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    Politely Communicating With Roleplayers

    When you're running a game, there will sometimes be participants that do something against your wishes. A lot of people feel like they can't ask the players to modify what they've submitted, because they don't want to hurt any feelings or cause drama. Well, if you want everything to go as planned, you're going to have to ask! With the following answers and tips, you'll have a good idea on how to handle these issues.

    1. Asking someone to fix/edit a post.
    You may have a player who made too many spelling errors, did something you specifically asked them not to, or ignored a character who was talking to them. This probably frustrates you to no end. Don't worry, you're not the only one. To not embarrass the member who made spelling errors, send them a private message to kindly point this out. This can be done for any other case, that way whatever problem there is, it's just between the two of you! You should be able to expect the person you PM responds maturely. If this turns out to be a common annoyance, then quietly address a staff member or admin. We can help you out.

    2. Getting past posters with annoying posting styles.
    Our lovely forum allows us to format posts in different styles. Some people might go overboard with color, while others choose to use the tiniest text imaginable. If the way a person posts annoys one too many people, asking the poster to do some things differently is not a bad idea. Be cool about it, though. Make a simple suggestion that they use a larger font, or a different color. Otherwise, my other idea is to copy and paste the post into a wordpad document. There, you can read the text in any way you want so you can respond to it without fail.

    3. How to politely decline applications.
    There's no better way to solve this problem than "Would you mind creating a different character?" or "Could you please change ___?" If you can make a submission work with your story, then you can always point out the few things that make it unacceptable. Just remember to be cool about it! It's true that some people are too lazy to read all your OOC information, or they miss something. Try not to get frustrated, though. No game needs a god-modder or a ninja in a roleplay that's not about ninjas. More often than not, members are mature about the rejection or inquiry to change something. Should that not be the case, don't hesitate to let us know. :)

    4. Confronting a poster about repetitive actions.
    We can all agree that a player doing the same thing over and over again get boring, even annoying. It's one thing to smile a lot or have a common phrase, but how about drawing your weapon when it doesn't need to be drawn? Every post, there may be a character always reaching for his sword or withdrawing his gun just to point it at nothing. That seems cocky and irritating, doesn't it? Well, if it becomes an issue, politely bringing it up in OOC or PMs should do the trick. For some members, they're still getting used to the flow of roleplaying. You can help them out by making suggestions in the way they play their characters! Remember, I said suggestions. ;) We needn't tell a person how to play their character. That can cause unwanted drama.
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