Pokemon: Unknown Identity (Dia & Kaldoror)

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  1. The ferry holding a group of ambitious trainers docked on Unabara's shore, and the passengers stepped off, chattering excitedly with each other in groups. They were all talking about the same thing; the monster, and how they would defeat it. Even on that short time on the ferry, teams had formed and rivalries emerged. Apparently this was going to turn into a race as to who would capture the creature first.

    "We're gonna die, I just know it!" complained Bolt, bringing Griffin out of her thoughts on how to start gathering clues. the girl looked down at her pikachu, amused. "Oh yeah? How do you know?" Bolt glared up at her. "Because I know you! You'll get way too into this monster-hunting business and get too close to it or something!" he responded. Griffin sighed and rolled her eyes. "Ok, so I get too into things sometimes. But I'll be careful this time, promise!" reaching down, she ruffled the short fur on Bolt's head, and began walking on, looking around.

    Unabara looked emptier than one would expect a city to look. There weren't many people walking or driving around, and even the ones that were looked extremely nervous. Quite a few buildings looked run-down, damaged, or altogether abandoned. Here and there Griffin could see wild pokemon of all kinds roaming around, many taking shelter in the abandoned buildings. Suddenly Bolt made a terrified, choking noise and pulled at his trainer's pant leg. "Look!" he cried, pointing to a building. It was apparently one of the stores the monster had ravaged. The roof had been torn off, and it lay at a crazy angle against the remains of the rest of the building. Gaping holes were torn in the walls, many of the windows were broken, and debris lay in almost every direction. "If the monster can do that, what chance to we have?" Bolt asked, gulping.


    A zoroark crouched on top of a low building, surveying the docks. He had watched the group of trainers alight from the boat onto shore. He shook his head as he watched them, making his long fur swing behind him. Obviously they were responding to that notice the mayor had sent out for the monster's capture, or death. If only they knew what it really was, or its true intentions. But then again, it might not even matter if they did or not. Humans could be cruel no matter what the circumstances. With a deep sigh, he used his claws to help him climb down onto the ground. Then after casting up a cloaking illusion to appear invisible, he came as close to the groups of trainers as he dared. It was the surest way to figure out what these humans were planning.
  2. Leigh sighed, he sat back as the ferry finally docked, he waited for most people to walk away before finally getting up. Pilt looked at him worried, "Someone! Someone is gonna get that monster while you let everyone else get off the ship!" He looked down at his longest partner and sighed, "Just as much as you seem to be unable to evolve, anyone is going to be able to get this monster right now. If anything, someone is gonna get themselves killed by going to fight it without thinking about the situation properly. Just calm it Pilt. We have no need to rush, maybe for once if you stopped rushing you'd have some energy to evolve?" It was his favorite way of teasing Pilt. The Totodile didn't evolve for years. Nothing seemed to work and it was just a joke between the two by now as they guessed he was simply not going to evolve ever. Leigh never spoke to most of his other Pokemon, mainly because he only had them for about a year or two and didn't even know if he could communicate with them, so far he hasn't been able to, but Pilt somehow was a different case for him.

    His fast pace made it easy for him to catch up to the other people and he decided to at least gather an ally or two, maybe someone that knew more about this situation as well. He saw a girl before him and followed her for a minute or two before Pilt spoke up, sitting on his shoulder, it was good weight on his shoulder, though he had gotten used to it over the years. "You stare too much." He looked annoyed, "I'm not staring. She's alone and she is kinda cute. Enough of a reason to ask her for what to do, right? Better then running off and hoping for it to work.." He hoped she hadn't heard their conversation. He hated it, but towards his friend he was simply always honest and the girl was surely looking well enough for him to stare, but he didn't actually care much for that now, it was only a bonus point.

