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The ARE Clique

"America Rises Eternal." "America Rests Eternal."
Made out of the remains of the Raven Rock Enclave and other remnants, the ARE Clique represents the last sparks of the American Experiment. Nearly extinguished twice, two great conflicts have taught the faction a great deal about navigating the politics of a wasteland. Integrated both into the USSA and Titanville. Despite the physical separation, the two groups are in constant communication thanks to concessions bought a generation ago and act as one unit.
Known within Titanville for their high and mighty attitude, the clique has made its safety concerns on several USSA projects known. Although never escalating more than a calm verbal discussion, they are known as naysayers and considered to be overly cautious by USSA staff. Despite that, with other broken remnants slowly trickling into Titanville it has created a solid population base for the Clique and the city.
Within Titanvile, the Clique's influence runs deep. The Colonel is an outspoken member, who is responsible for the solidification of the Clique as a powerful military force to protect Titanville. Meanwhile, one of three Senators in the city is a member of the Clique's political party. It is a different story within the USSA.
The Clique possesses advanced technology thanks to its close partnership and integration into the USSA and Titanville. However, their primary project, sending 'Dreamers' and their Synth companions out into the wasteland as recon, intelligence, and scientific units to make lightning strike a third time. This time, on behalf of America. Not a moment too soon, either. Titanville can't stay hidden forever, even if they wanted. Colonel Autumn would want them to rise again, and the wasteland isn't content with allowing them to stay hidden.

  • This is a public faction in that anyone can join. If you want to work the Clique into your backstory, I do want to talk to you about it so that it's lore consistent with the faction. I prefer to talk on Discord but I am willing to talk on the forums if you don't want to use Discord. My username is Polyester#2476.
  • If you are playing a 'Dreamer', you aren't getting up power armor or something that makes it obvious where you're from. You're not supposed to be a blazing sign saying who you're with.
  • More information can be read here.

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New American Foundation

"Society's out there rebuilding, waiting for someone to take the reins."
People often forget the Enclave had more than just its military and science members. Bureaucrats, the educated, all these types of folks were part of the organization and that didn't change when Poseiden exploded. While other segments of the Enclave wanted to build something up, the NAF was happy to take control of other people's work.
The standard NAF operation procedure is pretty simple. Go in, make friends, use your blatantly unfair advantage of the organizations support to make a profit while gaining power, get your hands on the wheels of society like they had in Pre-War America.
Results in the NAF have been mixed. Although they enjoyed success thanks to reforms pushed by President Bishop opening up the stranglehold the Barons had on the market, the nuking of Shady Sands was a major loss to their power in the region. Ultimately the decision was made to move out of the west coast region, and allow the chaos to settle in the region. They turned their focus elsewhere for the time being, now having fingers in their pie in commerce all throughout the central United States. In particular, they've embedded themselves into the commerce of the Four States Republic, creating their own league of political and economic influence. When you control standard practice, academia, and the press, you have a great deal of control in any society.
More recently, they've turned their attention to the Mojave. The House is a concerning threat, a corporation very firmly under his leadership. No hostile takeover would be enough to oust this pre-war business magnate, they would have been subtle when dealing with this threat. Funding anti-house groups, movements, fermenting dissidents, and generally being a thorn in the side in House's attempt to extend influence further out of the region.
An additional concern has been the awfully president longevity of the Brotherhood. Hard work was done to make sure the two halves of the Brotherhood had sporadic ineffectual contact. The success of the Brotherhood in the Commonwealth, the failure of the RP to gain a foothold, and the Predwyn have turned keeping their heels nipped at to a nearly full time job. Stretched thin, disappointed in the RP, and skeptical of the Clique, the NAF has few friends left in the Enclave. Despite this, they have by far the most outside of it.

  • This is a public faction in that anyone can join.
  • Power armor and stuff that marks you as Enclave is sadly off the table for NAF merchants. Shame, but its not very buisnesslike.
  • More information is available here.
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The Renewal Project

"We will repay what's been done to us by the Muties and Communists in our common currency. Blood, lead, and death!"
On the surface, the Renewal Project is a group of disaffected disparates who decided to stay in a close knit organization part of the Enclave, but ultimately seeking to rebuild society slowly under new names and without the baggage. Hardliners found the idea of living in a true American community appealing enough to close their nose and bear the implicit proximity to the Muties, the NAF were happy to focus projects elsewhere for their goals. The Clique was happy that some parts of the Enclave had the sense that things had to change, looking forward to eventual unification.
The reality couldn't be further from the truth. While Autumn tried to evolve the Enclave to focus on military might to get the descendants of the American public on board, and Colonel Williams tried to take over the remnants of America with soft power, the Renewal Project never moved on from Poseidon. Every Enclave member who was angry, wanted revenge, or was planning on sticking to their guns gathered under this loose organization.
Ultimately though, they were poor in manpower. Inbreeding was a problem in the Enclave, and recruitment was out of the question for this group. The group probably would have faded away if not for a particular lucky break: The discovery of Synths. Here was a promise to remake pure Americans, free of the radiation and pollution of the wasteland, and rebuild America with them. There were issues with this plan, namely that they were not sufficiently biological enough for the project's taste. To get better models, they attempted to get a foothold in the Commonwealth, a project that ended in failure thanks to the actions of the Sole Survivor.
Despite this the shattering of the institute and the collaboration of the Clique allowed them to fufil their objective of creating biological synths indistinguishable from themselves. Now finally able to make their own Biological Synths, there was nothing stopping them from taking a page out of the Masters book and building an army to take over the wasteland, replacing living citizens with Bio-Synth copies loyal to the Project.
The Project is in the early phases, planning a few test regions in their territory to give their new strategy a live test. Paradoxically the most hostile to the people of the wastes, and the most amicable to passing synths to an extent were even the Clique's more conservative segments questioning them.

  • This is a public faction in that anyone can join.
  • There is no redemption in these halls, no more lessons to be learned, no reformists but the damned and hopeless. You can be a hero, but do not expect anything but a tragedy. At least you can finally put on that power armor.
  • More information is available here.
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