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  1. The jet flew quickly and silently, Ashely sat among 3 others, one sent by a professor not uncommon, in fact many trainers are here due to professors. Flying was rare, but with any cost, Ashely had to make it to the flamold region. Sighing she stood, her bag hanged from her shoulder, and a belt of pokeballs sat on her hips. "So..what's everyones story?"
  2. Kirito smirked as the plane flew in the air he wanted land soon or else his boredom might have just get the best of him, ever since he was little he dreamed of coming to a new region and it was finally happening. He looked down playing with his fingers looking out the window the clouds looked as though you could just lay down on them and fall asleep. Then Kirito fell asleep looking out the window. He dreamed of a new adventure, a new place and also new pokemon! Then he got woken up by a mans rather gruff voice "Wake up! We landed." then Kirito groggily said "Huh? Oh uh thanks!" he said scooping his carry-on bag containing all of his poke-balls and he ran out the door of the plane to go outside and grab his bags.
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  3. Kiora watched the sea rush past her as she stared through the window. She wondered how bug pokemon managed to get themselves stuck inbetween the two panes of glass. An announcement rang through the speaker system. "We shall arrive in Flamold within the next 10 minutes. Please return to your seats." She did as commanded, and resumed her aisle seat.
  4. Ashely sighed, slowly she walked to her seat. Siting, she fashioned her seatbelt, then spoke "Anyone gonna say anything?" Crossing her legs Ashely pulled out a pokeball, clicking the button. celebi arose from the flash, flying above and around it's trainer. Ashely was ready for the plane to land, rumor had it that legendary "lake guardians" slept in this regions lakes. Ashely smiled, cell have been kept in it's pokeball, due to pokedeath, but no danger stood on this plane. Pating her lap cell landed, hugging her.
  5. Zora smiled as she sat on the plane playing with her fun-loving Banette, Akane. In her hands, she gently played with the Pokemon's arms before gently rubbing it's sewn-up head. Flying...she'd always lover doing that, although flying on a Pokemon was definitely cheaper than on a plane it was more for safety. "We are now approaching Flamold town, all passengers prepare for landing", an announcement came on before Zora nodded softly. "Guess we're here~"
  6. Ashel smiled, finally the planes landing, gods how she hated flying. Seeing yet another trainer playing with there Pokemon Ashely spoke "I like you're pokemon!, Friendly battle?" Ashely smiled, pokedeath was not a end to battles, only a rule really, and that rule was, don't push you're pokemon to far.
  7. Zora looked up at the girl then at Akane before nodding with a bit of a grin. "You're on!" She said confidently before standing up. Her Banette gently landed in front of her before letting off an aura of anticipation.
  8. Ashely smiled, a small pounce happen as the plane landed. "Lets battle outside." Looking over Ashely offered the others to watch, unlocking her seatbelt Ashely stood, a boy before her have already left, her boats clicked against the jets steps. Flamold town was far less then a town, more s camp. Tents lied everywhere, few tress doted the mudie and grass plain. Turning Ashely hald a pokeball, "You ready?"
  9. Zora happily followed, her Banette walking beside her before she decided to jump from the plane steps. She'd planned to land on her two feet, showing a cool display but instead she landed on her bottom with an "Oof!". Her Banette then jumped down as well, landing in her lap with a chuckle. Letting out a giggle as well, she stood up and looked around the campy area before looking at the girl before her.
  10. Cell floated and followed as its trainer left the jet. Ashely smiled, "I choose celebi, You?"
  11. "I'll be going with my Banette!" Akane then stood in front, prepared for action as it grinned at the Celebi.
  12. A crowd gatherd as Ashely stanced changed. "Cell use body slam!" With quickness celebi thrown its body against its enemy, knocking banette off its feet. Sliding in the muddy ground celebi did, no green showed. Standing, then floating celebi was ready to fight.
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  13. Kyoko stretched as she and Nyara got off their plane. "That was a long trip. " she said with a smile.

    "Mew mew." Nyara nodded then her ears pricked foreward and floated towards a crowd.

    "Nyara! Wait!" Kyoko went after her and saw the battle going on.

    "Ehh, a Celebi and a Banette. " Kyoko got her 'Dex out and recorded the information on the two Pokemon.
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  14. (I didn't choose arceus or xerneas cos they would probably negate the point of pokedeath. Someone state otherwise if i am allowed them.)

    Kiora left the plane, and to her astonishment, she found 2 people already engaged in battle. "Oh, a Celebi. I can't remember the last time I saw one of them. Possibly never." She looked to the other side and saw a banette that looked slightly injured. "Hey! You should get a mega stone for that. There's no telling what it could do then."
  15. Akane, shook off the damage and turned towards Zora before she gave a slightly nod. She heard someone from the crowd shout that she should mega-evolve her pokemon, they really didn't need to tell her that. With a bit of a smirk, she pulled back her sleeve to reveal a mega-bracelet. "Alright then!" Zora gently touched the stone before a light came from both it and her Banette. Shining brightly, it had begun to change. After the light dissipated, her Banette seemed to be bursting from the seams.

    "Hehe, you're gonna wish you never battled me! Akane use Sucker Punch" Winding up her arm, the Banette jumped towards the Celebi before giving it a hard hit right to the face.
  16. Celebi was on its back, the suker punch had knocked it out of the air, slowly floatin, celebi rose. its enemy banette have maga evolved, its appearance almost doll like. "cell use leaf strom!" Leafs fell from the trees, surrounding celebi and bantte. Violently the leafs spin, then flying at the bantte they went.
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  17. The whole time on the jet, Ada just talked. She talked the sanity out of Ama who possibly couldn't be bothered to answer anymore. Ada's energy was on its highest levels- as usual- so Ama just sat through it all.
    "Isn't it like, so weird that we're taking a jet of all things? To an uninhabited island! It's like VIP treatment I tell you. I don't get it at all. My daddy always told me..."

    That was how she went, on and on until they landed. By then, she was talking about the island.
    "I remember seeing this crazy ass show on TV about some mystery island-oh it was magic! I think. Anyway, it was super cool but super scary because I think the island was actually kind of alive, you know? It changes things within it. You think being stuck on an island like this is gonna be like that? Well, chill because dad packed me a lotta stuff, we have nothing to worry about because he's the best Shop-Inn keeper in the world and-"

    One way to effectively shut her up was to capture her interest. An ongoing pokemon battle did the trick and Ama was slightly relieved to hear that Ada had stopped ranting.

    But watching the fight, her eyebrow twitched. Ada noticed it too, but is quite vocal about it.

    "What the heck is going on here! It's a fight already?" She watched, so Ama did too. There were no further instructions yet so they might as well.
    "That is so weird!" Ada said, not bothering to hide her shock. "Normal and Fighting attacks don't work on ghost and vice versa!" She held Ama's arm and shook her. "Isn't that right, Ama? You taught me this back when we were kids! What's going on!"
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  18. ((Wait celebi is a normal type? I did not know that. Also, sucker punch requires the opponent is readying an offensive move. It wouldn't necessarily work. I'll just point that out.))

    Kiora smiled as she saw the bracelet. Mega stones came in so much variety now. She touched her own mega-pocketwatch.
  19. Kyoko and Nyara moved on to a nearby cafe. Kyoko wanted to check in with Prof. El m and get something to eat.
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  20. Kiora was bored again. "Hey, anyone want a battle? I bet you're all just as bored as I am!" She shouted, hoping someone heard. She readied her pokeballs. There were enough people in the area that one person should be willing to take up her offer. "I promise I won't kill them."
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