Pokemon Tournament/Romance RP, you interested?

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  1. Hey guys!

    I'm dying to play a pokemon RP! I hope someone out there is feeling the same! Ok, so here is my idea:

    Emberlynn Sparks is a Tournament Junkie. She loves pokemon tournaments more than she loves fighting gym battles. And when she enters this tournament, she gets more than she bargained for. She meets a handsome young trainer who catches her eye. Will she have to fight him in the upcoming tournament battles? Can she even befriend the guy? She doesn't know, but she was sure of one thing. She wasn't about to give in to defeat...even if it meant fighting that handsome young trainer.

    Obviously this is going to be femalexmale and a pokemon battle RP. I've combined both to make it irrisistable...well...it sounds irrisistable to me....Anyway, PM me if you are interested. Oh and FYI, you get to pick your own pokemon. Just to make that clear. I would prefer to play Emberlynn since she is my Pokemon OC if you don't mind playing a male character. I just want someone to RP Pokemon with! So hit me up if your interested!
  2. I haven't rp'd pokemon in a long time, but I'll certainly give it a try! I'm fine with being the male character too~
  3. You are so awesome! Thank you! I shall get it started then! I'll PM you the link!
  4. Drats ;; Sounded like something I wouldn't mind. Although in romance I prefer FXF but still..a pokemon rp in genereal would be so awesome @_@
  5. I don't mind having 2 going if your still up for it! The more the merrier!