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  1. We have all heard of the kid who brought a clock into school, but staff thought it was something else entirely. So, what are your thoughts on police in schools. My Opinion: If a school feel it is needed to have police presence in a school building at anytime, at least train them on how to handle situations in a fair manner.
  2. If we're talking solely about the "clock bomb", then I don't see how police would be immune to the same brand of stupidity. Chances are they would make the situation worse by shoving a gun in the kids face and wrestling him to the ground.

    Now, I suppose having police around for situations like actual school shootings would be okay, but they have an equal capacity to leap to conclusions with any other human being, so they're not going to be a silver bullet for preventing incidents like the clock thing.
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  3. In America? They get shootings enough I wouldn't blame them for implementing this.
    Yes the shootings are still very rare mind you, but America has it high enough that I can see it saving a decent number of levels at the very least.

    If this is realistic for the police to handle though (it probably isn't) with Ferguson cases still happening?
    That's a whole other complicated topic for another thread, but if I had to hazard a guess I'd assume it isn't very realistic regardless.

    As any country other than America? No.
    Every other country has this thing happen so rarely it practically doesn't even exist.
    We'd literally just be throwing tax money away.
  4. At my high school, a police officer was present in the building at all times. They didn't come armed with a firearm, only a taser. I think it's a good idea, for the same reason you have mall security guards. You have hundreds, perhaps even thousands of hormonally charged, emotionally unstable, underdeveloped adults all put into the same, regimented (and often underfunded/badly managed) space. Hell, might even help to cut down on bullying problems in some schools. Who in their right mind picks a fight in the presence of the 180 LBS+ trained guy in blue who can pull out a device that can overload your nervous system, and who is legally obligated to do so in order to stop crimes like assault?

    It's not a bad idea and it's infinitely more effective than security cameras at preventing crimes. Malls have security, a lot of corporate buildings have security, a lot of government offices have security--why the fuck shouldn't schools have security? If the dinguses running the fuckin' state legislatures get to have several armed guards protecting their asses while they're in session, can't we spare one or two cops to do the same for thousands of kids? I mean, it wouldn't only have a chance at preventing the statistically unlikely school shooting from taking several dozen victims, but it could crack down on other, lesser crimes that inundate school life to the point that it's one of the most commonly accepted parts of school life.

    Just make sure you train them like you would security in mental hospitals. If you think I'm joking, I'm not: Force is the tool of last resort in mental hospitals and the guards there are typically well trained. Considering they'd be police officers, I would assume the government could set decent enough standards to avoid most potential problems with having them there.

    Also, final benefit, gives kids a place to run to if a teacher is abusing the shit out of them in some seedy way. No guarantee you can get help from the school system for teacher abuse unless you have serious evidence to help you. Police, on the other hand, aren't part of that system, and it's their entire job to investigate this kind of shit. :ferret:
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  5. I'm one of those people that think that more people shoulda been armed and what not. Why? Because life isn't a "right" it's something we need to protect for ourselves.
    Something we seemed to have forgotten now that city life has almost no apparent threat (That the majority truly understands anyway)

    With most most my classes, I feel I woulda been the only one that woulda fought back so IF someone decided to shoot up the school, then I always hoped that my classroom was the second (That way I would know and prepare beforehand, potentially saving hundreds of people... Some I didn't like mind you XD But still save none the less.)

    Speaking of that kid with the clock people thought was a bomb, does anyone have a picture of that one kids clock? I hear that it actually did look pretty shady XD Not many people thinks that he shoulda been arrested, but some don't necessarily blame them either.
  6. It tickles me how America is the only Western nation in which this sort of shit is deemed necessary.
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  7. I went to a biiiiigass school in the city and we had a cop there both at my middle school and my high school. I thought it was NORMAL having a single officer there just for security reasons and that it was something that all schools had. o___o He didn't have a gun or anything. He was just present. And if a nasty fight or something broke out, or if there was a particularly messed up kid doing something, he'd be there to straighten stuff out.

    So when I hear people getting all freaked out about cops in schools, I am wondering if they're throwing in whole police teams or something over-the-wall crazy? @____@

    What I got pissy about was that some schools have metal detectors. x____X I thought that was a poor way to handle things.
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  8. I don't know how it works in other states, but in Texas there has always been a group of campus police officers in every high school and college I've attended. I have never had a problem with them, which you can chalk up to me being born knowing the secret signs and the secret handshake or me being a reserved nerd who wouldn't cause trouble that gets police attention. I don't really know if anyone has had a problem with the police presence on campus given that they're present to provide security. I would wager that a lot of schools have some form of security, and at least in my part of America that comes in the form of a small team of campus police.

