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  1. "What if Pokeball never been invented...?
    Will it be peace? no... it won't...
    It will be a war between Pokemon and humanity.."

    PokeMonster Hunter!

    Setting takes place in an alternate world and reality where Pokeball never been invented and technology are still somewhat primitive. The history of the world itself wasn't clear but there's a legend which was passed down from generation to another generation said that, Arceus (was a woman) were once fell in love with her own creation but she was rejected and eventually betrayed her and her creation was a human. Out of misery, she then shape shift herself into an unknown creature, with addition the first appearance of Pokemon.

    Starting point will hugely impact on your character development
    Note:The starting place are all close to each other.

    Starting Point (open)

    Rega'a Village, Home of the Hunters.
    A village located near the hillside, The village are rich in materials such as ore and woods.
    Advantages: Quality of material and berries.
    Disadvantages: Lack of water.
    Danger Level: 1-5

    Haoul Town, Sailor heaven's.
    The town located in the seaside, which is why Sailor can sell their things easily to the locals.
    Advantages: a lot of fish pokemon's material.
    Disadvantages: Lack of berries and meat.
    Danger Level: 1-5

    Culta Village, Eternal Blizzard.
    Village that never stop snowing everyday, the place was rich in exotic material.
    Advantages: Exotic material.
    Disadvantages: Lack of food and water.
    Danger Level: 1-5

    Other City/Kingdom/Town/Village
    WIP (open)

    So who'll you be playing as?
    You'll be a hunter who live and stay alive to hunt Pokemons.

    Fighter (open)

    -Long Sword-Twin Sword-Sword and Shield-
    Fast and agile melee attacker with small amount of defensive force.

    Knight (open)

    -Knight-Axe-Lance-Spear-Heavy Sword-
    Slow Heavy melee attacker with high defensive force.

    Archer (open)

    Ranged attacker with feeble defense.

    Starting Equipment
    Starting Equipment (open)

    Sleeveless Tunic

    The Lore
    The Lore (open)

    Places where hunter get their mission, every week the tavern will change their quest.

    Combat Post
    Pokemon are treated as NPC they can be controlled by anyone except for the map boss.

    Combat Loot
    Combat loot will be determine by the GM through rolling dice.

    The world's currency. Used for buying things

    Blacksmithing or Shopping?
    Player can either make weapons and equipment through material or buy the end result.

    GM will keep track of your character loot. (meaning I'll make a post where you can freely look what's in your inventory)

    Once again the GM will make the data of every pokemon from their danger level up until their loot.

    Everyone start from rank E and later on the GM will notify you for promotion.

    1.Metagaming aren't allowed (god mod and so on)

    2.Requirement to post: a paragraph consist of 3 to 5 sentences <--ain't that much of a deal right?

    3.If you don't understand or have something to said, talk to the GM.

    4.No fighting outside IC.

    5.Romance are allowed but keep in minimum.

    6.You may create a guild/clan LATER on.

    7. You can have up to 2 character for now.

    8.Character death exist but do not kill other player character if they don't give the permission to do so.

    9.Any inactivity within a week will be given 3 warning(within the next 3 days) before the character will become inactive.

    10.Have fun!

    Starting place:
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