Pokemon: The Rise of Team Rocket

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Salih was hell bent on breaking down that door, having conveniently forgotten the fact Reis never locked it. She had one fist raised and was about to tell Fiore her Forretress to use tackle when Reis appeared. She and Fiore blinked and then she lowered her fist. "Oh, fine. But hurry the hell up! We have to get there before we're left standing at the docks! Come on, Fiore ..." She turned and marched away, followed by the Bug-Steel Pokemon, picking up her suitcases and disappearing.

Men! He was going to give her a lecture on doing things and yet HE was going to be the reason they were late! She would much rather be sunning on deck and enjoying herself than hanging around here! He never took her anywhere fancy! She found her Pokemon below in the Gym and called them to her, pulling out their Pokeballs. "Alright, everyone! Let's get going!"




"Zzzz ... Magnet ..."


"Skrreee skrree!!"
Reis stripped quickly not even bothering to close the door again, Salih was downstairs and wouldn't be up again. unless he took too long. A quick shower and getting dressed in the gym's uniform, the last step was picking to the belt the held the pokeball clips with the balls nestled snugly. "Mine!." he called happily as his Mr. Mine peeked in "You ready?" The pokemon nodded "Mine."

He pulled on the handle of the suitcase and pulled it on its wheels until they got to the stairs. "Ok Igor, lets slide!.' he said as the pokemon jumped tdown the stairs miming a surfer making an invisible wall sloping parallel to the stairs that Reis jumped onto pulling the suitcase along too. At the bottom Igor maintained the wall until Ries was off the staircese and catching up with Salih.

"Hey wait up!" he called the wheels of his suitcase loud on the wooden training floor. "Salih I'm up."
"Well, that would explain why it's so beautiful then, you obviously put a lot of work into making it look that way. And yeah, I'm starving! I haven't eaten anything all day, I was too excited for this trip!" Daniel said amiably, smiling as he noticed her checking out his quilava, a smile on her lips, obviously liking the way his looked. He hadn't spent 5 minutes on this boat, and already he was talking with someone and going to eat with them. But Daniel always had a knack for making friends wherever he was, and this was no different.

As they headed over to the food court where most of the dining took place, Daniel decided to make conversation, "So, is that Ninetales your only pokemon, or do you have others with you? If so, I'd love to see them." Daniel could tell that she was pretty strong. If she had more than one pokemon, she'd win easily. However, if it was just his Quilava versus her Ninetales, then it'd be a close match. Daniel wasn't the best at appraising how equal to pokemon were, but to him it looked like the match would be fairly even.

[size=+1]"Hey man, I know you know who you are but..You're Ken Hochalter!"

The mention of his name, made him focus harder on the boy who'd began talking to him.

"Sorry about all the excitement, I just didn't think to expect to actually ever meet you, you're a hell of a fighter man. Oh, my name is Ben and this is Stan."

"Ah, I can't have been that good. You saw my last match didn't ya? I didn't do myself too proud in that one." Ken said with a smirk, and took another drink from his beer. "Nice to meet ya, dude. I see stan there ain't as impressed, ha!" Ken pulled an earbud out of his ear as Ben seemed to be leaving.

"Uh, well, sorry to disturb you, just wanted to say 'Ken Hochalter!?' and it was a pleasure meeting you and I hope you enjoy the cruise and stuff. See ya around."

"Like wise, dude. Take it easy, n' all that jazz." Ken said nodding his head to Ben, and finished his beer.[/size]

Aurelia Hikariko

Aurelia giggled as Grey called her pokemon 'rambunctious little tykes' and Pichu gladly snuggled in Grey's embrace. Ringo played with Crystal while Grey spoke. Aurelia watched him; seeing the great gym leader of Cinnabar Island. Even though Grey was thinking of the one time she'd watched him lose, Aurelia was thinking of how amazing his pokemon and his strategies in battle were.

"Yup!" She grinned, striking a pose, "I'm getting better! Just you wait, I'll beat you, too!" she challenged cheerfully. She knew she probably didn't stand a chance against Grey, but did have one thing on him. She'd watched his battles a lot, she knew his style; that was as big a bluff as any, but Aurelia loved to tease people into laughter. She listened to his advice and looked from her Pichu to her Teddiursa, her cheeks puffed in annoyance at what he was saying.