    Also the campus police people I've met are nice. In high school there was a younger cop that was pretty popular, and the night police officer in the building my student club meets in is nice, waving to us as we're coming and going and making sure we know when the automatic locks on the door may start locking people out.
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  9. Well, funny thing about that clock incident: police officers were involved. They questioned the kid, asked why he made a hoax bomb, and then took him away to a juvenile detention facility in handcuffs. If you think having cops there might have stopped the situation from turning stupid, I'm afraid you're sadly mistaken.

    Cops can be alright to have on campus so there's someone on hand to quickly deal with assaults and thefts and drug possession in the proper law enforcement manner, but they don't stop stupid shit from happening. Sometimes the cops are the idiots who cause stupid shit to happen, sometimes they just don't care and go along with it. Though you didn't bring it up, they're also not a great deterrent for school shooters, which is one of the major reasons people say all schools should have a cop or two in them. There are good reasons to throw a cop in every school, but not the ones being implied by the OP.
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  10. It's hardly about being comforted or it being deemed necessary XP Guns exist, and are super dangerous. So to combat something dangerous, you need something just as dangerous one way or another. It's a similar reason as to why countries still contain nuclear bombs. It's not necessarily that some of them NEED nuclear bombs, it's that others have and/or want to make them, so as a defense, they keep them active just in case an enemy decides to use them. Doing so makes the other countries second guess attacking them as they have a bigger weapon than they do.

    A while ago I heard somewhere that one reason that countries didn't attack us directly is that the citizens were armed, so to attack America, you would be quite literally attacking it's entire population. I'm not entirely sure if that's true or not, but it's something that makes sense, and is a thing in smaller terms.

    When a thief goes to find someone to rob, they look for the weakest. Who are they going to attack? Some person who is clearly anti-gun and has little to no defenses other than screaming for someone else (Who has a gun to protect them ironically enough) Or some guy who is obvious that they are armed? If they're smart, they're going to follow the one who has nothing until they are away from the guy who's clearly armed, and then go after the weaker one.

    Don't think so? Let's speak about my park experience. Me and my friend were walking at the park which is known for drugs and stuff. The two people there that were dealing had some BIG knives. Walking by I saw their bag and it was nothing but those big kitchen knives pretty much. When we were further back, one of them walked at the path we were walking, looked at us, and pulling out one of his knives. A normal person would be defenseless and to this persons mercy. But me and my friend has some pretty big weapons too ^^ So he pulls out his biggest blade at the time and shines it off the light so he knows it too, and puts his hand behind his back like he's gonna pull something else out. both of us are walking casually too, no change in our speed and we are clearly has a weapon. So the guy basically backs off and walks away (My friend says he saw a bit of respect on the guys face, though I was paying attention to other things than faces)

    Regardless, people don't wanna get killed themselves, and simply having a weapon is enough to scare someone off. On a greater scale, a country simply having a nuclear bomb is more than enough to scare enemies off too (Of course some are pretty balsy and have just as big weapons (And perhaps more) Like Russia) People always thinks its ridicules, and how everyone should love in a utopia, but everyone thinks that. Problem being, everyone has a different meaning of what that is, and you need to fight for your own utopia as someone elses utopia is you, yourself suffering because of them (Or involves you being indirectly harmed)
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  11. In my highschool, there were police officers. -plural-. Because we were a very big school and known for violent fights breaking out, bomb threats, actual bombs, and rabid meanness as a whole. But on that note, do you all really ask, why do we need police in school? Can it not be more obvious that not many govern their own actions anymore, act strictly out of emotional impulse, especially in teenage years; thus having no thoughts of others safety, or concern for others well being? I can see the need for gun control, because I also see a serious need of a wake up call.
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  12. Ok, having read the rest of the post I'll admit my earlier post was made strictly considering what the OP talked about.

    Now that other uses have been highlighted, I do have to agree that for those reasons having an Officer in school could be rather beneficial.

    Though I would hazard a warning/pre-caution, make sure whatever officer you send there knows not to fall for 'innocent' charm.
    By that I mean consider the High Schooler's who are simply socially gifted, they can get almost everybody to like them and get along with them.
    Make sure someone like that can't charm or sweet talk the officer into siding with the wrong people.

