbed a nearby antique knife on the wall and ran at the man just as the chant was finishing. He stabbed the man in the heart and blood was splatterd all over his face. And then the room seemingly stopped and Victor blacked out. When he came to everyone was dead a purple mist was begging to dissolve and everyone was dead. but he could make out a woman in the mist. But his vision was blurred and his chest burned he felt like he was dying.
  3. Few things were so unbearably furstrating as a slow summons. Renzie could feel the electrifying chill of the mortal plane just on the edges of her fingertips, right on the otherside of the unopened portal. Her tail twitched and her skin itched in anticipation. She was hungry. It didn't matter whatever asinine task her summoner wanted complete- the soul would be hers.

    But when she finally got to the other side, the sight before her wasn't what she wanted to see. It wasn't a clean summons. And the ass who'd brought her up wasn't even conscious. "Damnit!" She screeched, stomping a cloven foot. "Wake up! You don't just summon me and pass out!" Her tail lashed back and forth angrily, and she crossed her arms over her bare chest, though not in protection of her modesty. There was none.

    She took the form of a satyr; half goat, half human. The only thing that kept her covered from the human's gaze was a heavy layer of purple mist born from the ingredients of the summoning ceremony, cheap as they were. The goat half of her body was an off white color, speckled with uneven patches of black and grey. Strongly muscled legs had no trouble supporting a heavier torso. Renzie's human half was chubby and round with a pearly complexion. Short little horns protruded from her hair line, and kept her curly white locks out of her eyes. "What are you doing, wake up!" The woman demanded, tail lashing again.

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  4. Victor's eye's opened slowing but annoyed as he looked and say goat legs, was he dreaming was he dead? But what was this annoying pestering, no he was definitely still alive. He looked up slowly shocked at the sight that was before him "this must be what the culprits were trying to do" he thought to himself, he was weak and dizzy. He barely made out the words with his cheek smushed up on the ground. "Who and what are you?" he said weakly.
  5. Renzie was pleased to see him alive and waking up, however ticked off at the painstakingly slow pace he chose to do it. "That's it, open your useless little eyes, come on." She tapped her foot on the floor in frustration. She stopped when the human spoke to her, and she snorted. "What do you mean, 'Who and what are you?' It should be bloody obvious what I am! Take a good look around, buddy. You see all this? You summoned a demon. You got me. Obviously you've got something you want so badly that you're willing to give away your soul for. Don't play stupid or naive. It's not cute."

    Before he could so much as get a word out, Renzie kept on. "I've got rules about what you can wish for, so don't try to get smart with me. You get one wish. I'll do everything in my power to make it happen. After that, you die. And I get dinner. I don't do lifetime contracts, I don't kill more than ten people, I don't take back what I do. You get a year to decide what you want, in case you're a dumbass who doesn't think shit through, because I'm generous like that." The real reason behind it was because a human year to her was almost nothing in her native time.

    "Let's see...." The demon tapped her finger to her chin, "I decide what wishes are good and which are bad. If I don't like it, I don't have to do it. If you can't make up uour mind by the end of the year, your soul is mine, wish be damned. Understood?" Rules established, she smiled, flashing sharp teeth. "You can call me Renzie."
  6. Victor still dazed, got his footing very slowly, alarmed already that there was a creature spouting these preposterous things to him but what was even more alarming is that he heard sirens in the distance, Victor now recalled that under the staircase, there is no way he could explain any of this to the police and furthermore if they were involved in this as well. Victor took off his leather jacket and pit it over the less than modest creature and manged to secure one button.

    He had to go now! He grabbed the creatures hand feeling otherwise compelled to than anything else strangely, and ran for the stair case and quickly got into his family secret escape cavern, He opened it by sticking his arm into a hole and it tested his blood to make sure it was his family's. As the passage opened he rain as fast he could holding the creatures hand, and running down the dark corridor while the passage door quickly shut behind them.
  7. Her ears twitched at the sound of sirens going off in the distance. She'd heard it before Victor ever did, but paid it no mind. Nothing she hadn't heard before. "Well, I'm waiting." Renzie huffed. She gasped when the other got up from the ground and hurriedly smothered her in his jacket. "You! Y- you take this damn thing off of me right- oh!" She fell silent when he took her hand.

    "Damnit, human, enough! Tell me what's going on!" She demanded while he drug her through his home, at least, what she presumed to be his home. It was far nicer than the last place she'd been summoned. She almost cringed at the memory. Poor girl. She almost felt bad taking that one's soul. Almost.

    Safely hidden in the corridor, Renzie ripped her hand away and tore off the jacket without bothering with the button, effectively ruining it. She raised her foot and held it over the human's as she said, "You've got three seconds to answer me and tell me what's going on in that pathetic, useless head of yours before I break your foot."
  8. "That's the thing miss miss miss whatever, I don't know whats going through my head right now I don't know what happened through the time that transpired tonight, and now I'm hauling around you whatever you are!" said angrily. Victor ripped the Jacket from her hand and with disgust and said "You know I tried to show you some courtesy by covering you up a lady but you spit in my face!,You should not be the one asking question's right now got it?!" he said in a rising tone, "I just had my whole family taken from me and now I'm stuck with you, not a very even trade off if you ask me!"

    "GODDAMNIT" Victor shouted as he beat the wall until his hands were bloodied. He broke the porsalend on the wall more and more with each punch thrown."FUCK!" He cried out to the darkness.