Pokemon Unova roleplay? (NO LONGER OPEN DUE TO BUS

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  1. Hiya guys, Sightless here!

    So I restarted my pokemon black recently and it's realy put me in the mood for some pokemon roleplays, specifically unova region but I might do a Kalos one too. I would love for there to be romance and I will try to mimic your posting length, but I might struggle.

    Keep in mind though, if you write me a one liner I will either A) return it with a one liner or B) loose intrest and probably complete forget to respond.

    I'm hoping for some OC x N but honestly I wouldn't mind OC x OC or an OC x white/Hilda (because I don't care about genders m'kay? I love all parings and play non-gender, female and male characters)

    Alright, I think that is all for now.
  2. *smashes this up to the top* yeah this is still open.
  3. PARTNER REQUEST - Cold as Ice

    I know it's not Unova, but other than that, my 1x1 request seems to fill your expectations. I'd love it if you joined!
  4. Hello. Would you be interested in roleplaying Pokemon with me?
  5. Sure, shoot me a PM.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.