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  1. Plot Summary (open)
    A new series of trainers have begun their journeys in the Kalos region. Along with the arrival of these trainers is a threat to humans and Pokemon alike. They're only known as Team Gelid, an organization sought out to fix the world's climate change and loss of glacial ice. Of course one cannot take on this team alone. It's up to the region's Pokemon trainers to stop them together. Will they succeed? Or will the world face a new ice age?

    • All site rules apply.
    • Be respectful OOC to other members.
    • Remain as active as you can. If you're going to be gone for a period of time, please notify the group.
    • Only two Pokemon on a team at a time can have mega evolution.
    • One shiny allowed per team set.
    • Maximum is three characters per person. I may lower the number depending on how many characters we have.
    • If you want to reserve a legendary for your character to catch, please list it either at the end of your cs or on the Pokemon section of the cs.
    Character Sheet:

    (Appearance here. I highly recommend these games if you need to find an appearance: http://hapuriainen.deviantart.com/art/Pokemon-trainer-Creator-v-2-257074027 and http://joy-ling.deviantart.com/art/Pokemon-Trainer-Creator-401165483)




    Home Region: (Hoenn, Sinnoh, etc.)

    Occupation: (Trainer, coordinator, or member of Team Gelid)


    Keystone Location:
    (required if your character is using mega evolution)



    Other: (Additional info)

    Reserved legendaries (open)


    Trainers (open)


    Coordinators (open)


    Team Gelid Members (open)

    -Leader Eira
    -Commander Gwyneira
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  2. Say, for Legendaries, can I, instead of just catching them, let them start off as Level 5 babby Pokemon in the team?
  3. Yeah that's fine, though it would be better to find them in some way instead of them being on your team from the start.
  4. I shall be reserving Xerneas, if I may.
  5. VERY large image be warned (open)


    Name: Kanzaki Haruka

    Age: 18

    Gender: Female

    Home Region: Hoenn

    Occupation: Trainer

    Gardevoir (shiny): Lv40 - Moonblast, Hyper Beam, Psychic, Focus Blast
    Gallade: Lv35 - Close Combat, Psycho Cut, Dazzling Gleam, Dual Chop
    (when I catch it):
    Xerneas: Geomancy, Moonblast, Dazzling Gleam, Close Combat.

    Keystone Location: Necklace, coincidentally, hanging around her neck.


    Haruka is a relatively normal person (at least to her). Back in Hoenn, she was the heiress of an incredibly influential company specialising in computer software, named Nindento. However, due to her parents being always on business, she was raised by her grandmother, a woman of tradition, and her grandfather afflicted with similar urges. Thus, she tends to act in a very traditional way. She is always polite and respectful, and often ends up taking the role of mediator when it comes to arguments. On the other hand, she can be ruthless in battle if she forgets she's meant to control her anger.
    Haruka was raised in the mountain town of Lavaridge, where her grandparents owned a hot springs. The town itself was small so she had few friends to play with. The school she attended was of a similar scale, with every child in the same class, a 20 student large group who primarily taught themselves, with the older children being responsible for aiding the younger children. The town's main income came from tourists from the city who were attracted by the igneous scenery, hot springs and proximity to a volcano. When she was 8, she was on holiday visiting her parents in Littleroot town when she encountered the shiny Ralts. They grew friendly over the week she stayed, with her teaching the Ralts human language, which it spoke using it's telepathy. When it was time to leave, the Ralts approached her and requested to go back to Lavaridge with her. Naturally, she accepted. Over time, she trained the Ralts at the Lavaridge gym, which she visited daily, becoming close friends with the Gym Leader there. A year after finding the Ralts, a second Ralts, this one male, found it's way into the house claiming to be the brother of the first Ralts. Now, after exploring Hoenn with the aid of the 2 Ralts starting at age 12, she decided to head to Kalos for a second adventure, taking only the Gardevoir and Gallade with her, leaving her other pokemon in Hoenn.

    The Gardevoirite was given to her when she was 16 after she defeated a certain researcher who was apparently looking into the phenomenon of Mega Evolution. He saw that she held a Mega Charm, a family heirloom in the form of a necklace that had been handed down for generations, and decided she would make use of the stone. It was also him who suggested she headed to Kalos when she was done in Hoenn.

    Other: I usually write much better than this but I was running out of time so I decided to just sum up the important points.
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  6. [​IMG]
    "It's time. It's always time."

    Name: Samantha Sparks

    Age: 15

    Gender: Female

    Home Region: Unova

    Occupation: Trainer

    'mon - Ability - Additional Notes

    Jolteon(Male) - Volt Absorb - First Pokemon and lead member
    Ditto - Impostor - Second Pokemon
    Rayquaza(Shiny) - Air Lock - Only 0.7 metres as to the usual 7 metres, hatches from a bizarre egg after the start of the RP.

    Keystone Location: On each of her twintails.

    Appearance: Samantha has golden hair which is tied into a pair of lower, back, lightning-shaped twintails. She is about 1.62 metres tall, and tends to wear a yellow overcoat and white miniskirt. Her bust is about a C. While in cities, she chooses to zip this overcoat upwards. In the tall grass, she unzips this overcoat(unless it is cold), revealing a black bikini top underneath. She tends to don boots.

