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  1. Pokemon: The Dark Order





    THE TAVERN:Ruins of Ostia

    "Where legends are made..."

    ong ago, a war broke out between two main kingdoms, one that no one thought would ever happen. A war that would be written in the history books throughout the globe. A war that'll be remembered by everyone around them. It all started when King Ymir, King of Astia fell in a war against his arch nemesis Vitolo, king of Rodrich.

    Cecil Astia, the older of the 2 siblings of Ymir, due to his father's death became King, succeeding his father's legacy as heir to the throne. The war continued and was going well for Astia until one particular moment, one that shook pretty much everyone from around the world, the moment when Dastan, Cecil's younger sibling, joined Vitolo's side and fought against his older brother. It was inevitable that Vitolo's army would come in reign after the defeat of Cecil but as he was brink of death, a pink created called itself as Mew came...

    and a new world and a new legend was born..


    • Current Ostia, also known as the Tavern is the ruins left by the war. Ever since the downfall of the kingdom, a lot of Trainers gather around the castle looking for castle or simply explore the castle at first but then Vargus, the right hand man of prince Ostia as well as a survivor of the war unofficialy make the castle into Tavern where Trainers and people to hang out and giving them quest that was handed by people all over the continent. Now the tavern was well known and turn into one of the hot spot for trainer to start their journey as one. Vargus built a system to reward the trainer for their hard work completing the quest through ranking up.

    • YOU are an inspiring trainer hyping for your first step to be officially one. With your starter there will be a lot of obstacle awaiting for you as well as unending twist of fate during your journey to be a pokemon master. Much said that, there will be others that become a trainer due to other reason than being a pokemon master. It's up to you on how you'll start and end the journey!!

    • If you're from interest check then you know that we're going to play only from GEN 1 but with skill and moves from the latest gen. Legendaries however aren't allowed to be capture and taken as partner since I always hate the idea to make legendaries as personal pokemon.

      Here are the list of starters:

      8.Nidoran Female
      9.Nidoran Male



      Now I hope that we'll have some variety of starters~! yeah eevee I thought of making it as a quest reward and so on.

      So how about gen 2-current gen?
      Maybe I'll get into them later, or maybe I could introduce them in later RP if we got into 2-3 months?

    • Okay before it's turning you off, basically Rank and Gold system is what it is. The Rank can be label as the level of a person or if you go in terms of vanilla, it's to know how many badges do the trainer hold on their hands. As for gold yeah I want to make monetary system just because I love it!

      So how do we get gold and rank point?
      For the most part, it's through quest but you can get more gold through dueling. To get gold from Duel, both must set their bet that their agree, and whoever wins get all of the gold is that simple.

      For Quest system
      The quest will be change weekly to monthly depends on it's difficulty, as for raid boss will be 2-3 months long and promotion will be permanent.

      Ranks and Promotion
      once your Rank Point reach to a certain amount (obtain through quest) you'll be able to unlock promotion Quest.

      note: your rank will stay if you didn't take the promotion quest even though you have enough trainer point to go to the next rank.

      Rank List
      Master Rank: 3001 - 5000
      Paladin Rank: 2001 -3000
      Rank SSS: 1201 - 2000
      Rank S: 801-1200
      Rank A: 501 - 800
      Rank B: 201 - 500
      Rank C: 101 - 200
      Rank D: 31- 100
      Rank E: 0-30

      So what the gold comes in play?
      honestly none yet, but I do plan to make pokeball, housing and all that stuff as things that available to purchase.

      So we need to update our gold and rank point all the time?
      The answer is no since I'll be handle and keep track for all of it!

    • So I think a lot about it and I'm thinking to make a literature battle rather than precision math turn based system. The way how the battle simple, it's through the experience of the pokemon itself, though that doesn't guarantee to win like for example a pikachu could defeat inexperience seadra but not Onix due to it's typing and such or for instance inexperience Pikachu can defeat experienced Lapras.

      It's really hit or miss way but more compact and easier than to count every turn.