"No! If they evolve, they won't be cute anymore! If they grow up, I'll have to be all grown up, too" She said it as if it were one of the things she dreaded the most, sticking her tongue out to express her distate at the thought. She watched Grey, smiling as he returned Pichu to her it's spot on her shoulder and pet his beautiful ninetails. It always made her breathe in awe; Crystal was one of the most beautiful ninetails she'd ever seen. She was interrupted as Shakira and her pokemon quickly rushed by. Aurelia blinked in surprise, wondering if the girl had misunderstood something. She looked back to Grey with a grin, her enthusiasm shining brightly.

"Well at least you have to admit I'm better now because I made it on here" Aurelia told him brightly. Pichuu-chan agreed with a squeal, balancing on it's tail as it took up it's spot on Aurelia's shoulder. "And you never know I might beat you. I've been watching you battle, haven't I?" She giggled, bending down so that she was on eye level with his ninetails. "Uwaa... Cute pokemon are one thing, but Crystal is just ah-mazing!"

She looked up at Grey as he asked where she was headed and shrugged. "I wanted to look around, but Pichuu-chan started to get hyper and I guess Ringo-chan sensed that Crystal was here, so we came chasing her down this hall and found you~ Tadaa," She spread her arms out in a swooping motion in pretend fun. Ringo waddled over to it's owner, copying her actions by spreading her arms out as well. They were like a team of trouble-makers, these three.

Aurelia got up and looked around, "Are you going to battle? I want to watch. Everyone will be so excited to see the Cinnabar gym leader," she looked at him excitedly and tapped her cheek with her finger, "I'd challenge someone, but I'm afraid that if I use Aoi-kun for battle, he might just jump overboard when he sees the ocean." she sweatdropped at the image that appeared in her mind at that thought. Her squirtle was just as energetic as these two. It was a surprise he hadn't come jumping out of his pokeball yet.

"Ah! I'm so silly." she wrinkled her nose and giggled, "Were you headed somewhere? Sorry if we interrupted you." Then, Aurelia spotted a Eve coming up to play with Ringo-chan. As shy as she usually was with pokemon she didn't know, Aurelia's teddiursa poked the Eve's nose and then scrambled to hide behind her trainer's legs. Aurelia, turned, smiling, "Ringo-chan~ It's an adorable Eve! I'm sure she's nice, come on, say hello..." she took Ringo by the paw and gently tugged her towards the Eve, whose trainer had just arrived. At the sound of his voice, Aurelia looked up, her eyes wide.

"Ah! It's Mr. Viridian Gym Leader!" she exclaimed excitedly. She stood up, ushering Ringo-chan in front of her, but the Teddiursa only took a single step before the Eve and tapped it's own cheek quietly. Aurelia, eyes sparkling, looked over at Grey. Two gym leaders and so fast! Pichuu-chan, we're so lucky! I wonder if they'll battle? I wonder how many other gym leaders we'll meet today! I feel so lucky! As if understanding her trainer's emotions, her pichu, how had been balancing on her shoulder on it's tail, jumped onto her head, twirled around, squealed and took a leap to her other shoulder. When teddiursa refused to make friends with the Eve, Aurelia's pichu jumped to the floor and shook it's paw cheerfully. "Pichu! Pichu!" It took the Eve, sticking it's tongue out at teddiura teasingly.
Verity wasn't originally planning to spend this trip talking to many people, but this guy wasn't so bad, he was flattering, even. As they walked through the food court she spotted a little cafe-like shop with tables and chairs outside. "Oh, here is perfect!" She sat down before answering his question. "I have two others with me now, and I suppose there's no harm in letting them out now." She said before pulling the two pokeballs from the scrabs on her belt.

