Political intrigue

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  1. Has anyone made any guides on how to create good political intrigue in your roleplay? How to create good plots, schemes, and more?
  2. No one, really? I am disappoint
  3. Someone actually responded

    Ha, there's a surprise
  4. I haven't written a guide explicitly about this, but this does essentially just tie back to the central requirement of any plot: Conflict.

    Step 1: Make two (or more) factions (or parties/individuals/et cetera), who desire to affect the same object or entity. (Ex: "I want to be the King.")

    Step 2: Figure out why each faction wishes to to obtain the same object or entity, and ensure that such reasoning is ultimately incorrigibly impossible to resolve in a compromising manner. (Ex: You can't have two Kings, so only one of these two (or more) parties can be King.)

    Step 3: Explain why good old fashioned brazen murder is not an acceptable solution to the problem. (Ex: Bigger Army Diplomacy™) That way, you can force parties to resort to politics. (Ex: They're nobles; no one particular noble has the power to overthrow the king alone without getting immediately murdered afterwards.)

    Step 4: You're done.

    No, really. Just have two (or more) parties who wish to affect the same object or entity, which due to incorrigible differences in ideology or due to resource limitations, only one can ultimately possess. Then eliminate the option for immediate and bloodthirsty violence to acquire it. Now the two (or more) parties have to work within whatever systems they have available to them to acquire the object or entity, without resorting to violence, and without justifying violence being used against them to stop their scheming.

    Two nobles conspire to be the King. They each go about attempting to convince fellow nobles to side with them, offering various promises or threatening various issues (ex: blackmail) to be unleashed on them for refusing to cooperate. How the story proceeds from there, is political intrigue 101.

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  5. I agree Brovo, the problem is figuring out how to make it interesting
  6. Okay, making it interesting is, well, up to personal interpretation to some extent, because everyone has their own tastes. Though, ultimately, you just have to make it emotionally involving: Make someone give a shit about the conflict. In a role play's terms, the easiest way to do this is to make the parties themselves player characters.

    Beyond that though, I'm no legislator of taste, so, good luck. :ferret: