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  1. Victor Silver lay in his king sized bed, his back against the intricately painted headboard. He held his tablet in front of him and was quickly flipping through various portfolios in the spousal database. He already had two tabs favorited and was requesting information from the advanced database on those two potential spouses--No not potential. Definite. Unless there was something very wrong with the two of them, he wouldn’t pursue it, but he knew as soon as he saw their images that he wanted them. He wanted to hold them all and give them all that they desired. He wanted to make them happy. He also wanted his darling, Andrew to have some company. Victor wasn’t always home and it wasn’t healthy or fair for him to be alone so much. And their son and Victor’s brother in law (respectively), Nathaniel and Matthew needed to branch out more and have some friends who weren’t each other.

    A soft chirping noise brought him out of his thoughts and he glanced back down at his tablet to see that he had received advanced information for two of his potentials;

    “Name: Cai Schwartz
    Age: 25
    Gender: Intersex - Female
    Class: Lower class”

    He read aloud, he would enjoy meeting her and pausing before he addressed her by name and waited for her to clarify the pronunciation. He regarded her picture closely, his heart thumping in anticipation of seeing her in person. He was sure that her picture wouldn’t compare to her physical appearance.

    He quickly contacted the database admin and soon Cai Schwartz’s profile was covered with a digital lock icon, signifying that she shouldn’t be reviewed any longer, as she had already been picked.

    Now for the next, potential--Luna Gillian-- This profile had actually been sent to him by the girl’s parents. At first he had been reluctant to even view her portfolio, but after a bit of consideration he decided to check her out. And he was glad that he had. The girl was stunning--quite young-- but still stunning. He figured he’d wait awhile before he invited her into his bed.

    Soon, Luna’s profile was grayed out and covered by the icon and Victor received her location information at the same time as he received Cai Schwartz’s. He would go out to meet and retrieve them immediately.

    Victor quickly spotted and retrieved information for the rest of his potentials, Aero Daniels,

    "Age: 22
    Gender: Female
    Class: Lower class"

    and Endre Kovach,
    "Age: 27
    Gender: Male
    Class: Lower class"

    Two spectacular looking and sounding spouses. Hopefully, all of them would get along with each other and Andrew. If not...Well Victor would make sure they worked out their differences.
    “And now, to meet them.” Victor said to himself as he got out of bed and prepared to leave. He tapped the ‘call button’ on his tablet, pulling up his chauffeur’s number, “Kevin, put these locations into the gps in the order that I give you.” And with that, Victor departed to meet his spouses.
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  2. Luna huffed a bit as her mother adjusted her violet hair in a slightly curly design. She was quiet and respectful, arms crossed over her chest, pushing up her breasts a bit in the v-cut black gown. "Mother please, just take a moment to breathe would you? It's not the end of the world." Her mother was silent, pinning her daughter's hair upwards while her father still in his business clothes was applying the steamer to the wrinkles in her gown.

    She looked at the television in the living room a few feet across from her, her mother's favorite new's channel. She glanced at the remote on the table beside her, wanting to change the channel to just about anything else. The low class was whining again about everything being: too low wages, too poor living, too little warmth. It was all just complaining in Luna's mind, whereas her best friend had recently lost her favorite car due to a little tipsy driving. Now that was an issue! Luna wanted to buy that car, but with it impounded and wrecked it'd be a gross statement to drive it now. "Ouch! Father watch it, please." Luna hissed as he let his steamer run too long in the same spot, the heat reaching her thigh. "Geeze, be careful." She groaned, her body jumping hearing a knock on the door. "Great, now what?"
  3. Music and art was everywhere in Endre's dingy little apartment. There were poems-really songs without their tune written and sketches of people littered wherever they can be put. Endre sat somewhere among his creations, strumming a few chords and jotting them down. He scratched his head. Nope, still kind of bland.

    He stretched on his sleeping bag and looked at the ceiling, closing his eyes and imagining the blue skies of the last town he ventured off to. He opened his eyes with a smile, nice little memories playing in his mind. None of them struck a note, however.