      I'm thinking to make the trainer to fight as well but I don't know if it'll be a lot better and as a result it wasn't used at all.

    • Though I should be asking in Interest Check but I think it's better this way, please do write any suggestion or thing that you have for the RP in the OOC section, I can list as a wishlist in here so that we can see what is lack in this RP.


    • 1.All Iwaku's rules applied
      2.Drama outside the IC aren't tolerate, I'll be kicking people who make mess in here!
      3.I don't expect you to be literate but I hope you try your best muahaha!
      4.Yeah I don't want any one liner in here, not that I object them (well kinda) but I just don't want to have a dead end story.
      5.Romance as per usual, keep it PG since this isn't a Liberteen or Libertine. Any 18+ scene, please go to conv but remember adult with adult and teen with teen.
      6. Please do not be afraid to ask question to GM or other cause that will help you tons in the future.
      7. I do love suggestion but not bashing, so please do be kind haha
      8.Have fun

    • Name:
      Starting Rank:
      Starter pokemon:
      Likes and Dislikes: (Approx 3 each)
      Music Theme/Additional info:
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    New Trainers on block ★☆☆☆☆ Duration:3days

    Tavern is a place for trainers to meet, on this day Vargus held an event for 3 days long to let the new batch of trainer to introduce themselves to the community

    TP: 0
    5x Pokeball

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    For character tracker I would love to have all of the information through copy paste but I'll be only writing their Ranks, Gold, Inventory, Pokemon, and Relationships.
    NOTE: I'll beautify this page as soon as I'm free

    PAGE I

    • Roleplayer:@R E I

      NAME:Rei Chiba



      GOLD: 0



      Free Spirited. Raw. Genuine. Tenacious. Opinionated. (Typically) honest. Good natured. Seemingly cold at first and inadvertently reclusive.

      None yet

    • Roleplayer: @CynderTheDragoness

      NAME:Sorena Chandler



      GOLD: 0



      Sorena is shy and quiet at first. As ahe warms up to people, she becomes more friendly and talkative. She has a big heart and loves all Pokémon, even though there are some she isn't as fond of.

      None yet

    • Roleplayer: @Ailucia




      GOLD: 0



      With the stories of knights coursing through his veins, he at least attempts to do the right thing with those around him. He's a fairly patient boy who won't hesitate to speak his mind when he feels something is amiss. While he isn't one to just give up on things, he figures there is more dishonor in attempting something with no chance at all than running away from sure defeat. That said, he is particularly determined to doing almost all he can to increase his fame, boasting and trying to take most of the credit included.

      None yet

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  4. [​IMG]

    Rei Chiba | 18 | Rank - E

    A P P E A R A N C E

    Rae's a dainty thing (5'9, 117 lbs), long legged, tiny torso, swan neck and delicate wrists. Complexion a shade of porcelain, though dotted with the occasional brown freckle. Her oblong face has a feminine structure, gently carved jawline, easily flushed high cheek bones, rose colored (medium sized) lips, flawless nose and, most noteworthy, are her doe like, chocolate irises framed with thick, black lashes. Her warm brown (golden highlighted) locks are layered, cascading to her shoulder blades, with a healthy shine though extremely fine. She doesn't care much for fashion, typically pulling her hair back half heartedly, baring minimal make up ; no piercings, tattoos, etc.

    P E R S O N A L I T Y

    Free Spirited. Raw. Genuine. Tenacious. Opinionated. (Typically) honest. Good natured. Seemingly cold at first and inadvertently reclusive.



    Autumn, spoiling her pokemon, traveling, dawn, reading, smoothies.


    Extreme temperatures, animosity, shopping, swimming, being alone, schedules/time limits, being enclosed.

