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  1. In the darkness of space there is complete silence.
    At least that is what a research-ship believes, as they orbit the moon of an old world that has been destroyed by the nuclear fires of war.
    They are searching for old weapons and such from a bygone age. Supposedly to make sure they don't end up in the wrong hands.
    Yet their work might only make it easier to take.
    Unfortunately for the research ship the wrong hands are closer than they think, as The Eternal Revenge is hidden in an asteroid field, waiting for the ship to pass by.


    The bridge of The Eternal Revenge is as full of life as it always is. The scum of a great many races are working on keeping the ship in position, and preparing for the attack. As it's only a lone ship, it's expected to be a rather easy fight. Scare them, take what we want, leave. That is the plan, at least.

    The main doors to the bridge opens, taking the attention of the crew. Some saluted, some almost tried to hide, while others simply kept working. It was the captain entering. The captain, Xarn, was a large imposing figure, marching over to the big seat in the middle of the room, and dropping himself down into it. He took a quick look at some of the screens that appeared in front of him, before announcing;
    "Twenty minutes 'til we strike boys! Try not to wreck the ship too bad before we can get our hands on the weapons. It's fun, I know, but it's the only damn reason we are out here at all!" He looked around the room, at his crew. A lot of them were people who had come along when he broke out of prison, not too long ago. Most of the others had been picked up when they were somewhere to spend a bit of money and such. Though, there was also the very few that had been in his crew for a long time.

    "All systems ready?" He asked to the room as a whole.

  2. Jaylin entered the bridge with a confident stride, searching for the captain. He wasn't very hard to lose, but somehow the giant man seemed to escape her as she charged toward him with her tech pad in hand. He had asked her to chart the ships repair levels, since they were constantly fixing something or other. It seemed by the way he dodged into the bridge, he was toying with her somehow; which he normally did. Her hooves clicked against the metal floor, her hips swaying and her long white hair following her like a river of satin behind her.

    A couple of the crew turned their heads to watch her as she crossed the space, catching up with him and standing next to his gigantic throne-like seat in the center of the room.

    "Now that I've caught up with you sir, i think you should see this..." She held the illuminated pad in front of Xarn's face, knowing he wouldn't give her serious attention unless she did. "We've got a jam in the main booster, possibly the side cannon as well. If you're planning on attacking now, we have to re-route our power to the topside and west side. I advise a bit into the shield as well..." She gave him a sincere smile, hoping he would head her advice.
  3. Xarn grabbed the pad, giving it a quick look. "Do whatever you need to do. We're attacking someone who's barely got a gun to defend themselves, and less of them that can use them! As long as we can fly up to them and get the tractor beam on them, we'll get the old things they've got easily!" He growled, tossing the pad back at Jaylin. "They're a bunch of pansies, dusting off old stuff! They wouldn't be able to stop us, even if half The Revenge was missing!" Xarn said, leaning towards her. After glaring at her for a moment, he sat back in his seat. He knew she was just trying to keep the ship working, yet he was annoyed by her eternal nagging.
    They could see their target ever so slowly drift into sight. It was only a small ship, seemingly unarmed. Probably didn't have a crew of more than 30 men, meaning it would barely be any fun at all.
  4. Chir'da made her way though the ships interior, her gray flack suit blending her in with the others. The only thing setting her apart was her red skin, and everyone noticed it. It was the only downfall to her trying to blend in, it almost never worked, and people always suspected her, which is why she was always very careful to never do anything herself and let others take the fall for her. She was a skilled and trained fighter, and had aquired the skill to seduce almost any race over the years. Using this to her advantage she had a few men working for her now on the ship. It was the research-ship that was orbiting the moon of the world that had been eradicated by nuclear war, and this ship was searching for the old, dead worlds weapons. They were to bring the weapons to the Galactic Federation, who in turn are to make it so the weapons don't fall into the "wrong hands". Unfortunately for the Galactic Federation Chir'da was working for those hands, and she already had everything prepared to go, whenever her boss decided to take over the ship.

