Political debate

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  1. Ok, Guys. We totally need to get serious about politics here. I've noticed a lack of interest on the subject here at the site.

    Let's have a cereal debate, k?

    I think we need a candidate that can

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    what say you?
  2. You'd endorse a gas guzzling candidate? I'm shocked and saddened by this!
  3. Ocha are you a DECEPTICON?
  4. Ocha is a decepticon!

    We must call Optimus!!!
  5. I am pro-cereal!
  6. Sadly I'd vote for optimus over all current presidential candidates.
  7. This isn't a sad thing, GMK. However we can't vote for him because he was born on Cybertron, and not in the USA.

    This country sucks.
  8. He can still run for govenor.
  9. You know what? Fuck it. The Matrix of Leadership should be all he fuckin' needs.
  10. [​IMG]

    I'm voting for the Big O. His pilot is exactly like Bruce Wayne. And Batman defeats everything.
  11. . . . Totally changed my vote.

    Sorry guys.

    But BIG O wins.
  12. How many times has the Big O come back from the dead