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Poll Question

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by andrew21234, Nov 5, 2014.

  1. I made a poll on an RP, it is finished now and I want to put a new one up but when I got to edit the first post there is no option to edit my poll? Thanks in advance
  2. There is no way for members to replace a poll on their threads right now! D:

    There MIGHT be after the forum update tomorrow, but we won't know until then. O_O
  3. Ok...... :(
  4. Did it update? Can you replace polls now?
  5. You can edit them-you can add new choices and that is about it :(
  6. There are some features I didn't have a chance to upload cause the update was taking too long. O_O Some of it will involved poll updates. I have a big fixing to-do list, though. ;__;
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  7. Wait so we cannot add a poll to a existing roleplay thread? >w<
  8. I believe you can currently ADD a poll to an existing thread, but you can't DELETE/CHANGE it after the fact. O_O