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  1. Jodi wasn't typically a morning person. The sun was too bright and the air was too cold. She would much rather stay curled up under the covers for a least a few more hours and enjoy her much-valued sleep while she could. But then as she laid there she always remembered that she wasn't in her own bed back in her hometown of Lumiose. She was out, living her dream. She was out on an adventure, she was becoming a Pokemon master.
    It was great in thought. Jodi had always been the adventurous sort, leaving home when she was little to roam the big city she lived in. But regardless of this, she missed Lumiose City dearly.
    Now she's in Viridian city, Kanto region, and she was missing home badly, even if she knew she'd forget that problem as soon as she was up and at 'em.
  2. Dominique loved cold mornings more than she likely should. Nobody was out yet, the city was nice and quiet, and it reminded her a lot of home, where it snowed almost year round. Of course, the cold anywhere else never seemed to compare, but it was at least a small comfort.
    She wasn't sure why she had left home in the first place. Younger, and rather naivee, she had thought training to be a pokemon trainer would be the best step to becoming a Pokemon professor. Maybe it was. She really wasn't sure, but as long as she was learning and finding new kinds of pokemon, she supposed it was alright.
    Currently, she was jogging through the city, trying to see if she could spot anything interesting. She would leave soon, having learned all she could here, but it didn't hurt to explore just a little more.
  3. Tossing the covers off her body and throwing her legs over the side of the bed, she let out a small sigh. She always felt so sluggish in the morning and she had no idea how people who were up and about at all times could do it. She groggily reached over the nightstand to grab her glasses and place them on her face.
    A quiet noise from the end of the bed drew her attention towards a curled up mess of blue blankets and red fuzz. A soft smile found itself on her face as she watched Vulpix yawn, before standing up and stretching. The red mess of fur trotted her way over to the blond, nuzzling her arm in an unspoken good morning. Jodi giggled and pet her beloved Pokemon's head before standing. It a second for her to find her balance before she hobbled over to her bag, stuffed with everything she'd need on her journey, and pulled out her planned outfit for the day.
    She heard Vulpix's tiny paws thud against the cold wood floor as she shuffled into the bathroom to get ready for the day. When she emerged from said room her the blond mess on her head had been smoothed down and tidied, makeup renewed, and breath minty fresh. ready for the day, she grabbed her bag, threw it over her shoulder, and ushered Vulpix out of the room.
  4. Dominique was just about ready to turn and go train her pokemom for contests for the rest of the day, when she spotted someone exiting a room with... A vulpix?
    If she had an actual heart, it probably would have skipped a beat. She hasn't yet seen a vulpix, and it was absolutely beautiful. Was there a way to approach the trainer and ask for permission to get a closer look?
    There likely was, but.... Dominque couldn't think of anything casual to say to lead to that. She decided to go with the straightforward approach, and waved at the girl, shouting a "hello!"
  5. Jodi jumped, startled by the sudden outburst. She turned to the source of the voice and smiled brightly at the girl, returning the wave with one of her own.
    "Hello!" She said in much lower, but still upbeat voice as she closed the door to her old room behind her. Despite not being a morning person, she was definitely a people person so a stranger approaching her was, while yes, very surprising, it was a pleasant surprise.
    She grabbed the strap of her shoulder bag and began walking towards the stranger, Vulpix trotting happily beside her.
  6. Dominique grinned, her hands tucked into her pockets. "Couldn't help but notice you had a Volpix. Never seen one, and I've been around quite a few places." Her Vanillite, who had hidden behind her, now emerged, studying Jodi for a moment before happily circling her and her Volpix. Dominique chuckled at that. "And it looks like Vanillite hadn't seen a Vulpix, either."
  7. Jodi giggled as she watched Vanillite circle around Vulpix, who yipped happily. She seemed quite excited at the appearance of a new Pokemon. Jodi turned from the two Pokemon to look up at the stranger, her happy smile matching her Pokemon's. She quickly readjusted her glasses so they sat back on the bridge of her nose before she spoke.
    "Yeah? I hear they're pretty rare. I was given her when she was just an egg, so I'm a lucky one I suppose."
