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  1. I haven't played Pokemon in a while but I'm recently feeling super nostalgic. I'm looking do a roleplay as the pokemon themselves (or pokehumans/gijinka). I'm thinking of something along the lines of mystery dungeon/adventure kind of a deal. We could work on plot ideas together, or if you have any, I'd love to hear them!

    What you'll need to know:
    - I'm not the quickest with my replies. Sometimes I'll post multiple times a day, sometimes I'll post a once every other day. I do try to reply quickly, but sometimes life gets in the way.
    - I can reply with anything from 5 sentences to 5 paragraphs, but grammar is a must.
    - I don't have an age requirement for this partner request, but I hope you're mature and willing to discuss the plot with me as we move along.
    - Hopefully you won't mind taking on multiple characters, because a roleplay world with only 2 Pokemon would be rather odd.
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  2. I'm totes interested in a Pokemon-oriented RP! (In other words, the RP revolves around Pokemon, not trainers.) I don't mind regular Pokemon or Gijinka.

    Warning: My post length is 2+ paragraphs. (I'm not fond of one-lining, two-lining or three-lining. I hope that isn't a problem!)
  3. I love the Mystery Dungeon like ones! I love playing Pokémon themselves! I'm in!
  4. I have an interest in a Mystery Dungeon-like RP. Count me in too!
  5. I'd love to do something Pokmeon Gijinka! :3
Thread Status:
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