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  1. Galaxy Venture
    It's Placement Day on Port 5 in the United Republic of Earth 9!
    Every young being aging thirteen to nineteen are being assigned to their forever assignments! This is an exciting day for all citizens of the URE9! All citizens except for seven young beings. Most young beings know where they want to go or have been assigned at birth by their parents, but these seven young beings are conflicted. Unlike their peers they do not want to remain on URE9 and forced into one job for the rest of their lives, unable to leave their post.
    These young beings want to explore. They want to spread their wings and see where the wind takes them. So they steal an old ship and set off to explore every edge of the United Republic of Earth's galaxy. Where will their journey take them? And will they ever return to their home, Port 5?

    Acceptable beings are humans, lunar kind, AIs and cyborgs.
    (Lunar kind are beings from the moon).

    Science Fiction │ Adventure

    Playable Roles
    Seven (or more) beings

    Princess Prince
    Princess Lydia of Narelle is not your average princess. She doesn't care for her etiquette classes. She doesn't think that you should always let Princes win. She hates her silk slippers and likes to run around barefoot and she doesn't care that her parents are disappointed in her and are getting tired of her un-princess like ways.

    Well...She should have cared about that last part. But too late!

    The King and Queen of Narelle are tired of their daughter Lydia acting uncouth and refusing to obey them, so they're sending her to Fort Elegance a school for etiquette taught by ruthless spinsters and vicious governesses to be bent into shape. She is to journey to the Fort with her two handmaidens, and she is being escorted by a few thousand men and the son of the captain of the royal guard.

    But there trip is interrupted by a band of cold blooded bandits and everyone in the procession is killed save for Princess Lydia, her handmaidens and the son of the captain of the royal guard. They managed to escape from the bandits, but now they are faced with another dilemma! Princess Lydia has decided to relinquish her crown and live on her own in the forest! What will the group do? Will they drag Princess Lydia back to Narelle or will they pledge allegiance to the Princess Prince?

    If there's a lot of interest for this I can open more spots than just four.

    Fantasy│Adventure│Comedy │ LGBT │ Romance

    Playable Roles
    Princess Lydia
    Son of Captain of Royal Guard
    Handmaiden 1
    Handmaiden 2

    Spawn of Spellcraft
    Witches aren't supposed to fall in love.

    But Ignis Susurri did.
    She fell in love with a simple human man named Edgar White, and she had three beautiful little girls. She wanted to stay with her family forever, and teach her daughters how to conjure and cast, and cherish her beloved Edgar.


    Witches aren't supposed to fall in love.
    A witch who falls prey to love is weak and a liability.
    So Ignis Susurri was killed by the witches' council and her little family was left alone. Her children were overlooked by the council because they were half human and therefore too weak to be important. But her daughters were important. They had each inherited one of Amaranth's three powers.
    Weather Manipulation
    and Necromancy.

    Now each daughter has to learn to control her powers, but what will they do with them in the end? Will they use them for good? Or will they take revenge on the witches council that destroyed their family?

    Modern Fantasy│Superhuman

    Playable Roles
    Edgar White
    Three Daughters
    Witches' Council Inspectors

    Songbirds and Quills
    A bird is nothing without it's feathers. But a feather is many things without a bird.

    At the Academy of Muse and Arts, there are two groups of students. The Songbirds and the Quills. The Quills write and compose the songs and the Songbirds perform said pieces. You would think that the Quills would be the reigning group, but it is not so. The Songbirds rule the school and even thought their success heavily depends on the state of their Quill, they often verbally abuse and otherwise bully their Quills. The Quills remain silent through this, although many a time in the past they have tried to rebel, but have failed countless times.
    Will this year be different?

    School Life │ Slice of Life │ Music Based*
    *Posting requirements are different for this role play. In addition to regular posting requirements, a song lyric (max. 3 lyrics must be included as the headline of every post and it must pertain to the subject matter of the post.)
    For example (open)

    Don't tell me you're sorry cause you're not

    Baby when I know you're only sorry you got caught

    "How could you do this to me, Dylan? I trusted you! I thought you loved me!" Emma screamed at Dylan who was leaning against her locker, blonde bangs swept across her right eye as usual. Emma used to think that was cute, but now it just pissed her off and she wished she had a pair of scissors.
    "Em, I'm sorry. I just--I was in a bad place and she was there--" Dylan started and Emma let out a watery sounding bark of laughter.
    "Oh she was there? You were in a bad place?" She sneered, her voice mocking. "So that just makes it all better?"​

    Playable Roles
    Songbird Students
    Quill Students​
  2. Spawn of Spellcraft is brilliant. I'd love to play the sister that inherited the ability of Necromancy. :)
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  3. Galaxy Venture sounds like fun :D
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  4. Spawn of Spellcraft sounds fun. I'd like to be the sister with Weather Manipulation.
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  5. I like Princess Prince, Spawn of Spellcraft, and Songbirds and Quills. Those sound like so much fun!
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  6. @Nica

    Hmm, so it seems Spawn of Spellcraft is the most popular. :O However I kind of want to do all of them >.> So I might just do individual interest checks for everything else and create the sign ups/ooc for spawn of spell craft.

    Now I have to ask, if all of you who are interested in Spawn of Spellcraft want to be a sister, because if so, I also want to be a sister, so I might make another one. O.O

    Edit: Wait you know what, I'll just be the council inspector. :D
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  7. I think having a fourth sister would be beneficial. :)
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  8. Well, display them to us please.
  9. @Nica

    Tempest White - Weather Manipulation
    Gale White - Telekinesis
    Ember White - Necromany

    All three girls have a medium brown skin tone, obsidian colored eyes and jet black hair. It's up to you whether the hair is curly or whatnot. The girls are all 5'7, although their weight varies depending on their individual diets. Each girl has an [you choose the shape] reddish brown birth mark on their left shoulder.

    Here's the IC by the way!
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  10. I use centimetres. That's 170cm right?
  11. Does that mean I get to have Gale?? That would be AWESOME.
  12. Songbirds and Quills sounds really intriguing :3
  13. @Crow
    That is correct.

    If you want her. ^^

    @Rin Mico
    I'll be making a more detailed Songbirds and Quills interest check, sometime this week. I'll tag you when I finish it. ^_^
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