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  1. We've had enough Ferguson and Baltimore debates that I felt we should look at bit at the good side of law enforcement and public relations out there.

  2. Like I've said every time someone mentions corrupt cops to me: There are always corrupt people in positions of power. You're ignorant for thinking that all cops are good, and you're ignorant for thinking that all cops are bad. Just like there can be good and bad people in -any- occupation. Good things are happening all day, everyday, but media likes to focus on the bad.
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  3. This is definitely true.

    Scary news about horrible shit happening gets better ratings than feel-good news about nice people doing good things. Sadly, that means that the media often makes the world look like a much crueler place than it really is. Because, according to the evening news, tragedies happen every day, but good things are few and far between.

    Sad, really. *shakes head*
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  4. Oh definitely. I mean, the world is a scary place, but it's overkill to constantly talk about it. The media wants that shock factor, but I feel that society is already desensitized. Might be why these newer generations just sit back and record awful things happening rather than getting in and helping. That in itself is a whole other can of worms.
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