Pokemon x Childhood (Nerd-senpai)

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  1. "What a bright and sunny morning! Tch. Like heck." Rin Lunax took off his damp, and snow filled coat. "Snowpoint. The most greatest point in the world." His voice was full of sarcasm.
    He was bored, tired, and wet. At this point he just wanted to go home.
    Home, it made him think of Jada. It had been awhile since he'd seen her. Whatever.
    "I gotta get out of this area but... UGH!" He put his hand to his face and sighed.
    Wait where was he anyways, he knew that he had shelter but... A cave.. He had
    seen shadows of a person or two but. He felt a sharp pain from his back as he blacked out.
    Rin was knocked out cold.

    When he could see again his sight was a bit blurry,
    "Oh, hey Jade." He wasn't freaking out, but his back hurt, and for some reason there was
    wood walls around them. From the looks of it they were both tied up and their bags were against the wall. "Talk about a good reunion huh."
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.