    The research ship finished exploring the planet and moon, retrieving any working, and semi-working, weapons to store them on-board until reaching the Federation. Chir'da was not expecting her boss to be reaching them until they had nearly finished their trek across so much of the known universe, so she was going through, making sure all of her on-board contacts were securing the correct weapons. Of course the men she had seduced into helping her had no idea what they were getting into, they thought they were helping the research team secure the weapons, and once she was done with them Chir'da would dispose of them easily enough if they caused any trouble. The research ship exited the orbiting pattern and began making it's way past the asteroid field that was near the planet, setting its course for the first jump towards the planet the Glacatic Federation had set for them to unload their cargo. Chir'da knew they would never make the final jump, so she settled in her small but sufficient room on the ship, prepared for a sleep cycle to make sure she was rested for when her bosses crew boarded the ship.
  5. "Barely a gun? Sounds like fun!" Cackled Ark "We can face them in a round of fisticuffs then! I've been practicing my overhead punches a little and I may be able to improve me' arms fightin' power."

    Ark Araki was clinging to a couple of objects as if to imitate a spider, climbing around all over the ship and attempting to practice his stealth skills, as he came over towards Xarn, his upper two arms rubbing together. Boy, was this pirate eager to get some blood on his knuckles. He'd also been interested in scoring some major weaponry for them all to use. He had bided his time until now, when Xarn announced they would be kicking ass and taking names. It was time for action, and the Burraduanian was ready to put his skills to the test. He was on the Eternal Revenge for a reason, and he wasn't going to be a disappointment to his boss.

    "What's the plan for us fodder, Xarn?" He asked. "Me and the others will need something to do…preferably something exciting and filled with explosions!"
  6. Xarn turned towards Ark with his usual grin. "You'll be taking care of whoever puts up resistance, and a few of the ones who don't. Then you're free to wreck the ship. Just make sure it won't fall apart until we're back here though. We don't want a repeat of last time that happened, do we?" Xarn said, glaring slightly at him for a moment, before he continued. "Scare the important people, kill the unimportant ones, then carry whatever valuable they have on-board back onto The Revenge. And be careful with it! We don't want the weapons suddenly firing and damaging her, now do we?" Xarn did have a small worry that the crew would manage to set of one of the weapons they came for. They didn't exactly tend to be gentle with things. He doubted the scientists would use the weapons against them, as scientists, in his head at least, were a big bunch of pansies, barely daring to leave their labs.
  7. Jaylin was a bit disappointed the captain didn't listen to her, but he rarely did. It was only sensual moments in the midst of night that he agreed to take her suggestions. She placed a hand on her hip, redirecting power and doing as he said. Jaylin was one of the few that carried a light pad with the main controls to whole ship. She was always with the captain and if they needed it, she could do anything he requested. The light pad was portable and sufficient.

    Jaylin watched as Ark approached them, placing her other hand on her hip and narrowing her eyes at the pirate as he excitedly checked in with the captain. His lack of professionalism made Jaylin nervous, but she knew he was good at what he did; which would be classified as "blowing shit up".

    "We should take out their external engine Captain, they'll be thrown into reserve power and we can take them easily..." She smiled, nodding her head to Ark.
  8. "Yes sir!" Replied Ark. "Why stop at the external engine? let's take their pilots first just to be safe."

    To Ark personally, the best thing about her was how she had been a real sight for sore eyes on a ship full of other nutty men with weapons and a thirst for cash and other potential prizes. Otherwise, like any other fellow on the Eternal Revenge, she was the pain in the ass that pricked them whenever something out of the jurisdiction of stabbing things and stealing from other people had presented itself as a problem or something. He didn't really understand the looks and nods she'd give to him. It was like being a little boy dealing with the annoying, bratty next door neighbor girl.