    I've seen students do this enough with teachers to know Adults are easily duped by a Teen who knows what to say.
    It's especially easy if they're trying to turn them against a student who tends to struggle socially.

    Now I know one response here is probably going to me "Police Officers are already trained to tell liars and such" and you're right.
    I'm just feeling the need to voice caution here, because if a Teacher get's charmed what's the worse that can happen? A detention, sent of the Principals office?
    If it's the officer getting charmed though? This could lead to criminal charges, tasering if they came in at the middle of a fight, the authority to convince the child's parents that they're child is a delinquent.
    Far bigger room for damage, not necessarily in the long term (I can go on for a while for a teachers effect on students), but they can certainly do a lot of damage in a single instance if they join the wrong side of a conflict.
  13. ...I don't think I can ever agree with the common folk having guns simply because they are stupid. Like really stupid.

    Guy takes selfie with a gun for instagram and kills himself. Parents are unaware the gun is not put away or make an easy password that kids know resulting in toddlers being shot. Women carrying their guns in their purse where their toddlers have access resulting in the mother being shot in the head by a toddler. People being shot just for being at a party. Racists shooting kids and getting away with it because they claim self defense and the right to bare arms. Teenagers running the streets with guns because if they are stopped and frisked, they claim racism while others shoot up schools...these are all every day stories from the news and no matter how much "safety" courses you take, you're always bound to take a life, an innocent one even by mistake. No one has a right to take a life because they fancy having a gun more, least that's how I view it.

    In NYC, we call them "School Safety Agents." They are trained in the Police Academy for a shorter amount of time then a cop. In some schools there are two while in others like Lehman High school or Truman High school, there are 20 plus (some with guns, pepper spray and so on...). It just depends on where ya go and how big the school is. I feel they are necessary here because there are a lot of gangs and kids who attempt to sneak in weapons which is dangerous for students, staff and visitors. Kids, mainly teenagers, are dangerous because they are hormonal...especially in packs. I do not trust teenagers, I hate working with them tbh. They are unpredictable. Also, sometimes kids go missing or run out the school exits so we do need extra eyes. Classrooms are overwhelming for staff (30 kids to 1 teacher a room).
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  14. I think you'd be hard pressed to find anyone that disagreed. :P

    Seriously though, although there are a great many teens with heads on their shoulders, you do get some rather infuriating ones. XD
    Hell even teen's like me, who were basically as innocent and law abiding as one could get still had some issues such as tendency to argue everything while assuming moral/intellectual authority... *Slaps Teen me with a Ruler*.

    They are growing up to be fair, we've all been there.
    But still, dealing with a good number of them atm? ARGH!
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  15. I had a friend in high school who hid razor blades in her mouth...another friend of mines was stabbed a few blocks away from the school because they didn't want to go through metal detectors and many who found places to hide their phones (like their privates). So I wasn't too bothered about it save for when they marked us late -_-
  16. I've found more bearable teenagers than bearable adults in my life. When a teenager is unbearable, you have options. Weather that be getting away from them, fighting back, whatever. When an adult is unbearable, you have no choice but to comply because they have authority. You try to get away? They get you introuble. You fight back? People take adults word over teenagers. I always find it odd how adults seem to forget what it's like to be teenagers and get some kind of arrogance. Shame too, I used to see adults as the more wiser/know all of society. As all kids are told. But when I got to experiencing adults... ... ..!!! !!! !!! !!! Like 8 year old me had far more logic than most the adults he dealt with. One example is this kid who started shit, people retaliated against, got his mother, then yelled at the entire coldisac without giving them a chance to explain. Which lead to the final reason why I don't trust adults, their ego prevents them from listening. Adults just DON'T LISTEN!!!!!!!! Like wow, adults are the very definition of having their heads shoved up their asses with WAY too much shit in their ears. Even if they got their heads out of their asses, they would still have too much shit in their ears to listen. Teenagers listen. Weather they agree/care or not is an entirely different issue. But adults... !!!!!!!!!!!!!! And yes, I know i'm an adult right now. Turning 18 or 21 doesn't magically change you into someone better. You're still the same as before unless you give yourself a new found ego due to being an adult.