"I have to warn you though, my Haunter can be a little too friendly at times~," holding the pokeballs out, they opened and a Houndour and Haunter materialized from the red light. The rather grouchy looking Houndour sat by the legs of her chair. She wasn't suprised by his behavior, he was a nocturnal pokemon, afterall. Haunter took an interest in the trainer right away, disappearing and reappearing behind him, "Haauunter!"
Well he was a nice buy, maybe they'd hang out sometime on the ship, Ben thought to himself as he went get himself and Stan something to eat. He wondered how fast that Hitmonlee was, and how strong the Hitmonchan was. Maybe he'd find out later. Anyway, now it was time to eat. "You hungry Stanley" Stan responded with a more animated grunt. "Lets eat then." Ben walked into the cafe as there was a flash of light. "Hey some one let out their pokemon, lets go take a lo-" Ben stopped short, his breathing stopped, and his eyes grew wide. It was a ghost, there was a Haunter. Ben felt dizzy and nauseated. Stan was concerned, he hopped down and prodded Ben back out of the cafe. Ben was shaking and he was covered in goosebumps. Stan guided him to a bench and shakily Ben sat down. But fight jumped up and gripped his heart, and he ran, far from the Haunter, to the opposite end of the boat, leaning over the rail and gasping for breath. Stan, meanwhile, stayed behind, regarding the cafe with fury. A vein popped out of the Mankey's forehead as he stomped into the cafe. No one noticed him because he wasn't very noticeable. Stan spotted the Haunter and was flying through the air an instant later, swiping with furious claws. But of course it's a ghost type pokemon.

Stan's attack had failed, which further infuriated the thing. It leaped and swiped and kicked to no avail. The Mankey was furious and snorted hot air through his nostrils. Continuing to try and do some damage to this ghost, this fiend that had frightened Ben so badly.
"That I am Miss." Alex said a smile beaming on his face. His Eevee playfully mewed at the Teddiursa who had not followed the Pichu's example. "But feel free to call me Alex after all I was a trainer like everyone here once. So how goes the Leader life for you though, Grey?" Alex's inquiry was cut short by an apparent rampaging Mankey making futile attempts at attacking a recently released Haunter. "Sorry but excuse me for a sec. Eve with me." The cute Eevee could feel the emotions in his words and knew he was being serious. She gave one more shout of her name to the others before taking to her master's side. Approaching the scene the Mankey didn't shift its attention from the Haunter. It seemed to be well trained on focusing on the matter at hand. "Get his attention Eve, Quick Attack." Eevee nodded and took off like lightning and smashed into the Mankey. "No unscheduled fights outside the battle arena. Please read the rules before coming aboard." Alex said not noticing Stan's trainer was half way across the ship.

Iggy wasn't paying attention as his roommate entered the cabin. Within the first second Iggy could already tell his specialty, bug catcher. His pokemon seemed well behaved enough so Iggy wasn't immediately worried but with two bright flashed of red Ai and Kago returned, just in case they were hungry for a buggy snack.

"So who are you? Do you like bugs?" The catcher asked to which Iggy nodded, he couldn't really say anything but he didn't feel threatened at least not yet. With a meek smile and another flash of red her returned Tsuji and picked up Tsunku.

"I'll be outside while you settle in. My name is Iggy by the way." Iggy said quietly, cradling Tsunku as he stepped out and headed to the pool and gift shops. If I remember correctly Big Sister liked to play outside and in the water so the pool would be a good place to begin to look for her... He thought as he stepped out into the sunny day, Tsunku stretching in his arms happily to have the sun shining on him. "Tor! Torchic toooor!" He chirped happily, bringing a smile to Iggy's face.
Daniel gasped as Verity released her two other pokemon. The first one that Daniel saw was the Houndour. Seemingly annoyed that it had been called out while still during the day, it quickly went to Verity's feet, laying down and resting, obviously not interested in him. The other pokemon, Haunter, quickly disappeared, before appearing behind him, crying out as if to scare him. Daniel laughed at the Haunter's silly antics, it obviously not perturbed by the daylight that surrounded them.