    "So, boss? Anything else we'll need to keep in mind?"
  9. "Yes, we should take the external engines first. Wouldn't want them flying of with my loot!" Xarn announced to the crew, partly to make sure they actually did that, and partly to get Jaylin to stop nagging him. He leaned towards Ark again. "And yes, the pilots counts as not important. So feel free to use and abuse them however you want." He took a moment, before adding "And don't forget to have fun lads!" with a evil grin.
    The ship was almost right in front of them now. It was only a few minutes until they could strike. If they had scanned the asteroids, they couldn't have missed the large ship hidden there. Yet even if they did now, it would be too late. They had no chance of escaping alone.
  10. "Just out of Slipspace, Ahkand in range for comm transmission sir." A female voice said over an intercom in the CIC room. "Excellent" He said "Bump a wave to the Captain, tell him We need authorization to dock, He and I need to discuss some things." The voice speaking back to the intercom belonged to a Young man, short and lanky weighing about 150 earth standard pounds and reaching a maximum height of 5 earth feet 9 inches. A Vakirian by the name of Kit, a commander and the Officer in charge of the ship the Illustrious Harbinger.

    He stood in the CIC room going over recorded specs of the Eternal Revenge, a pirate ship belonging to a particularly ugly brute named Xarn. The importance was that this ship despite being blown to bits a few times by other Alliance ships still sailed the vast ocean of stars, and this particular ship held a status of being godlike to many other pirates. The solution proposed was that if the Eternal Revenge and its crew were completely destroyed other pirates would be discouraged, though kit knew the opposite would happen, other pirates would try to fill the ridiculously proportioned shoes of Captain Xarn, and a new problem would arise.

    Nonetheless, he was assigned to head this "Ghost" mission, a black ops campaign against the Eternal Revenge, not bound by Alliance regulations and only reporting to the Ahkand for formality really, formality and to give updates to the Alliance brass. He himself was free to practice under the regulations of the Vakirian military, who were renowned for their effectiveness in the art of combat. His entire Vakirian/Human crew were under the same directives.

    "What's the Estimated time to dock with the Akhand, yeoman?" He asked, again speaking through an intercom, a reply coming over stating, "About 10 minutes till we are in range to enter the docking bay." He nodded and replied "Good, let me know when the captain authorizes us to dock." "Sir yes sir!"
  11. The thing about fate is that she is a fickle thing.

    While the target ship of the Eternal Revenge was drawing ever closer to it's doom, an object barely 10 square meters in size raced towards it on the same course the ship had been leaving the planet on. The ship's captain, fearing an attack from a ship out of range from his sensors, immediately ordered his ship to take evasive maneuvers. As the research craft turned star-side in an effort to avoid the object a perfect storm erupted.

    The crew members on board the research ship whose loyalties were more aligned to a particularly red skinned female struck. Unaware of the object and its collision course they were en route to the engine room when the announcement was made. Still they pressed on with their original plan. It only took a few seconds of fighting, the engineering staff loyal to captain fell and the saboteurs shut the engines down as the ship was mid turn. The ship was drifting now purely off of inertia and gravity when the object struck.

    The object punched through the craft's side bulkheads with no issue, the ships shields doing nothing to the object save slowing it down. As it entered the ship it did so at an angle, burrowing through the craft through the crew's quarters and into the cargo hold before coming to a stop. The ship's shields kicked in just after the object penetrated the port bulkhead acting as an emergency bulkhead to seal off the ship from the vacuum of space. Still the damage had been done by the exposure and a good amount of the crew were now floating lifeless in the depths of space.

    The ship's damage was extensive, much of the crew had been flushed out in space or suffered the effects of decompression, and the engines were down. But to Roy Jennings, the prisoner for lack of a better term, trapped in the object none of this was known. For him it was just a loud long screech broken by several loud thudding like sounds.