    He safely put his guitar away in its bag and swung it over his shoulder. A walk would definitely inspire him. He put it down again and fumbled about for his pencils and sketchbook, slipping them in the front pocket of his guitar case. When he was all set, he whistled as he got out.

    He was surprised. He never had visitors before.


    Focus was broken quick as a glass that fell when Cai heard someone coming. A car pulled over by the next door. She shrugged. It must be another guest of her roommate. They never spoke to each other much but it wasn't that they weren't friends. It's just that the roommate was making a thesis or something and was extremely busy; in and out the whole day. Cai would just meditate and clean whenever.

    To her surprise, the visitors were headed her way. She peered at them through her curtains and gasped. She ran off to her room when there was a knock on her door.
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  4. Luna Gillian was the first stop as the Middle Class district was closest to the Upper Class district. Victor stood in front of the door, his hands in front of him, his fingers tapping on his tablet. He still had the girl's profile up so that he could confirm that the choosing had gone through without a hitch. If not then he would need to alert the Spousal Database Admins about any problems. But he doubted that there would be any. After all, the Gillian's had contacted him not the other way around. He doubted that they would have screwed up their own arrangement.

    Although he was a bit confused as to why no one had opened the door yet. His chauffeur and bodyguard, Kevin--ever the pessimist--frowned and knocked again, this time a bit harder. "Victor Silver has come for a choosing. Open up!" He snapped, a bit more aggressive then needed. Victor gave him an irritated look, which caused the bodyguard to duck his head in apology.

    The next one on the list was Cai Schwartz, Kevin was a tad confused with the location though as there were two doors not one as they had assumed. Victor leaned back in his seat, not very concerned of this. It's not like he would mistake one person for another. He had seen the girl's picture after all. Finally, Kevin seemed to make up his mind and he cruised past the first door and stopped in front of the second. As he moved to get out, Victor held up his hand. "Just keep the car running." He said, not forgetting the bodyguard's earlier blunder. Kevin nodded and closed his door but kept the passenger doors unlocked.

    Victor made his way up the path to the door and knocked, not too hard but not very soft either.
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  5. Luna shooed her parents away, mother still praying her with perfumes and her father still dusting her off of any glitter. Only when she came to the door did they duck and hide a bit, not wanting to overshadow their young little princess. "I'm coming," she announced, trying not to let her annoyance with her overly pampering parents project to her guest, "okay... I can do this."

    With a firm unlocking of the door, Luna opened the door slowly, eyes widening at the guest. She knew he was coming, but so did some of her friends, and already some had pulled pranks on her saying they were Victor. To see him standing here, official and handsome, practically perfect, she wanted to collapse into a puddle. "I--Hello," Luna gave a quick bow, mentally slapping herself in the face remembering women curtsied and men bowed, "and welcome to my home--er well my doorstep." She laughed awkwardly, yelping feeling a soft pillow thrown against the back of her head. Looking back she recognized her mother with another pillow in hand, glaring at her, silently mouthing the words "behave like a woman" as a warning.

    Luna was young and childish, trying to act her age was already a struggle, let alone when practically royalty was standing mere feet away.
  6. This is a first, Victor thought as his walk to Endre Kovach's apartment was interrupted by Endre Kovach himself. I suppose this makes things easier for me though. The man thought as he gave the other younger man a smile. "Endre Kovach." It wasn't a question but more of a statement, he had studied the man's picture too much for him to not know him when he saw him. But man, was he even more gorgeous in person. "I'm Victor Silver, and you are one of my potential spouses." He stopped there, and allowed the man to take in the information.

    Victor's expression transformed into a smile as soon as he saw his potential. She was...Stunning. "Luna Gillian," He murmured, taking the girl's hand. "It's a pleasure to meet you." He said, although he was a tad surprised about her reaction to him. Did she not know that he was coming for her? Had her parents not told her of the arrangement? He found that quite strange, but either way, she would become his spouse whether she was aware of that fact or not. "May I come in?" He asked, his eyes on the parents. Really, he didn't need to speak to them at all, he could just whisk her away and never contact them again, but it was only common courtesy to say at least something to them.
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  7. "Heh heh oh no I uh," Luna smiled rubbing the back of her head, cursing her stupid friends for making her look so unprofessional now that this was the real deal, "ignore them. They're,"

    "Make a woman out of my daughter!" Luna twitched hearing her mother call out in tears of joy, sobbing into her pillow. Luna glared up at the sky with her cheeks bright red.

