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No, this not a thread for making fun of my homeland. If you are wondering why Tort and I are both showing off the Polish national colors it is because of this.

On Sat. several key Polish leaders were on their way to Russia to comerate the 70th anniversary of the Soviet massarce of Polish POWs in the Katyn Forest in 1940. On the way there, the plane crashed killing 97 people including the President and several key Military leaders.
Fuck me.


There really are no words for this horribly ironic, twisted tragedy.

Most curiously, perhaps Katyn really is a cursed land for Polish people.

At any rate, I hope the nation is able to rebound from this. Having the entire upper echelon of the government downed in one go? Yikes...
Not to forget relatives of victims of the Katyn massacres, there was also several of them onboard the craft...

Sad day indeed... My condolences to Poland, the polish people here, and the relatives of the victims of the crash.
What makes this an even greater irony is that Sunday also marks the Holocaust Memory Day around the global for the victims of the NAZI regime. I think in general this one of those times were you really should pray for all the survivors of both these tragedies.
....i love poland almsot as much as i love russia.

this saddens me.
How many people did they lose, like, half their military leaders along with the most important politicians except the VP?
*Raises a pint* Aye, for old wounds. I may not be a Pol but I understand what this represents.
Darkness: they lost all the military branches higher-ups including the special forces commander
Fair winds and following seas. I'll toss back a brew in your memory.