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  1. Hello there! I personally quite like the board games section and I'm back with another contribution~

    So this game is very simple. Essentially you look at the person above and say what type of pokemon they would train (you know, fire, ice, grass, ghost, ect.)! You can use anything to base your response off of, be it the persons profile picture, signature, or you can even look over their profile!

    Hopefully I've caught some interest. Anyways, lets get started! :D

    **EDIT: I noticed some confusion regarding what I meant by 'pokemon trainer type' and I thought I'd try and clear that up some.

    What I meant by 'trainer type' is the type of pokemon you believe the person above would specialize in using if they were a pokemon trainer. Examples: Fire, dark, flying/normal, ect.

    I did not mean the actual trainer class that they would be in, as that may limit things or cause confusion in the case of trainers that don't actually have specific types attributed to them. Examples: Bug catcher, cool/ace trainer, youngster, ect.

    Hopefully that cleared things up a little! I do apologize for the confusion, though.
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  2. Going by the avatar: Poison/Dark types.
  3. Fighting type
  4. Poison/Grass
  5. Fire, and there would be a Vulpix in your team. Is that fire type? I've never played pokemon and it's been a long time since I watched the anime xD
  6. Dark type.

    I've never been a fan of Fighting type unless it was combined with something else.
  7. Dark/Psychic type
  8. Uh...
    Dragon Type.
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  9. I love dragon types!

    Electric types
  10. I like Dragon as well.

    Dragon still.
  11. Steel/Fairy.
  12. Steel type for sure! ^^
  13. Fairy type!
  14. I'd say Fairy.
  15. Psycho- err, PsychIC type.
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  16. Psychic or Fairy
  17. Dark, Ghost or Steel.
  18. Dark and Grass.
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