    "Please, ignore that." Luna insisted, her embarrassment making her shift in place and eyes avoid any contact. "I apologize, my parents are... enthusiastic." She leaned in a bit close whispering in Victor's ear, "You'd think they're getting married to you instead of me haha." She was quick to revert back to her childish self, shaking the man's hand as he held it. "So, um, I'm sorry but I've never been a spouse before. Should I be doing something more.... proper?" Luna tried adjusting her gown and pulling at the curls in her hair to appear presentable.
  8. Andrew gave a soft sigh as he tidied up the perpetually blemish free kitchen. He couldn't cook, a complete unfortunate skill set he didn't manage to gain raising his...siblings. One that dear Mattie seemed to have gained from somewhere he really didn't want to know. Leaning on the sink, he glanced at the two children on the kitchen table eating, he smiled softly.

    Well at least he managed to get something right. Gaining Victor's attention was something considered an accomplishment. How long ago was it again when he was claimed? Seven? Eight? Ten Years ago? Making an unhappy face, he began to calculate it all in his head. Unknowing to him, the two children turned to each other in worry.

    He was...well...Matthew had just turned one, so that made him...24? Yes, sounds about right. He was 24 and Victor was 22. He blanched at that thought. Good heavens, he's old. He shivered lightly before turning away from the children and continued to wash the dishes.

    Half way through, he stopped and realized that he already washed them and sighed, yet again.

    He may not admit it openly. He may dislike it intensely. And he truly feels irritated, but he knew it was necessary.

    Victor taking other spouses, somehow, rubs him the wrong way. But he'll suck it up.

    A short tug at his sleeve made him look down and he immediately smiled at his son.

    One that Victor often teases him as giving life to a clone. Nathaniel took more of him than Victor and it saddened Andrew somewhat. It would be greater if only the child was born with his father's more...masculine features, but that was fine. Victor was pleased with their union any way.

    "Are you happy, Mommy?" Nathaniel asked him. Slightly shocked, Andrew turned to his brother with a raised brow who replied with a childish shrug. He gave his son a smile as he hoisted him up with no problems. "Of course I am, why do you ask?" he asked with a concerned smile.

    "Because you keep sighing and Mattie tells me that when you sigh, pieces of your soul leave you and you can't be happy again!" the little him told him with much fervor. Andrew immediately turned to glare at his brother who gave him a sheepish grin before running away.

    He rolled his eyes at the butchered Japanese belief that his brother told his son. "No, I'm very happy Nathaniel." he told his son honestly. "I'm just worried that your Father's new spouses may be..." he paused, how were you going to tell your son that the other spouses could be bitches. "...may not like me." he continued smoothly.

    Nathaniel frowned. "Why not?" he asked angrily. "Daddy likes you! I like you! Mattie likes you! Everyone here likes you! Even Granpa likes you!" he added. "Why won't they like you?!" his little boy demanded with a pout. Andrew knew where that pout was going to lead. He just knew that a temper tantrum was going to strike!
    He had to control this matter or else the little tyke (and his demonic little brother) was going to explode in anger and honestly, he'd rather not have an incident when the new spouses arrive. The awkward tension between him and the others is going to be so great.

    Especially since he was the first...and the longest spouse that Victor will take. Plus he had given the other his first heir.

    Andrew flicked Nathaniel's nose lightly and the boy gave a squeak. "Because adults think differently from everyone else." he told his son. "But if you're extra nice to them and get Mattie to be NICE." he added loudly, knowing full well his brother was just around the corner, "Then maybe, just maybe, they'll like me too." he told his son. Who frowned and thought it over then smiled and ran away yelling, "Mattie! We have to be NICE to them! Instead of putting frogs in their shirt like we planned!"

