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  1. Plot (WIP feel free to help out here.)
    Welcome to Vertex City. an epicenter of Hero and Villain activity. While there are plenty of origin stories you (possibly) drew the short stick. You got your power from the opposite end. whether once a sidekick to a hero or the victim of experiment or ritual you have either risen from the experience as a hero or fallen to a villain. while the fight each other there are forces out there that wish to bring an end to this conflict once and for all.
    Character Skele:
    The Rules:
    1. Standard Stuff.​
    2. Your alignment is opposite of the one that gave you powers.​
    3. Magic and Mutant powers are allowed.​
    4. Feel free to help me get the whole plot down! I'm not afraid of ideas from you guys.​
    5. Be active. the last thing i want is my RP to die.​
    6. Have Fun!​
  2. hmmmm.... I didnt quite understand that all too well and would appreciate a slightly better description, though i am plenty willing to help you work out the kinks in the main plot since i really like superhero stuffs
  3. alright lets talk.
  4. I also find this interesting but do not understand the overall plot.

    What is the opposite end? Like...some guy got struck by lighting and got electric manipulation powers, what would be the opposite end for him? I'm assuming the lightning is unbiased and therefore not a hero nor a villain, so what side would he be on?
  5. good point. well i guess it would be if afterwards he was found by a hero or villain. they try to train them and well as said before they end up on the other said.
  6. Oh Well I understand the plot, but I'd like a story so the RP doesn't die.

    From what you posted. The opposite end is a force trying to end both Villains and Heroes or stop their feuds. So we're all going to be a part of this third party group against both factions of; Heroes and Villains.
    In this are characters supposedly were raised in one of the two infamous faction previously mentioned as a no power wannabe, but then we miraculously gain power and decide to end the feuds of both sides.

    That's how I translate that text. If it's still hard to understand I'll make it a little easier:
    1. We were involved with A Hero/Villain in some kind of way. Whether this be a victim or sidekick
    2. We get powers, yet again in some unknown way
    3. We then decide let's stop the Heroes and Villains from fighting
    4. Adventure
    That was in no way to make those who didn't understand feel dumb, but that's how I see the plot right now.
    Is this what it is @daemon_reaver ?
  7. My apologies just read something that changed my whole outlook.
    So now it looks like a Hero/Villain screws up and gets you powers and we want to fight that side making Heroes to Villains and Villains to Heroes.

    This is from reading rule 2. Then your story doesn't add up. In your overview you mention that we want to stop both sides, then why are we on either side?
    Quotes from your Overview/Plot: [BCOLOR=#ffffff]"while the fight each other there are forces out there that wish to bring an end to this conflict once and for all."[/BCOLOR]
    I thought you were implying that as us, or is that a decision we get to make.
    Like a choose one thing?:

    1. Hero
    2. Villian
    3. Third Party against both Hero and Villain
  8. my apologies for not replying sooner. well a certain powered entity is tired of the fighting between the two sides and plans to end it by wipeing both out. and well you get 1 or 2, maybe 3 if the person doing so can convince me.
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