    "Hey, may I ask you something..miss..?" He said with a smile on his lips as he walked to her side, he was taller than her, he was usually a taller than most people and having something sit on his shoulder usually made him seem even taller, a Totodile after all wasn't the smallest Pokemon and it was surely making him seem a little taller at first look. Pilt looked at the girl and let out a happy sound. "I am kind off trying to get a grasp of where to go..my...well..my partner led us here but didn't seem to have much interest in details.
  3. Griffin quickly turned to the slightly older teen in surprise. she hadn't realized he was there until now. Her gaze went over to the tododile on his shoulder as he began speaking. "I see...I'm guessing you're here to track down this monster too, right? Well, if you wanted to gather more information on this thing, I'd suggest you'd try finding people her to interview, or look to a place for clues, which is what I'm doing." she said, pointing to the ruined store.

    "You're going to do what?!" Bolt cried, almost falling off Griffin's shoulder in disbelief. "What if it collapses in on us!?" "Well, it held up for this long. It should hold up for a bit longer." Griffin pointed out. Bolt looked over at the other trainer and his partner in annoyance. "See what you did? You're encouraging her!" "Bolt stop..." Griffin sighed, rolling her eyes.
  4. He smiled and walked a little closer to actually talk properly. "Well, I guess you don't know as much either then? Mind if I go with you then? It would make it easier for the locals if we asked the questions only once instead of twice, right?" Leigh looked over his shoulder and once the Pikachu spoke up he was surprised when his Totodile quickly gave a bold answer back. "We are not encouraging her! We are helping her to help us find the beast! Don't be so scared!"

    Leigh sighed and smiled at her, "Guess everyone gets along...I'm Leigh, it's nice to meet you." He offered her a hand and walked with her to the building, he was thinking for a moment if it would be better to make sure it was stable instead of just going in, but in the worst case he could get out a pokemon for this, he was fast with his hands and hopefully he'd also grab the right Pokeball.
  5. "Well, I guess it's alright." Griffin answered, shrugging. "I'm Griffin by the way." She added, shaking Leigh's hand before turning back to the practically gutted building.

    She stepped inside, making sure to avoid stepping on any sharp debris. The inside seemed even more chaotic than the outside, if that was possible. Shelves were knocked to the ground, broken merchandise lay everywhere, and only a few ripped bags indicated the presence of food here before it was eaten. "Gosh, this thing really has an appetite." Griffin murmured as she picked up a slashed food bag. "And I bet it will eat us alive if we anger it!" Bolt gulped.
  6. Leigh followed her inside, looking around surprised by the damage the building had taken. "It is quite impressive just how this thing can eat." He muttered as he looked through the different rooms of the building. "You should be careful about where you step. I don't know as much about buildings, but I wouldn't be surprised if this entire building would just fall down, I'd prefer not seeing us fail right here." His eyes looked for something useful, but it seems as if everything that could be useful in any way was either eaten or destroyed.
  7. Griffin nodded as she picked up what had previously been a pokeball. But the hard plastic sphere was broken in, and basically useless.

    "Uh, Griffin..." Bolt said to her. When Griffin glanced curiously to him, the pikachu wordlessly pointed to a pile of debris. A line of cherry red poked out from underneath it. A hair.

    "Oh, thank you Bolt!" Griffin exclaimed in delight. Eagerly she made her way over to it, and crouched down to inspect it. What really struck her about it was its thickness. It was about as thick as embroidery thread. And when Griffin touched it to gently pull it out, she was shocked to find that it was several yards long. Only part of it had been red. The rest of the hair was jet black. She heard Bolt whimper a little on her shoulder. And this time she couldn't really blame him. Just how big was this creature?
  8. Pilt jumped down from Leighs shoulder and for once he realized just how much he was always carrying. "Do you think this entire thing comes from that monster?" The totodile asked, looking up to Bolt. It seemed crazy to assume such a thing. Leigh walked to them and grabbed some part of the hair and it quickly just broke into two haves. He sighed, "It feels more like a needle on the black side." He let out as he looked over it, curiously inspecting the hair of the being that had probably destroyed this place.

    Pilt ran to another part of the house and brought something even more surprising. Yet another hair, but this one was entirely red. It seemed somewhat fluffy. "There is a bit of it here...it is also a bit wet..maybe like some cat that was throwing out a ball or something." He suggested as he made Leigh follow him to see it, it certainly looked like a giant one of those things a cat would leave behind.
  9. "Ew..." Both Griffin and Bolt said after they followed Leigh and Pilt to look at the hairball. It was pretty gross, but Griffin was glad to find some good info in here. Taking out a spiral-bound notebook, she began writing things down.