    Andrew groaned. At least he managed to dissuade the kids from that little plan. Now on to making them NOT put worms in their hair or hug the new spouses covered in mud.

    He was getting too old for this.


    Andrew sighed as he waited in the settee, over looking the lawn for the new spouses to arrive. It seemed truthfully shocking that Victor was suddenly taking so many spouses at the same time. He knew that it wasn't because Victor was bored of him. Hardly that, their performance in bed was actually getting better for some reason and always left Victor very satisfied.

    He threw away the dark thoughts, it wasn't his place to say why Victor was taking interest in others. He was going to be a cheerful, kind, nice, polite....oh who the hell was he kidding. He was seething but he was an adult and he was so proving that he is one.

    Andrew still remembers how they first met. The apartment was in disarray. The laundry was all in one corner. He was running without sleep for he couldn't count how many days, and was sporting a sniffle or two. And his baby brother was a heaven to raise, unlike his two other siblings, thankfully gone and married but at this time baby Matthew was sporting a fever and Andrew could do so little to ease the baby's burden.

    He was irritable, which he usually wasn't. His coworkers who were often always nearly stuck to him were now giving him a wide berth, which he was absolutely pleased about. And he just came home from his shift and truly working in the evening screws up your biochemistry somewhat. He's turning into a vampire. Worse, he's turning his brother into a vampire, who now has a fever.

    Imagine his surprise when there was a hesitant knock on the door, looking at the time. Andrew saw it was 10.15 in the morning and realized he hasn't slept yet. Between arriving from work at 5 in the morning, caring for his brother, trying to get the laundry done, cleaning the house and trying to fix the Goddamn light bulb! He had found sleep to unnecessary.

    He opened the door to say screw you at his neighbour who keeps thinking him a gigolo, just because his mother was a whore didn't make him one, damn it! So he opened the door, a whole tirade of large words and managed to catch them before they spurted out.

    "Andrew Yamato, I presume?" the person in front of him asked, surveying his form coolly. Andrew shut his mouth, his face turning slightly red. He had forgone his shirt since Matthew managed to puke on that one too, and he really couldn't be bothered to change into a new one since he knew his little brother was just going to puke on it too. Better bathe and be done with it.

    "I--you, how----I mean, yes." he managed to answer, trying not to wonder why the UN President's son was in front of him. He follows current events and knew that Victor Silver finished his schooling a year past and was currently following in his father's footsteps. "I'm Drew Yamato, how may I help you Mr. Sil--" he wasn't able to finish that when he heard his brother cry.

    Completely ignoring the man, he rushed back inside and quickly scooped up his brother in his arms, trying to soothe his tears and sing small lullabies. Feeling someone watching him, Andrew turned around and saw that Victor Silver had followed him inside.

    He blushed heavily. "I'm sorry for leaving you there, sir." he apologized but gave no other explanation. "What is it I can do for you Mr. Silver?" he asked again, hushing his brother when it made a soft sob.

    "Please, call me Victor" Victor Silver said with a smile. "Andrew, you are my potential spouse."

    Andrew stared at him and managed to only say. "Oh. That sounds nice. Can you come again?" Like a dumbstruck fool. "I'm afraid I'm not a particular good match." he added quickly. "Saddled with a baby brother and all."

    But Victor would have none of it and he found himself agreeing. Andrew didn't believe in love really but these few years with Victor proved him wrong.

    He had fallen in love. But dear lords above, having other spouses here would be a test of true patience.

    He blinked away his memories as he saw a familiar car drive in closer and he sat up straighter. "Kids!" he called out, making no movement from where he sat. Let the other spouses get situated first before he sprung himself on them.

    He didn't want to come off...haughty and rude.

    But he won't let them take over so easily either. This was HIS family. And he would need to see if they were a suitable...match for Victor. It wouldn't do for the spouses to be pathetic.

