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  1. There should be a way to make polls rearrange themselves so that they show the options by order of Most Votes to Least Votes. Options with the same number of votes could sort alphabetically or something. It would be an option you could check a box for when creating the poll.

    I think this would be super handy for basically every 'which do you like?' type poll to see quickly where the majority thoughts are at.
  2. Before or after the answers?

    Because if before hand you'll get people being pressured to vote for popular opinion.
  3. That would be neat, but there are no modifications for these kind of edits for polls. D:
  4. Ideally, they'd appear in whatever order at first, and then sort themselves after a vote is cast when you're viewing the results. so you just also make sure 'view poll results without voting' and 'allow people to change their votes' are off

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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.