    I find that to be the primary problem with modern day societies XP. People see life as a special right, and that mindset gives people a pseudo everything proof shield (Plot armor you may know it more as XD) they think that nobody will kill them because they feel an entitlement to survive and keep living. Life isn't a right, it simply is. If life truly was a right, then it would be impossible for it to be taken. But if life is a right, then it's just as much a right as death is as both are apart of the same process. Same would be to animals too, if life was a right, they'd be all good and wouldn't be so untrusting of nearly everything. This world would actually be quite better if life was a right I think o.o Too bad it's not DX

    Which goes to police in school. The ones I know, there are 1, at most 2. I think there should be a bit more, but I understand why there isn't. But what are cops supposed to do? Apparently they only have a taser, and them calling for back up is probably just a bit shorter than someone calling the cops. Either or, too much time is wasted and whoever is shooting up the school gets more than enough time to continue. Nobodies even attempting to stop the person because (Of what I think) is that plot armor people tend to give themselves (Mixed with being too scared to fight back) so one guy is going around shooting up the class rooms, and everyone just sits back and prays for him to run out of ammo/gun jam/for people who are actually armed come and stop him. I wish it was different, but it's not, so it's either adapt and fight back or be a victim who stood no chance D:

    People say that they don't trust most teenagers. I personally don't trust much of anybody regardless of age XP But people act like teenagers are stupid little kids. They're hardly any more dumb, or smarter than adults all things considered. Only difference is profession experience. Want me to say life experience? One of the older people I know is one of the most STUPID people I've ever met, and his IQ is way above average. You'd think that means something right? WELL this guy thinks a tree can tip right back upwards if you dig by the roots even know it was a medium sized tree. So someone who's older that SHOULD be all smart is actually far more stupid than kindergartners when it comes to street smarts... Or just the most basic of physics. Lets test that right now. Grab your pen and put like 10% off the edge of your desk.(The tree is more like 1%, but whatever) Is it anywhere close to falling? No? Then there ya go :D And that pen has a greater chance of falling like that than the tree does of flipping. But this guy with a huge IQ somehow doesn't know that. Meanwhile I go to my teenager friends, and they have quite a bit of common sense -.-
  17. Every high school I went to had at least one or two police officers and their cars. They just hung outside the gates and deterred anybody who thought about ditching or settling drugs, you know. We never had any problems with school shootings or bombs. It was a pretty safe campus, and I think a lot of people agreed that the cops made them feel safer? It's all down to individual communities.
  18. Yea, this part is rather annoying I'll admit.
    Though honestly I found this was only really an issue for me in elementary school.

    The second I got to High School, if my argument was logical/rationale enough the Adults would generally back down and listen.
    Maybe I just got lucky, cause even when I had this most others would complain about this.
    Eh. This is really a per-individual basis. Both Teens and Adults can ignore people, but generally for different(ish) reasons.

    Teen's because of the whole "Gah! Whatever Old Man! I totally know what I'm doing...".
    Adults in the "I have experience! Respect my Authority!" sort of manner.

    Essentially it all boils down to the same thing though, them feeling they know better.
    As long as the individual is open minded you won't tend to find this.
    In all honesty unless if one was raised in of those Helicopter Parent families and/or the person ends up having children early I don't think the true adult 'stage' tends to clique until late 20's.
    Just because you ease into it, there's a lot to let go from the past, and when in the college life there's still tons of social events you go to that makes you want to hold onto the past.
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  19. @Pharaoh Shadon

    I just realized we're derailing this thread... :/
    We should continue this in PM's.
  20. My middle school was in a Naval Air Weapons Station and my high school was near the base so there were always cops around the area. But, there was only one cop in the high school and none in the middle school (because it was near a police station). The cop in our high school isn't liked or loved as she ran over a bench last year and she always had a gun on her side rather than a taser. But, she did her job of stopping the rare cases of drug use and the fights outside of our school (it's usually handed by our town's police force). And she always pulled people over for different reasons.

    I think that a police present should be at schools that are placed near areas with high crime rates or well-known issues (like fights or bomb threats). Like another middle school in town, it's near a well-known crime zone and there are always fights there. There should be a higher police force than the one in our high school (but again, a couple blocks away for the middle school is the town's police station).

    You think that the "Greatest Country in the World" wouldn't have shit like this, right?

    You mean this? It really doesn't look like a clock bomb, unlike this clock bomb (which is similar to a real one). I think that they don't look similar, if he was really trying to make a bomb, he would of needed more wiring than what he had. And don't say to me that it looks odd, because it was in a suitcase.

    Look at this suitcase. It is the Apple 1, the first Apple computer made, inside a suitcase.
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