    Victor was going to be such a great man after all.
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  9. Victor's eyes widened at Mrs. Gillian's outburst. His cheek twitched as he tried to hold back a smile and a laugh. There was no need to embarrass the poor woman. But her words stuck on him. Victor glanced down at Luna. She was so young. Much too young for him to 'make a woman out of her'. He would have to wait at least three or four more years before he even approached her in such an intimate fashion. Maybe if he was younger it would have been fine, but at the moment the mere thought of him--a thirty one year old man- touching her -an eighteen year old girl--was appalling. So he didn't respond to the woman and instead laughed at Luna's comment.

    "Yes they are...eccentric aren't they? And no, you're fine just the way you are." He said softly, taking one of her violet curls between his fingers, before dropping it. "Now then, if you would enter the limo. My bodyguard Kevin, will take you to the manor where you will meet my first spouse, Andrew."
    He wondered how the two of them would get along. He knew Andrew had a fiery temper, but he also knew the man was very caring, he hoped they would be able to get to know each other properly without issue.

    As he stood there, Victor couldn't help but think back to when he had first met his wonderful first spouse.

    He had been quite nervous that day, as it was his first time searching through the database for a potential. His father had been hovering over his shoulder all day and was still hovering as he flipped through the portfolios. His finger settled on one portfolio the portfolio of a man named Andrew Yamato, a man who was older than he. Two years to be exact. But that didn't matter to Victor, the man was beautiful and even in his photo he looked so strong.

    "This one--

    "What? No! Victor, he is older than you. He simply won't do, choose someone else." His father had snapped, reaching over his son's shoulder and flipping to the next portfolio. Victor had gotten up then, his face set in a fierce scowl, and his fingers gripping the tablet as he flipped back to Andrew's portfolio.

    "I'm sorry, is it you who's choosing a spouse or is it me?" He snapped, and his father sighed, finally stepping back.

    "It's you. But Victor please--

    "I'm going to retrieve him now. Charles, bring the car out to the front!" Victor called to his then bodyguard, brushing past his father and leaving the room. He closed his ears to his father's complaints.

    When he arrived to the Yamato residence, noticing only one person around, a man, seemingly a neighbor staring at him, dumbstruck with his mouth opened wide. Victor ignored him, and knocked on the door, hesitantly. When it was opened, he nearly fell out right there. And he was glad he didn't. How would his potential--no his spouse--think of him, if he fainted upon their first meeting? He needed to prove that he was worthy of the older man.

    "Andrew Yamato, I presume?" He has said, as he tried to remain cool, calm and collected despite the fact that his spouse was standing in front of him red faced and shirtless. Victor wanted to pull him into his arms right then and there, but he needed to be tactful and wait.

    He introduced himself as Drew, a detail that Victor quickly began to memorize. Did he prefer to be called Drew? Then he would call him Drew.

    Suddenly the sound of a crying baby, pierced the air, and Drew quickly disappeared back into the house. Victor stepped forward not waiting to be invited in. He watched, the man soothe the baby--Was it his? Either way, Victor would take the child along with Drew if it meant that they could be together.

    When the other man turned back to him, Victor told him of his future. Of who he was to be from that day on. The man seemed dazed, and further proved it when he asked Victor to return at another time.

    "I'm afraid I can't do that. Bring your brother, and any other siblings if you have them, they will receive medicine, a better home and anything you want for them. Just come with me." Victor said.

    And he agreed. Life had been spectacular after that. Each day was a joy. He grew to adore Mattie, Andrew's brother, and of course when Nathaniel came along, it made their little family all the merrier.

    Even, Victor's father had grown to love Andrew.

    Victor smiled to himself as he thought back to that time. Andrew had been so strong, and he still was. Hopefully he would get along with the new spouses.
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  10. Luna sighed in relief, smiling a bit seeing he wasn't as assertive or frightening as the media made him seem. She did as she was told, hopping into the limo having only ridden in these once for a date. She clapped her hands a bit, already eager for whatever new adventures awaited her in this new world. She wanted to ask, ask anything: her tasks, her reason for being chosen, why her mother was so bent on having grand kids, why anything really. She was young and curious, excitable, maybe a bit selfish, but overall she wanted to see the world through this new lens.