  12. As Xarn was sitting there, waiting for the ship to finally get to the perfect position, it suddenly started turning. For a moment, he thought they'd been spotted, yet before he could bark an order, the ship seemed to stop. It was almost as if they tried to turn away, but something was wrong. And suddenly, a large mass of something rammed it's way straight into the ship, damaging the ship a great deal. Xarn leaned forwards in his seat, staring in disbelief for a moment, before he started shouting. "What the fuck was that?! Why didn't any of you gits say anything about that thing that rammed into them?!" He stood up, before he continued. "Get the gravity-well on that thing! Fire at it's engines to make sure they don't flee! GET US CLOSE ENOUGH TO BOARD!" He roared at his crew, trying to make the best of the situation. No damn asteroid or whatever it was was going to take his prize!

    The Eternal Revenge smashed it's way through the asteroids that had hidden it. Most were small enough barely to register on the shields, though a few of them were blown to pieces, just in case. Almost as if to see who could finish the order first, both the main laser-cannons and the gravity-well fired at the target, destroying anything that even looked like engines, and pulling it towards The Revenge. Xarn was still standing, now watching the show on the main screen, grinning.
  13. "AYE AYE CAP'N!!"


    Ark began to pass on the orders, the engines being fired on with their main guns, the pirates hearing only the sound of the weapons firing, and the victimized ship's occupant only hearing the destruction that had occurred to the engines, watching them fail, Ark proceeding to have his men move out to storm the ship through the bridge where the enemy pilots were, to prevent an SOS signal being sent out, and any potential escape, weapons being fired even before they took their first step inside.

    "AVAST YE ASSHOLES! BRACE FOR GUNFIRE~!" He sang sinisterly.
  14. Chir'da smiled in her light slumber as she heard the fighting going on around her and felt the ship slow as her "men" took over the ship. She slowly stood up, streching, and took of her flack suit, no longer needing to pretend to be a part of this pitiful crew, and exposing all of her red skin with a sexy two piece outfit that could hold her blaster and stay out of her way in a fight. She made her way to the one man she had put in charge of this operation, the one who she made sure would take down the captian and begin flying the ship back to her boss, but halfway there she heard and felt something penetrate the ship. Running to the bridge she immediately barked orders.

    "Find out what that was! What are our shields at?" Speaking first to the meager underlings standing guard at the door, and then to the men manning the controls.

    "90% ma'am. Unknown object hit us and went through the barracks to the cargo hold as far as we can tell." He turned to report, saluted, then turned back to his terminal.

    "Report to the men checking the damage that they are to report what we have lost and ..... what the hell is that?" Stopping mid sentence to point at the large 'blip' on the screen in front of one of the men.

    "That is a ship ma'am, a very large ship." As he spoke they could all feel the lasers shooting out their engines and the gravity well sucking them towards the new ship. Chir'da put a palm to her head, closed her eyes and swore under her breath. Taking a deep breath and letting it out slowly.

    "Do not surrender, but don't shoot first. They are pirates and by the size of the ship it's the most known pirate in the galaxy. Notify everyone you can. I want to be the first one to speak to the Captain of that ship. Prepare to be boarded." She stood her ground knowing they would board on the bridge, where the pilots were flying the ship.
  15. Xarn reached to the side of his seat, grabbing his machine-gun, before walking over to telepad along with the crew. "Remember lads! If they look important, take them alive! If they don't... Do as you wish!" He ordered, before he started laughing a roaring laugh. Before he stopped laughing, they were teleported onto the bridge of the opposing ship. Appearing suddenly, the large group let out a loud battle-cry as they started shooting, stabbing and otherwise attacking the enemy crew. Xarn himself was in the middle of the chaos, shooting and clawing at any of the enemies that came into range. As he did, he saw someone sticking out from the crowd. A rather scantly clad, red and sexy something. He started making his way towards her slowly, grinning menacingly as he did.
  16. Chir'da smiled as Xarn and his crew came upon the bridge, shooting and yelling, roaring and stabbing. She loved the life of a pirate, which is why she always tried to work for them, and this was no different than what she had expected. Chir'da kept a small force field shield for just herself, not telling anyone about it, so she could stand at attention when Xarn made his way to her without worrying about possible fire hitting her. If anyone came near her before he made his way over, which was doubtful as his stride would take him to her in only a few steps because of the size of the small ships bridge, she would be able to defend herself. As it was a few of the smaller, quicker beings made their way to her and she snarled at them and slashed her sword at them, letting her force field down for the moments it took for her to kill them or keep them off of her. Her smile widened as she saw Xarn nearing her and she made a low bow, keeping her eye on him at all times.