    "Red and black hair...makes hairballs must have claws." She muttered. So was it a feline-like pokemon? She didn't have enough info to confirm it yet. After a quick search around the rest of the place, she concluded there weren't any other clues. "Well, I guess we're done here..." She said. "Finally!" Bolt exclaimed. He had been edgy all this time, afraid they'd get buried if the place decided to collapse on top of them.
  10. Leigh chuckled at their reaction, though Pilt was rather happy someone found this as disgusting. "I'd guess since we are done we better get out of here as soon as possible. I don't want to see myself buried." Pilt complained and quickly dragged Leigh out of the place.

    Leigh sighed and gave it another look. "Something this huge...I have no clue what to expect honestly. I can't imagine it to be very fast, but if it is a feline-like pokemon, it might just be really fast, or just really fat, considering the food this thing eats." He tried to figure out what would be the case. "I guess we just need some more information, or do you know more about it already?"
  11. "It's probably best to get more info." Griffin replied as she came out with Leigh. "If there is more. They were kind of vague on the details in the notice."

    Griffin glanced at Leigh as she started putting her notebook away. "What are you in the hunt for anyways?"

    "You have a death wish?" Bolt guessed. Griffin rolled her us upwards. "Just ignore him..."
  12. Pilt jumped towards Bolt at that statement, "Death wish? Do you have one? Because I feel like all you did so far was cry about how this was so bad! Why don't you leave if..." Leigh picked Pilt up, "You better don't yell at anyone Pilt. You are in no position to yell ever."

    Giving a look at Griffin he tried to put a smile on, "Just curiousity I guess? I want to see what I can get from doing this, I don't care much about the money. What about you?"
  13. Griffin quickly placed a hand over Bolt's mouth before the angry pikachu could start spewing insults. "Do you want to go back in your pokeball?" she asked, glaring at him. Since he really didn't like being in his pokeball, the threat shut Bolt up immediately.

    Griffin sighed as she removed her hand, and looked back at Leigh. "I'm not interested in the money either. I just want to know the truth about this, and whether I can help this city somehow." she answered, starting to walk down the street as she spoke. Glancing around at the abandoned buildings, so noticed one of them was a hotel. Seeing it made her wonder about finding a place to stay. She still had to ask around about this monster, but eventually she would have to find a place to sleep. Would there be any hotels open to use? If not, she would just have to find an abandoned building to stay in.
  14. Seeing how she reacted to the money he smiled, he was glad it seemed that easy to get along with her. Her eyes on the hotel were something he could easily fix for her, she probably hadn't thought of where to stay. "If you need a place to stay, my family, well accurately my grandma owns a house here. it is a bit more well positioned and we wake a bit to get there, but the monster seemingly doesn't go into the water since it never left the island. It is a small island with the house, we could go there every evening and be safe at least. if that sounds any good to you." Leigh explained, the house was obviously rather huge and expensive, but it was cleaned recently and they'd also have a place to go to if they needed to plan, it was also not as pressuring on the financial situation.
  15. Griffin blinked a few times at Leigh's sudden offer. "Are you serious? You'd do that?" She rubbed the back of her head. "That's very nice of you. Thanks!" She continued. Bolt looked relieved. The part about being safe from the monster sounded good to him.

    As they walked along, Griffin then spied a group of eeveelutions milling around one of the abandoned buildings. It suddenly occurred to the trainer that the pokemon might know something too. So she approached a leafeon. "Excuse me, I was wondering if you could help us--"

    Griffin didn't get any farther, for the leafeon squealed in surprise and quickly backpedaled, along with most of the other eeveelutions. One of the ones that didn't back off was a flareon, who glared suspiciously. "We don't need any more humans trying to catch us!" He barked.

    "Oh no, I don't want to do that!" Griffin exclaimed. She hadn't considered the fact that other trainers might have been trying to catch them. No wonder they were so suspicious. "I already have a full team!" She assured them. The Flareon's gaze traveled from her to Leigh. "What about him?"