    With a slight smile she looked to the man not as much of a husband, at least not yet, but more of a guide into a world she didn't know. Her parents had always rushed her into adulthood, having almost been engaged to a partner of her father's work when she was sixteen. Playing with baby dolls and crying over not getting a pony missed her by a long shot, she was mainly being taught the proper fashions of certain seasons and how to manage her taxes by hiring someone to manage her taxes. Yet when out of the house, away from the news and away from her father's business talk, she was open to the years of childhood she missed, and this man was the one who brought that out of her. If anything, she felt she owed him her life, simply saying, "Thanks man." As if talking to a guy who lent her a five dollar bill to tip a waitress. "I owe you."
  11. Aero had just gotten off from late night shift as a janitor for an office in the middle district. The sunlight was bright and stung her eyes as she made her way back home. The walk was long as usual which didn’t bother since she mainly slept during the day and was awake most of the night. Aero tried her hardest to look on the bright side as she walked home; she was finally paid this week and she still had a sliver of cake still waiting for her. Her stomach growled at the thought of the moist chocolate cake that awaited her, she even tried to move faster home. Ducking and passing all of the faces she finally made it to her home and her body immediately wanted sleep.

    “Can’t sleep yet I still have a cake to feast upon.” She managed to say to herself while getting inside. Aero had a thing for baking sweets since it gave her fond memories. Whenever she had made too much she simply gave it to her neighbors.

    Once inside she locked the door behind her and got undressed to take a shower. The water wasn’t hot as she may have wanted, but luke-warm was better than frigid cold water. Aero washed her short brown hair and tried he best not to stay in the shower too long since the water can turn cold. Once out she dried off and threw on an oversized shirt, humming her way to her cake.

    “Hello my wondrous cake.” Aero didn’t bother to put it on a plate; she simply grabbed a spoon and ate away at her chocolate cake. While eating her cake there was a knock on the door, which was odd to her. The neighbors knew she would be asleep this time in the afternoon, so it had to be an emergency.

    “Just a minute!” She yelled as she placed her spoon down and ran back to her room, stumbling along the way. She pulled on some pants and quickly made it back to answer the door. “Hey… Is there… something I can help you with?” Aero was a little out of breath and didn’t recognize the figure at first. Without sleep she was surprised to actually answer the door.
  12. Victor cocked an eyebrow in amusement and maybe a bit of surprise, at Luna's 'thanks', but nodded anyway. "Kevin will take you to your new home, where you will get settled in your house and meet my first spouse, Andrew, our child, Nathaniel and Andrew's brother, Matthew."

    At that, Kevin began to drive back to the estate. When he reached the place he dropped, Luna off and drove off with Victor to retrieve the next spouse; Aero Daniels. When they reached the house, Victor once again instructed Kevin to stay in the car, while he went to get the his potential spouse.

    Her reaction to him was...Not what he was expecting. But then again, if he always knew what to expect, like would be pretty boring. He smiled at the young woman, taking in her ruffled clothing, and her tired disposition. From working no doubt. Thankfully, when she became his spouse, she would never have to worry about things like that. She would always be well rested and never have to work for as long as she lived.

    "Yes," Victor responded with a chuckle. "My name is Victor Silver and you, Aero Daniels are my potential spouse."
  13. "Who are you looking for?!" Cai called out, still hiding in her room. "Quinn's out at the moment! Back late!" Her heart pounded. She knew somehow that the visitors weren't for Quinn. Quinn the roommate rarely talks to people in general. Well, that's as far as she knew anyway. She saw the car. It's a sleek new model, even she knew it would take her a lifetime to even buy one of those. Or being a spouse? Nonsense, she wouldn't be a popular choice. She was male in the database until high school.

    She gave up. It's not like she has any choice. The world was monopolized by the high class. Even people were.

    She changed hurriedly into a loose long sleeved shirt and hurried to the door. She bit her lip and mentally cursed when she realized that her hair was in an absolute mess. "Hi." She gasped.


