Pokémon: The Sunlight Wars

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  1. Pokémon: The Sunlight Wars

    As the feudal Pokémon world devolves into conflict centered around each regions pantheon, a group of heroes rise up to stop the fighting.

    Kanto lies in a panic as the Mother cult and the Order of the Three fight inside their own region. It's sister region, Johto, is banding together to fight other regions harmoniously, as the Temple of Storm and Followers of Fire complement each other in battle. Johto's final cult sits dormant in its forests, deep away from the commoners of the land.

    Hoen has ended an ongoing civil war in order to better defend itself from the oncoming global war. While the lands Landmass Church and Seasalt Church no longer fight, they do not work with or even respect each other. Meanwhile, the Titan Worshippers grow in number in various pockets of the region. On the Island far to the east in Hoen live the Eon children, who are happily ignorant of the outside world.

    Sinnoh has been making moves towards its neighbors for decades, despite the attempts being failures, they still flourish. Its pantheon is perfectly harmonized with gods of space, time, and creation to worship, and spirits of the lakes to seek guidance from. There are small followings that pop up inside the region, but none as prevelant or respected as the Nationhood of Arceus.

    Unova remains a nation of constant debate, never being able to take its sights off of its ideals, but being too set in what they believe to be a realistic mindset to reach out and grab what they want. A third party is rising in the land far from the rest, and it seeks to bring balance to Unova's bickering inhabitants.

    Finally, the land most blamed for the disruption: Kalos. It's culture has always been a troubling one, It's beliefs centered around death and new life have been cause for fearless warriors, which leads to bloody wars. It's. King has distanced himself from his people since the death of his beloved Pokemon, rumor has it that he's building something blasphemous.

    But there are whispers from far away, even further than Unova. Whispers of something coming, for the first time in nearly a century, Alola has opened itself up to the world.

    This is an RP that I've wanted to do for a while that I finally decided to start up thanks to my bud @Crow, birds of a feather, I guess. Crow launched a similar RP set in a feudal-ish setting in The Pokemon world that I was a part of, unfortunately it went and died. I liked the concept so I put my own spin on a medieval Pokemon world and this was the result.

    The story will be centered around a group of heroes that rise up from their factions to save the world from tearing itself apart through a massive war. Each region has at least two factions that the player can be a part of or join during the story, with each faction worshiping a different legendary or group of legendaries. Alternatively the player could choose to not worship any legendary, although that player would be treated worse by NPC's. Oh, and adult language and themes are allowed, so be aware of that.

    You may have also noticed that there are way more legendaries than there are religions listed, this could either be because those legendaries don't exist yet (like the legendary beasts), because the following is too small to be acknowledged (The swords of justice, Heatran, cresselia, etc), or finally because the factions are unjoinable for plot reasons.

    I don't have a limit for the amount of Players that can partake in the RP and players can join at any time in the story that they'd like to, however, I want at least six before I launch the OOC. More in depth rules, faction relations, region relations, and plot synopsis will be included in the OOC.

    Please respond to this thread if you are interested in taking part in this story or have any questions.
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  2. My fancy has been caught.
  3. I'm interested. Seems like something that'll be fun
  4. Great, I have another person coming, if either of you can invite any friends then we'll have six.
  5. I'm attempting to lure @Solgaleo in. He's looking for a Pokemon RP to join before SuMo.
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  6. Interested for sure.
  7. Thanks, @Crow ! I'm definitely interested!
  8. Is this still looking for people? I have a great pokemon OC I could use here. :)
  9. Absolutely @The Succubi Queen, of course, character sheets and other questions will be handled in the OOC. Speaking of the OOC, I think we have enough people now, I'll get to work on it and post a link here when it's done, see you guys soon!
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  10. Want to throw in a few Alola mons? I was thinking of a character with a Wishiwashi and Tynamo.

    Good to hear that we're starting soon.
  11. @Crow, there'll be alolan mons there, you just can't start off with em.

    Sorry this took so long, guys. Here ya go, a link to the OOC, post character sheets and any questions you have over there.
  12. No Wishiwashi then. Guess I'll start with Tynamo and Inkay then.
  13. [​IMG]


    @Red crow

    Can I use these as justification for using Tynamo and Skrelp in Hoenn?

    In addition to my above statement, are Fossil 'mons allowed or are they as banned as Synthetic 'mons?

    Kind of going for an 'Aquatic but not Water-Type' team here. And the Hoenn fossilmons happen to fit that motif pretty well.
  14. I'll allow it. Though you'll be seen as somewhat of an oddity by Hoenn natives.
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