Police Drama Roleplay

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  1. Lately, I started craving a Police-based Roleplays. Though I am not looking to make a Roleplay that centers around SWAT, I'm more or so looking for a Squad of Handpicked Police Officers, regardless of what division they are in. So I guess you can say its kinda like Gangster Squad, except its not in the fifties. But every day is a battle against Crime, Corruption and Decay. Even a Fight to live an Honest Life. As these Cops (The Players), whether they are Rookies or Veterans, stand hard against Corruption and Decay, they learn to trust in Honor and the Law and, most above all, each other as they both make their City a better place and attempt to expose the Corruption within their Precinct.

  2. I'm interested.
  3. Sounds interesting, just need a little bit more details on it.
  4. More details will be revealed once I create a thread.
  5. Cool I watch out for it.
  6. ^ I'll be on the look out as well
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  7. I want an unmarked police tahoe just saying lol