    Endre smiled shyly. "Aw man! Sorry! I wasn't ready. I'm-I'm wow." He looked at his clothes and fiddled with the handle of his guitar case. "Can I offer you some coffee? I mean, all I have is instant stuff but I'm good with modifying it." He chuckled nervously and shifted about on his feet. "It's really a big, big honor, Mr. Silver."
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  14. The words ‘potential spouse’ swirled in her head for a moment before it clicked. “You want me?” She asked, even though he was quite clear. Aero was never really thought she would be married to anyone let alone Victor Silver. He was quite charming and handsome as many people have said about him, but she was more interested and getting to him deeper than what media had to say about him. “If I knew someone like you yourself was coming I would have tidy myself up a bit more than what I am.” Aero looked at what she was wearing and it was just large shirt she would usually go to bed in and just an old pair of jeans. They were faded and lucky for her they didn’t have holes in it. She always tried to take care of her things and make them last longer. “I would let you in, but I already ate the last piece of my cake.” She said with a chuckle.
  15. Messy hair, a loose and long shirt and a delightfully frazzled appearance. Victor loved it. So this was Cai Schwartz, her picture truly didn't compare to her real, tangible air. He said as much, "Your picture does not do you justice." He said softly, reaching forward to take her hand in his but then stopping himself. There was no need to scare her off. She would be living with him from now on, and he didn't want to ruin their future interactions. "I am Victor Silver, and you are Cai Schwartz, my potential spouse."

    Victor grinned, at the younger man and nodded. "Coffee would be nice." Even though he was used to more...high grade foods, he was tired and it wouldn't hurt to have some. Plus the boy seemed to want to make up for his disheveled appearance. Victor didn't tell him that his current look was making him feel all kinds of pleasant. "Lead the way," He said, smiling at the boy, and taking a moment to tell Kevin to turn off the car so he didn't waste any fuel.

    Victor smiled--he was smiling a lot today-- "You look fine just the way you are." He said, and held out his hand. "And don't worry about the cake. When we get back to the estate you will have your own house with a large kitchen to bake whatever you please, or if you prefer to taste the creations of others you can feel free to order whatever you want." He said.
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  16. Endre was humbled and excited to have Victor Silver himself in his...crappy apartment. Blood rose to his cheeks as he swung open his door and welcomed his guests. "Sorry about the mess, Mr. Silver. I was composing this morning. Have a seat-oh wait." He took out the three plastic chairs he had and unstacked them. He always made it a point to have things for three people. He liked having company although he rarely had people in his apartment. He doesn't even lock his door.

    "So, um. I play for some dough." He put down his guitar and patted it, rushing to the makeshift kitchen at one corner of the studio type apartment. It was basically a table with some kitchen supplies. There was a small fridge too. He worked pretty quick, taking out three mugs and pouring hot water from his thermos. "Self-taught because it's challenging that way, right? And worth it." He cut open three instant coffee packs and poured one in each mug. "I recommend my coffee with marshmallows, by the way. Have you eaten? I have some...um. Biscuits."

    He managed to bring all three mugs to the two gentlemen and sipped some, trying to let the news sink in. "I'm sorry, I don't actually know how these go about an' all. You can tell me songs you like and I can play it. Or I can draw you if you like." He chuckled. "Or was there some kind of process or is there a waiting time or...wow, I really don't know."


    "Wow." was the first thing Cai managed to say. "Nice to meet you, Mr. Silver-oh who am I kidding it's a pleasure to meet you. And a surprise, definitely." She was awestruck and stuck in his eyes. "Potential? Why potential? You're not sure yet? I'm sure you've accessed my data so I completely understand. Do I have to sign something?" She glanced at her little house. "Do you want to come in or are you in a hurry?"
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  17. Victor watched as Endre flitted around in an attempt to make him and Kevin somewhat comfortable. The effort that he put into it was adorable. He saw Kevin frown at the corner of his eye and glance at his watch. Irritation pricked at Victor's insides, and he briefly wondered why in the hell had he hired the little twit. It seemed as though he was grinding on his nerves even more than usual today. He wanted to hiss at him to 'Be still!' but the room wasn't big enough for Endre to not hear him. And he didn't want the boy to feel rushed or upset. He turned back to the white haired boy.