    "Ho, Captian Xarn. Pleasure to have you board my ship." A wink escaped her eye as she looked into Xarn's eyes, his body towering over her own. Her lithe body was only about 1.8 meters (6 feet) while Xarn was 3 meters (9 foot 8 inches), so she had to quite literally look up to him, being about 1.2 meters taller than her.
  17. Xarn rested his gun on his shoulder, as he looked down on the little, red person. "Your ship, eh? You don't look like a scientist to me. Most of them aren't feisty red-skinned beauties. That means you've taken control of it. But I don't care. I'm just here for your cargo. If it wasn't destroyed, that is." He He said, angrily. Going all the way here, only for the prize to be gone would have been a waste of time, and opportunities for other raids. "Bring me to the old *relics*, and I'll even leave your ship undamaged. Or rather, I won't ruin it any more." He continued, before taking a quick look around. Most of the crew of the ship had been killed, with a few taken alive, unexpectedly. Most of his crew was still alive, at least most who were important.
  18. Chir'da raised her right eyebrow and leaned most of her weight on her left foot, putting her hands on her hips and pursing her lips.

    "I'm not a scientist, and of course the cargo has not been damaged. Do I look the type of Captian to let my cargo get damaged?" She winked and quickly spun around, strutting back to the hold where the weapons were secured, making sure he was looking at her tight ass as she walked, she needed a way out of this mess and Xarn's ship was the only one close enough to leave on. Working on the most feared pirate ship in the galaxy wouldn't be a bad thing. "Here you are Captian. Something penetrated our ship, entering the cargo hold, right before you took out our engines and boarded us. We believe it came from planet-side, so it wasn't you. Correct?" Again her stance was defiant, and she licked her lips, biting her bottom lip as she slowly looked up at Xarn.
  19. Roy was not ready for the scene before him. After the screeching had stopped, there was silence for a long while. The interior of his pod lit up a few seconds after stopping. Holographic and alien readouts covered every side of the pod, fluctuating in color and design as it went along. Then it all just went to a sickly neon green color and the panel in front of him began to open.

    None of this however did wonders for Roy's constitution as he tried to walk from the pod too soon, walking into the hatch panel as it was still raising. Falling back against to one of the sides and bashing his head against it and breaking the skin along the side of his head. He decided to begin crawling out of it rather then trying to walk. Once he was down the pod's front he stood up slowly and using the pod for support. Once up he took a few steps shambling forward before dropping back down to the ground and vomiting, blood dripping off of his head into the sickly green-orange mixture.

    At that point he began hearing a voice, and in his corner of his vision saw the approaching figures. One large and green, the other small and read. He puked again at the sight of green and groaned. "What I need... Is a drink." he commented to himself. It was obviously not his best day.

  20. "I've never seen a captain like you, so I wouldn't know." Xarn answered as Chir'da started walking. He made sure to walk a bit behind her, both so she would have less chance to attack him, and to stare at her ass.
    As they entered the cargo hold, it became obvious that the thing that had hit them had ended up here, as the thing was still laying there, with wreckage and a few bodies spread around it. "You're right. I don't send large like this hurling into ships I plan to loot. It'll actually be anything left to take then." He answered her with a slight chuckle. Before he could say anything more however, the thing opened, and a bloody person got out. The person stood up for a moment, before he fell back down, vomiting. Xarn laughed a roaring laugh at the pathetic pod-man, before he walked towards him. "That's the worst, and at the same time the best way I've seen anyone enter a ship, ya crazy git!" He said to him, still laughing.