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  1. Hello there! I'm Anarchy from Pokémon World RPG! I would like to advertise our forum in your forum so you can visit a forum from a forum (insert "Xzibit Yo Dawg" meme here). We're a forum who accept roleplayers of all kinds. Are you a three-liner? You're in! Are you a paragrapher? You're in! Are you a three or more paragrapher? You're in!

    Our mods can cope with your style! Please, give us a try. :]

    Q: How do I gain Experience (EXP) on your forum?
    A: There are two ways to gain EXP. First is battling. When you beat a opponent you get EXP equal to that opponent's level. Second is Training. In training topics for every ten words you write you get one EXP. So say you write sixty words, you get six EXP.

    Q: How do I level my Pokémon?
    A: You level your Pokémon by gaining EXP equal to your Pokémon's current level. EXP also resets every time your Pokémon levels.

    Q: How friendly are the people that's in it?
    A: You'll be respected as much as we respect ourselves!

    Q: How fast are your mods?
    A: Well, mods have life and do a lot of things on the internet as much as you do. So, they're good enough. Sometimes they feel very hard working, they'll get to you in no time!
  2. uuh your introduction was kinda like, huh?

    but Im sure I will check this out!
  3. That made very little sense.

    I'll check it anyway.