However, out of nowhere a Mankey appeared and began to swipe at Haunter ferociously. Knowing Mankey's general nature, Daniel looked to see if there was a nearby trainer that was controlling it. Upon finding none, he decided to move into action. "Quilava! Use Flame Wheel!" Daniel commanded to Quilava. Quilava immediately sprung into action, as if he had been waiting upon his order the entire time, and quickly rolled towards the Mankey, the flames on his back extending to create a wheel of fire as he headed towards the attacking Mankey.
Stan was knocked onto a table where it raged only for an instant before hurling dishes and cups and silverware at the assaulting Evee. When Stan ran out of things to throw he screeched in more rage and blurred with speed as it shot toward the Evee, punching, kicking, swiping and thrashing.

Ben was leaning over the rail at the other end of the boat, taking deep breaths. It didn't take him long to realize he had forgot something. Stan. Looking around he didn't see his Mankey. If he wasn't with him then he would be some where else, and with it's temper he'd be raging and doing something stupid. He was at the cafe, Ben knew, he dreaded going back but he had to. Ben started running.

Stan felt the heat coming from behind him. Deftly he threw himself to the side, trying to make the Evee take the attack. Regaining himself Stan flew straight at the Quilava with a full force karate chop in mind.

Ben ran in through the cafe doors nearly out of breath. "Stanley!" he summoned the furious creature back to the pokeball, it's attack halted. Ben looked at the pokeball and put it in his pocket. "I-I'm so sorry every one, just a misunderstanding. I'll be returning to my room now, sorry for the disturbance everyone." Before he turned away he glanced at the Haunter and shuddered, then he very quickly made his way back to his room.
A hand is placed on Ben's back. "...You... didn't kill anyone." With a soft pat, the monotone voice of Chloe ended just as it started, red zubat rustling it's wings upon her left shoulder. "...Your Pokemon... is... very loyal... to you." She commented, clothes rustling somewhat - though there was no wind. Her gaze looked up towards the Haunter in the distance... possibly catching it's eye for a moment.

For a brief moment, her mind was fourfold, before she turned from the scene, her scarf whipping as she walked back into solitude. The zubat seemed to chitter something in her ear, and she nodded to herself. "Fighting, fighting... oh, I wonder what... it's like in the brig? It must be... horrible..." She smiles. "...Small... confined space... the rocking of the ocean... noises... but no one to talk to... must be like... a human pokeball..."

The zubat screeched quietly. "...Oh... well... that's too bad... a horribly... confined space... would be a lot scarier..." Her smile drops slightly, but still stays relatively happy at the thought.
Grey straightened his back a little, trying to look more professional as he and Aurelia were joined by another gym leader, who confirmed Grey's thoughts on who he was. Alex, how could he have forgotten. Mister hotshot.... Grey kept himself from glowering but barely. When he had turned away, Grey pulled Crystal to him. She licked his face one, trying to figure out what the matter was. At his side, the handcrafted ball he had made for Nova shook. All of his pokemon could sense his agitation.

Grey patted Aurelia on the head. "I was going down to find food, I think, if you want to come with..." he tilted his head a little, watching Alex police the hall. Mister Goody Two Shoes show off... "I'm feeling a little hungry and I'd like to find something nice for Crys". Grey stroked Crystal's fur and got down on one knee to cuddle and pet her for a moment. He didn't know what about Alex irked him so much, except his whole attitude was so ...self-righteous and preachy. Grey shook it off, the man was nice enough, he told himself. Get along with him, it will be fine...
Verity could only stare, looking a tad annoyed. Everything suddenly went crazy. Maybe bringing Haunter out the pokeball wasn't such a great idea, because someones crazy Mankey was trying to attack it, and failing because such normal attacks were useless against a ghost pokemon. And Haunter was dancing around and laughing (she assumed it was laughing), clearly, he thought it was a game. Everything was a game with Haunter. Houndour was growling at the Mankey, and Venus, well, she rarely looked anything but calm. This was no exception.

She watched the little battle up until the Mankey's owner finally returned it to its pokeball. She wasn't so annoyed by then because she saw three interesting things: Her acquaintance's quick thinking pokemon skills, and the Viridian City Gym Leader himself. This interested her because he was the one who took Giovanni's place, also... he looked so dreamy and cool with those shades~! The other interesting thing she spotted was perched on the shoulder of some creepy girl. A red zubat, and it seemed larger than the average zubat too. Oh~ how rare it must be! Verity would surely mention it in her report.

