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  1. I have seen many a pokemon roleplay fizzle out because they haven't been executed properly. So this time I thought to take the reins into my own hands and make a group roleplay in the pokemon universe! We can flesh it out some more but:
    I think we can either be in one region [preferably Kalos] or have all regions, and we can have people play as pokemon perhaps and gym leaders. :3
    I'm not entirely sure, but I would really love to see this play out!
  2. I'm all for anything Pokemon, and I wanna see how this goes, so sign me up!
  3. Yay! Awesome! I would like a few extra people although :3
  4. I'm interested Pokemon is always fun. And I'm still learning many of the new pokemon.
  5. I'm totally in!
  7. Awesome I'll create the OOC soon. :)
  8. I'd like to join in too if I may.
    I love the pokemon anime and I have several original characters that I made. My avatar pic is of one of my original characters.
  9. If you'll have me I'd love to join, I love pokemon x3 I have quite a lot of original characters as well :3
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.