    Personality: Samantha is a young, energetic woman who is always ready to take challenges. She refuses to let injustice off, and is constantly poking her nose into business that she believes should involve her, or any form of help. At times, especially during battle, she might sound a little... unsound for some reason.

    Bio: Samantha was initially a regular girl who grew up in Unova, in an unstated town. During her childhood, she encountered an injured Eevee near the tall grass, before taking it back home and nurturing it back to health. She couldn't bear to leave it, and it could not too, thus she chose to keep it as a great friend.
    At the age of 10, she chose to head out on a journey with her Eevee, to claim all eight badges of Unova. While she ultimately failed the Pokemon League before the champion, she returned home without completing it, wanting to retry some time.
    In her later life, Samantha was a vigilante who lead a few people into stopping a certain evil team(not Team Plasma) from their ploy. While said ploy or evil team will not be mentioned for now, Samantha did succeed in causing said team to disband. Her snagged reward was an odd, green crystal egg that she found herself keeping for quite a while in her residence in White Forest.
    A few months after this, she decided to try out a new region - the Kalos Region - and all its leagues, in hopes of living her old life and times once again. She left most of her Pokemon at home, only bringing along her first two Pokemon and her odd egg. Little does she know, it is time to save the day again...

    Other: Instead of Pokeballs, she uses what appear to be Rubix cubes, which have practically the same function as Pokeballs.​
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  7. Reserving this post/slot for once my character is completed. Currently working on it, due to work and other things. May take a minute/day or so. :badger:
  8. Can I create multiple characters? I have plans for two...
  9. [​IMG]
    Name: David Markova

    Age: 19


    Home Region: (Hoenn, Sinnoh, etc.)Johto

    Occupation: (Trainer, coordinator, or member of Team Gelid)Trainer/Cordinator

    Pokemon: Dragonair(40) Multiscale:Iron Tail, Aqua tail, Dragon Rush,Dragon Dance
    Larvesta(40)Flame Body Quiver Dance, Flame Thrower, Giga Drain, Psychic
    Roserade(45) Poison Point Dazzling Gleam, energy Ball, Sludge Bomb, Toxic
    Kirlia(30)Calm Mind, Dazzlign Gleam, Psychic, Magical Leaf
    Keystone Location:
    (required if your character is using mega evolution) His necklace
    Personality: Kind, smart, quick thinking, brave, loves his pokemon despite their strenght

    Bio:David's brother was a former pokemon league champion. His first pokemon was Budew, whch was the offspring of his brother's main pokemon. He remembers the day his brother lost a match in a long time. His brother then vanished and now David wants to become a new champion to prove he is strong like his brother, and hopefully find his brother

    Other: (Additional info)His Kirlia likes being out of its pokeball
  10. [​IMG]

    Lily Arietta



    .:Home Region:.


    Sylveon (Female) - Irisa - Level 35 - Tail Whip, Tackle, Disarming Voice, Draining Kiss
    Umbreon (Female) - Luna - Level 26 - Tackle, Helping Hand, Pursuit, Quick Attack
    Ralts (Female) - Rosie - Level 27 - Growl, Confusion, Teleport, Lucky Chant
    Rulio (Male) - Mika - Level 28 - Foresight, Quick Attack, Force Palm, Copycat

    .:Keystone Location:.

    On a necklace around her neck, which is tucked into her top.

    Lily is a fighter, always up for a competition and always ready to go at anyone who says the wrong thing. She's fiercely against anything she deems injustice, and in her hometown she had a reputation of getting into fights with anyone who bullied another kid or Pokemon, and even getting into fights with people who just said something rude. Despite this fighting and hot-headed side, she cares deeply for her Pokemon and knows when to quit and let them have a rest. She does her best not to push them beyond their limits and she's fiercely protective of them and is friends with each one, and names them all. If her Pokemon can't handle a fight, she's liable to attack the trainer directly, although she's trying to learn to let that go. If someone hurts her Pokemon, though, she'll be after them in a heartbeat. She's a smartass as well, often making wisecracking comments and being sarcastic towards people. She's great at interacting with Pokemon, but not so great at interacting with people, and often makes social flubs or doesn't know what to say to people. She understands Pokemon much more than she will ever understand humans, and it's almost as if she can speak their language.

    Lily grew up in Hoenn, in a small town with her mother, Sage, and her twin sister, Rose. When Lily was ten, she encountered a group of boys picking on a wounded Eevee. Angered, she attacked the boys and scared them off and then nursed the Eevee back to health, and kept it with her and started to train it. It eventually became her current Sylveon. When she turned twelve, she decided to become a Pokemon trainer, and set off on her journey, capturing a second Eevee after Irisa evolved and naming the new Eevee Luna. After about a year of battling with these two, Luna evolved into an Umbreon, and she captured a Ralts and a Rulio, and named them Mika and Rosie, as a reminder of her sister, who she left behind because Rose preferred not to be a Pokemon trainer. She now hopes to become a great Pokemon trainer.

    Her Sylveon, Irisa, as her first Pokemon, is typically out of its Pokeball and walks next to her.
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