POLL: Removing the "Entertainment" forum.

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Should we keep or remove the Entertainment forum?

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The Entertainment forum is a subforum of General. This forum is supposed to be for topics about video games, music, movies, book, tv, etc.

Members Say: It should be a separate forum for neatness and finding topics. So they don't get mixed up with all of the other General topics.

Current Reality: No one ever posts there. They usually post in General anyway. We do not have a large enough member database to sustain the forum with regular post activity.

There were only FIVE topics that had posts withing the past month, before I posted in there today. That's BAD statistics and makes us look inactive. >:[

But members like to have opinions, so we will let you vote. :D

If you vote to KEEP that forum, you MUST go and POST in that forum to rejuvenate it.
If everyone votes to keep it, but does not make the effort to get the forum active again, then we're going to remove it anyway and lose our faith in members. ;__; YOU HAVE TWO WEEKS TO VOTE.

If you vote "delete" all of the topics will be moved to the General Forum. IF/WHEN our member base grows and we get lots more posting activity, then we will add the forum back. :D
Nuke it. "Neatness and finding topics" my ass. Roll it in with the General.
It's only awesome if people USE it! D:< *Points fingers around!* And I'll be CHECKING.
Keep it :33
I haven't been there a lot, but now that it's an endangered board, I'll post there :D
We should give the entertainment section a fluffy-figure and some big cute eyes now.
If its easier to find in its own ection maybe people will use it *shrugs*
Does it really matter if no one posts there if it is out of the way? I mean seriously, no one is going to pass the board up because an off topic forum is being ignored.

I mean seriously... "Durr Imma not joining because you all don't talkz about teh movies on a RP board! Even though they look like they are good RPers... NOT JOINING BECAUSE YOU DON'T TALK IN ONE (SUB)FORUM!!!!!11111!" is probably not an email you will receive.

That said, I care not. I am abstaining.
Awwww, poor Entertainment section....it receives so little love from our members...
Let's see. I don't think we are supposed to talk about movies and entertainment in this forum. At least I don't think we are required to do so. However, if there are people who want to talk about that, then they can. And if there are enough people talking about that, then they deserve a separate section. Right?

But there aren't enough people talking there, so yeah, delete it. People can still talk about it in general. ^_^
Keep it pleasessssssssssssssssssssssssss.. I love it so much.. its like my little place to go and hide and then vent and kick and scream and then be happy.. please.... keep it.. I got money.. I do, what will it take $10? $20 (I get paid soon) please dont take it away please...ssssssssssss szz.
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I say delete it for now, and if we get enough members someday, bring it back.
do as you will.

i do like the idea of vidya games having a seperate subforum to general chattings though.
I say remove it! All it does is separate topics thus they get less attention. I've all ready tested this theory out myself with my random music topics.
Members Say: It should be a separate forum for neatness and finding topics. So they don't get mixed up with all of the other General topics.

Am I that much of an anon?

Obviously I vote keep it. And I will make an effort to rejuvinate it (Gets out the juvederm needles) along with the other spamma spammas that want it to stay. Cleanliness is close to managerlyness.
I personally don't care. I probably won't post there that much if at all because I barely have time to post anywhere, so if you choose to remove it, I won't be all that depressed. =P
Remove it now, then bring it back if there is actually a serious demand for such a sub-board at a later date.
Personally it doesn't matter to me much, so I voted the third option.

It is rather nice to have topics and games and such seperate from the general forum. I've debated adding a couple threads there myself recently, but just don't have the time nor did I think they'd really be active threads. Checking the general forum it does look like there are a couple topics that should have been placed in the entertainment sub-section. But... this isn't like a rule that is enforced so *shrug*.

Though on a related note, shouldn't the general forum be cleaned up some? it has 3 pages of dead threads dating back about a month...
Well, if everyone keeps in mind that we are a ROLEPLAYING forum, we shouldn't have a lot of off-topic areas. We only require one General Chatting area for people to talk in while they're waiting for new roleplay posts.

UNLESS we have so much member posting activity that it requires extra sub-forums for people to see and find posts.

We don't have that right now. Almost no one ever posts in the Entertainment forum.

We only "need" it if people are actually using it.

And yes, the amount of extra sub-forums we have makes a difference on getting new members. Have you ever been to a roleplay forum that had a huge clusterfuck of Off-Topic forums, most of which are dead, and not have any idea where you can post to get your topic actually SEEN and replied to? When you're looking for a new forum to play in, one of the most important things to check out is how active it is.

Active looking forum = more likely to have fun. :D
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