Her Haunter was back at her side suddenly. Apparently everything had calmed back down, it seemed. "See the trouble you cause!" She shook her head, "I suppose its not your fault, ghost pokemon tend to freak people out naturally~."
Some one was talking to him, to Ben, he looked at the girl. So morbid looking. But, Ben listened to what she was saying about Stan and after a second of thought, he smiled. He was proud of Stan even though he got into a fight he couldn't possibly win, fighting a ghost because Ben had been frightened. He felt more love for his pokemon than he ever though he could. He looked up at the morose girl, sure she was really creepy and a bit of a downer, but she actually kinda helped. "Thank you" he said to her, turning away and walking out to the deck.

Ben decided he was still hungry, so he went to another food place on the ship and grabbed a bunch of food and walked back out into the air. Scooting a couple chairs near to the rail he brought out Stan. "I'm starving, you probably are too after that ruckus you caused." Stan gave Ben a look, wondering if he would be confined to the pokeball from this point on. "Nah, you're alright. You didn't get hurt or anything did ya?" Stan seemed to scoff at Ben, a snorting kind of sound as if to say "Please." Ben tossed Stan a bag of food and they began to eat in relative silence. "Thanks, man" Ben said. Stan nodded in response. To anyone else watching they probably would have thought it a casual exchange, but it was a much deeper bonding moment for them. They ate on, Ben making comments to Stan about the pretty ladies he'd spot walking by. Stan grunting unimpressed and occasionaly emitting jovial screeches and hoots at a joke or two.

Aurelia Hikariko

Aurelia had been thinking something was weird about the way Grey's attitude changed in the Virdian Gym Leader's presence. She shrugged it off as some kind of rivalry and huffed her cheeks with a sigh. Guess I'm just a little kid, then. She thought as he patted her head, but smiled brightly at him anyway. Pichu danced over to nuzzle Crystal with it's cheek and return to Aurelia's shoulder while she wondered if her pokemon were hungry. They'd already had breakfast though, so Aurelia figured she could do something else and let Grey and Crystal head over to eat. She smiled as she shook her head,"Nah, it's okay," she answered cheerfully, tilting her head to one side as Grey explained. He seemed a little...distracted? She figured he was really hungry, then. She grinned, "Make sure you don't eat all the food on the ship!" she exclaimed with a giggle, pulling a pokeball out of her messenger and releasing her Squirtle. The cute little water pokemon stared at its surroundings, wide-eyed. Then, sniffing in the air, it turned to Aurelia and shrieked happily, "Squirtle! Squirtle!"

Aurelia nodded. Aoi-kun was her most well-behaved pokemon. He never came out of his pokeball unless she was in some kind of danger. Now he looked at her with his blue eyes sparkling because he'd sensed the ocean water. "Squirtle! Squirtle!" It jumped over to her and pulled her foot forward, wanting to go close to the water. "Un! Let's go~" She looked back at Grey and Crystal smiling, "I thought about it, and I guess Aoi-kun's too well-behaved to misbehave so I should show him the waterside," She smiled as her squirtle leaped into her arms happily. "I'll catch you around Grey. You too, Crystal," she waved, twirling around and cheerfully skipping towards the main deck, Aoi-kun in her arms, absolutely estatic to see the water, Pichuu-chan~ on her shoulder, dancing about, practicing it's balancing routine, and Teddiursa hanging closely about her leg, looking around with a quiet, curious face.

"Wait until you see the water properly, Aoi-kun. It's the most beautiful thing when the ship moves!" Aurelia exclaimed, leaning on the railing. Her squirtle climbed onto the railing and nodded, watching the water, eyes sparkling with glee. Teddiura tugged at her leg, unable to see. "Ah, Ringo-chan, here," she picked her up and held in her arms, unable to resist the urge to snuggle with the teddy-bear pokemon. Teddiursa cooed and tapped her nose with it's small paw. Pichuu-chan was obviously feeling left out, so it jumped onto Aurelia's head and hung over the front of her face, making silly faces. Aurelia and her pokemon laughed at it's silly antics.

