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  1. i am Akemi and i am a 13 years old pokemon trainer. And today im doing chores like every other child today to get their pokemon tommorow and me and my bestfriend will go train with my parents pokemon tommorow:poke::poke::poke:
  2. Today me and my best friend went to get our pokemon and we both got to choose first so i let him go first cause i couldn't decide yet so he picked charmander and i picked squirtel and right after we got our pokemon we already started training for like a few hours then we see how we did and battled eachother and since they are beginner pokemon they both had a chance but the bad part was he already trained his pokemon headbutt somehow and we lost. We took a brake between each battle so we could train some more and i tought my pokemon squirtel to do agility and we battled and i won that time cause he couldn't hit me and every time he charged with his headbutt squirtel would just dodge it and get on his back and use scratch repeatedly and it was an easy win.And now im going home to show my parents my new pokemon and they said it was great and was it a boy or a girl all of that blah blah stuff and then they finally said (so did you train him/her yet) and that i was interrested in but i did know if it was a boy or a girl it was a girl and i named it Aiko but anyways i said yes and he said how did it go and i said it was great for the first day he is getting stronger and the best part about my family they raise berries and we get them for free and i learned how to cook them and everything it was great and i had to find out what squirtel wanted i figured it had to be a little like home so it a moist and salty and very sweetend and he loved it so that was amazing tommorow i am going to battleground play park its awsome its were you get to battle every one and i am going to battle everyone even the people that are way stronger than me so im gonna back my whole backpack with berries and revives and what not so tommorow
  3. So we are on the way to battleground play park and we found a bunch of cool pokemon on the way and i caught a pikachu and we are an awsome team water and electric type and we pwn so we got there and we did great i lost a bunch but the great part is squirtel evolved and pikachu got super strong so we are doing pretty good and good thing i brought those berries cause if not we wouldnt made it the first match but after that we did so good and im so happy with the progress squirtel can finnaly use bubble beam and it helps a lot cause now it does so much damage and we win all the time now and tomorrow we just sit around train eat fun stuff like that tomorrow lazy day