    "No marshmallows please." He said. He never really liked sweets. Probably because he didn't have many of them as a child. You can't miss something if you weren't exposed to it excessively. "And yes, I'd love to hear you play. Anything's fine really. And actually the process of your choosing is already complete. All that is left is for you to come back with me to the estate. After we hear you play of course."

    Victor waved his hand vigorously in a 'no no' gesture. "I apologize for the confusion. Your choosing has been confirmed." He clarified, showing her the tablet were her portfolio picture was covered with a lock icon. "I was simply using the technical terms. Most upper class wait until they reach the estate to confirm the spousal choosing."
    "And no, I'm not in much of a hurry. However I do want you to meet the other spouses and my first spouse, Andrew, as soon as you can."
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  18. Aero's face had a touch of pink at the way he smiled towards her. To think he said she looked fine just the way she was made her happy. Victor was more charming than she thought, and the idea of having a large kitchen than the non-existent one she had inside. "A large kitchen to cook and bake as much as I pleased...” She said while thinking of the things she'll make. In many ways Victor made her feel comfortable and not many guys can do that. Aero was more defensive towards them taking in the account how far she had to travel from work to home. She gladly took his hand with a smile. “A man who can make me smile and that has more to him than a handsome face. I suppose you found yourself another spouse.” She said with a chuckle. Victor intrigued her and Aero hoped it will stay that way for a long time.
  19. "Oh. So it's something like that..." Endre nodded slowly taking in the information. Estate for goodness sake. He's been to three in his life, but that's another story. This man was after all the Victor Silver. He grinned slowly. "Wow. Well, let me show you my feelings. And why I'm a pretty good choice!" He added the last bit jokingly. He put his mug down and took out his guitar. He strummed a little, humming along with it.

    'cause all the things I really want to tell you
    Will take me on a journey, that will find you
    And if that long horizon doesn't rise and I am standing waiting here
    Still hoping you are near...

    "Just a bite for now, I don't want to steal your hours yet." He chuckled strumming playfully.


    "Okay, other spouses." She repeated, making the new information sink. She absolutely hated the new system but there was nothing more to be done about it. She'd much rather make the most of it. "So." She said, not looking at her picture. She disliked how she looked in it. "Am I to pack or something pronto because I'll need just a few minutes to." She was unsure why she was suddenly all set to pack up and go but knowing she had only two bags and a box of possessions, it won't be that hard. It's just the idea of being taken from a list and added into another that bothered her.
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  20. Victor couldn't help but grin at Aero's words. "Well then, if you would enter the limo, we'll be off to the estate and you can see your kitchen." He said. gesturing at the limo. Kevin noticed his gesture and cranked his key into the ignition. Another spouse added to the mix. The chauffeur thought, his face an impassive mask. Soon there would be no room in Victor's heart for Kevin...

    Kevin sulked, in his chair, his hands gripping his hot chocolate that tasted like complete and utter horseshit. Of course Victor was smiling and taking dainty sips, but Kevin knew the white haired street rat was only being given lip service. How could Victor, love someone like that? It was inconceivable!

    "That was delightful." Victor announced when Endre finished his demo. "I look forward to hearing the rest when we return to the estate." He stood up then and crossed the room so he could stand directly in front of Endre. "I can't wait for you to meet the others and my Andrew. I'm sure you two would get along." He said then turned to Kevin. "Start the car, we'll be out in a moment."

    Victor saw how the girl seemed to deflate at the mention of other spouses. That was okay. She wasn't the first to have that opinion. Hopefully she'd learn to cope. If not--Well she had no choice but to learn to deal with it. It was the law and it wouldn't change for a few naysayers.
    "There's no need to pack unless you wish to bring something that's sentimental to you, but most of the things that you'll require will be provided for you when we get home. And if they aren't held on hand, there are multiple auctions that you could attend so that you may acquire them."
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