"You're so silly Pichuu-chan." She told it, putting Ringo carefully on the inner side of the railing. Squirtle started pointing out pretty things in the ocean for it to see. Aurelia poked Pichu in the cheek with a giggle and looked around. There were so many trainers, here. She wondered if anyone had the same pokemon as her. Maybe Ringo would be less shy if there were other teddiursa here. she thought happily.
Salih had her arms folded and at Reis' approach, she took out her Pokeballs. "Alright, everyone, let's go!" She glanced over her shoulder at Reis and grinned. "As for you ... We missed the train so you know what that means." She reached out to pet the giant Skarmory beside her. "We're flying to Vermillion City!" Or even to the deck of St. Anne if that's what it took. The Pokemon lowered itself so Salih could mount him. It didn't take her very long as she was used to it. Her things were still on the Gym floor. Sky was going to hold the luggage in his claws, one claw would be Salih's things and the other would be whatever Reis trusted him with. "Come on then, let's get going." She offered Reis her hand so he could climb up.
Daniel watched as the Mankey deftly dodged the attack, putting the Eevee that had also been attacking the Mankey at risk of being hit. However, Quilava was aware enough of its surroundings enough to turn away, not only from the Eevee that was at risk of being hit, but also from the Mankey that had quickly turned around towards it for a counter attack. Before anymore could occur, however, the trainer, out of breath and embarrassed, called back the Mankey with a sheepish look on his face.

With the commotion finally over, Daniel turned back to Verity saying, "Well, now I'm in the mood to battle. What do you say to a 1 on 1 battle after we eat? I'll be using my Quilava of course, and you can use one of yours?" Daniel grinned at her, his heart pounding with the shot of adrenaline that small excuse for a battle brought to him. He couldn't help it that he was naturally competitive, though now that he was in the mood he wanted a real battle.
Reis took Salih's hand hesitantly, he hated flying on Pokeback ans was prone to getting airsick, but if it was the only way...

He took a seat behind her gripping her shoulders for support as they took off, quickly changing to grip the Skarmory's plumage with a small blush as he realized. He always loved the view on Violet city from above, just not the way the Pokemon moved in flight. He'd take a machine anyday. He really hoped they didn't have to land on the decks of the ship with Salih's hair lowing in his face and her smell .... Reis relaxed a little though his grip never slackened.
Azul awoke, groaning slightly. "Arrgh... Old joints acting up again. Scherzo... Scherzo?" he called, looking around and seeing his best friend, Scherzo, his Heracross, sleeping on the bed in his room of the S.S St. Anne. He was sleeping soundly, taking up most of the bed. Azul smiled, arising from the floor, which had a bedroll on it, where he slept. He walked on his knees to the side of the bed and pet Scherzo softly, hearing his breathing softly. Scherzo awoke, and looked at Azul, a look of joy in his eyes. "Hera! Heracross!" Scherzo said, pumping his arms, full awake. "Ah, awake, compadre? Then let's go eat! It's lunchtime!" he said, smiling and getting up, going to the door and opening it, letting Scherzo through first. He locked his door, since they would be out for a while. He smiled, and breathed in deep. "Ah, salty sea air. Gotta love it. Reminds me of when I went on a much smaller boat to go explore a strange island. Remember, Scherzo? When we ran from that wild Rhydon?" he talked to Scherzo, laughing as they walked the halls. Scherzo laughed, walking next to his best friend. He looked around, seeing the hall was rather huge, and took his Pokeballs out, and released all his Pokemon. They each gave a cry of appreciation, being let out of their Pokeballs. They each crowded around Azul, getting close and walking with him to the food court. Almost immediately when the group got there, the released Pokemon began to explore the area, Azul confident that they would stay out of trouble, for the most part. They learned manners from Azul, so he wasn't worried at all. He went to get a burger from a kiosk, grinning behind his helmet. He hadn't had a good burger and fries in ages. He laid off it when he was a Gym Leader, to keep his physique up, but who cares now. He wanted to enjoy his junk food in peace, without too much consequences. He found a table and sat down, removing the chin part of his helmet to show his lips, as he ate, enjoying every greasy bite.