    With that same soft smile, she looked back down at Vulpix, who attempted to approach Vanillite, as memory's of home and meeting Vulpix for the first time flooded Jodi's mind.
  8. "Very lucky. She looks pretty healthy, too." Dominique noted, a small hint of pride in her voice directed towards Jodi. She liked running into people who cared well for their Pokemon. "Well, where are my manners? Well, I don't really... Have any, but I'll try to be polite for politenesses sake. I'm Dominique, though most just call me Domi. And you are?"
  9. She looked at the girl once more, laughing softly at the comment she made towards herself
    "I'm Jodi." She said, extending her hand towards the girl, offering it to shake. "It's very nice to meet you." She added sincerely as she pushed her glasses up once again with her unused hand.
  10. Dominique grinned, and shook her hand. Her grip was strong and confident, much how she seemed to be. "Well, Jodi, nice to meet you too. Mind if I call you JJ? I try to give nicknames to people I meet that I think seem adorable so far. Its an awful lot of fun." She let go of her hand with a laugh. Dominique had never been one to stay quiet in a certain subject, or to hesitate in saying exactly what she thought.
  11. Jodi let her hand fall to her side before grabbing the strap of her bag once again, it was just a habit of hers by now. She felt her face get hot as her new friend deemed her 'adorable', and smiled shyly.
    "My name's short as it is, I've never had a nickname before." She said, thinking about the newly given nickname by the person she'd known not even five minutes."I kinda like it." She added with a toothy smile.
  12. "I'm glad you do! You look like a JJ. It would've been sad if I couldn't call you that." She smiled, putting her hands back in her pockets. "So are you a Pokemon trainer? I can never tell right away, even though I'm one."
  13. Jodi leaned down and picked up Vulpix, holding her gently in her arms as she pet the fox Pokemon's warm fur.
    "I sure am!" She said as Vulpix licked her cheek. You could tell the way she said it, the way she held her head high, she was proud of it, proud of being a trainer. Pokemon training is her life, and she couldn't have chosen anything better.
  14. It always facinated Dominique, finding people so completely passionate about training pokemon, getting out there, doing what they loved. And even more facinating was when that trait seemed to pass down into their Pokemon.
    Not that it didn't happen with her and contests. But seeing it in others seemed something completely... Amazing. "I'm almost tempted to challenge you to a battle. Bit early, though. Have you had breakfast yet?"
  15. Jodi chuckled. She had completely forgotten the grumbling in her stomach. She thought the little cafe in town, which she would've gone had she not been stopped.
    "Good thing you aren't, I'm way too tired to battle right now."Vulpix and I just rolled out of bed not ten minutes ago,so no breakfast yet. We were just headed to that cafe a little bit away, would you like you come with?"
  16. "Well, I can't turn down going to a cafe early in the morning, now can I? I don't think I've been to one here yet." She said with a chuckle. Vanillite was starting to become bored, circling around Dominique and Jodi. "Aaaand a change of location might cure Vanillite of restlessness. After you, ma'am?"
  17. "of course" Jodi said with a smile, looking down at the impatient Vanillite, before nodding and heading for the road, ushering Dominique to follow. "The food here is pretty good, I had some last night." She informed, looking back at the girl she spoke to.
  18. "Sounds good. I'll be honest, I'll eat most things if they're edible." She chuckled, following Jodi. Dominique hadn't actually expected Jodi to go along with this, if she was honest. Dominique knew she wouldn't agree to something with someone she had just met. It was adorable, really. But it meant she was at a bit of a loss on what to say. She settled for a bit of an icebreaker. "So, do you know how to play twenty questions?"
  19. "Hm? Twenty questions?" She tilted her head and let out a little laugh. The question had just come out of nowhere. Twenty questions is one of those things you don't ask to play unless you run out of topics for discussion and start to feel awkward. "Of course. It's pretty a self-explanatory game."
  20. "Had to explain it to my cousin once. It was terrifying. Not always self explanitory, you know." She grinned. JJ's laugh was also adorable. The girl herself was adorable in general, from what she could tell. "Well, would you like to play?"

    (And what I always love about Dominique's character is that all these thoughts about someone being adorable are completely platonic she has literally no thought of romantic intentions almost ever)
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