    H I S T O R Y

    Born into a gypsy caravan, her mother was a freelance artist who dabbled in magic (sometimes the dark arts) specifically charming; father was a con man who disappeared just a short while before she was born. Though she had many siblings, she was only raised with one (younger sister) the others were taken in by their fathers, living (for the most part) middle class (or better) lives and pretending to have no association with a gypsy upbringing. Living amongst the unstable caravan taught many things, from sales to gratitude and even adequate character judging. The majority spent their time cajoling audiences and indulging in luxuries (if they could come across them, gypsies were trapped in the lower class strat after all).

    Living as nomads typically praising and one with nature, Pokémon were hardly battle pawns, instead they were family members. The caravans cared little for other people, all bitter and conflicted from their own personal experiences, but animals and nature were another story, everything was to be treated with the utmost respect and replenished when possible. Some travelers had chimecho, chingling, politoed, loudred, tympol, jigglypuff, and chatot , they were common for their musical relevance; just about all hermits or gypsies had sneasle, meowth or other sneaky pokemon for the sake of pick pocketing audiences or the rich folk when they stayed outside the city some nights. Few battled, though the ones that did had ferocious beasts; others had tamed (or stolen) rapidash and tauros to move their caravans along. All of that, combined with simply living outside the city and dwelling in forested habitats or snowy mountains most of the time, cultivated a bond with nature deeply woven in everyone's souls - specifically Rae's, she was known as the (free spirited) beast master.

    Taming/Befriending was her gift, though many she came across (even those within her own gypsy 'family') encouraged her interest in (stolen) books or writing stories of their endeavors or her potential life in the high class realm, wanting her to lead a better life within the middle class, at least, knowing her intellect would get her farther than anyone there had the chance to. The pressure bugged Rae and was the driving force in a lot of failed attempts to take classes or socialize with the higher ups, even indulging in her mother's expansive knowledge of charming, etiquette, and manipulation; she could do it, but didn't want to, and thus never really moved on from the wanderer lifestyle.

    Her mother received an egg in exchange for a tapestry a noble requested, passed it down to Rae and it (after just a few weeks) hatched into a little golden dragon, one she recognized to be a rarity amidst the kingdom, a charmander. She had to keep the egg and, later, the reptile hidden for quite some time, knowing anyone other than her mother/sister would steal it and sell it for pretty coin. It's been a few months since the hatching, she taught and trained it in secret for months to try and ensure a little self defense before revealing it's existence to the others - the main reasoning for her leaving the caravan is that many have already tried to take away her 'child', while other's are persistent in insisting she take up a job putting such a beasts' skills to use, she dislikes influence and wants to learn what matters most to herself outside of that pressure.

    S T A R T E R

    Charmander "Rangiku" (Female) [Modest] Luxury ball


    Hushed, yet adorned, since birth - this golden creature is affectionate and intelligently composed, aware of when she should not reveal herself, typically tucked away within her 'mothers' cloak. Typically joyous, with a bold undertone, she fears little except for most other humans - of which she's typically bitter towards, considering how many have attempted to steal, sell, trade or on the rare occasion, maim her. Rae has always been her shield and savior, Rangiku silently wishes to return the favor someday.

    Music Theme/Additional info

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  5. anime-brown-hair-cool-girl-Favim.com-2924172.jpg
    Name: Sorena Chandler
    Age: 16
    Starting Rank: E
    Starter pokemon: Bulbasaur
    Appearance: Sorena stands at 5'2" in height. Her long brunette hair is fine and soft, often pulled back out of her face.
    History: Sorena grew up on a farm. She is no stranger to hard work. Her mother had died when she was young, and Sorena had no siblings. She had to help her father with the chores. Eventually, things got to be easier for her father to handle on his own, allowing Sorena to start her journey.
    Personality: Sorena is shy and quiet at first. As ahe warms up to people, she becomes more friendly and talkative. She has a big heart and loves all Pokémon, even though there are some she isn't as fond of.
    •People who treat thier Pokémon with care and respect.
    •Making friends, both human and Pokémon
    •People who simply use Pokémon but have no care or respect for them.
    •Unnecessary violence
    •Most Psychic Type Pokémon
    Music Theme/Additional info: Who I Am-Sara Evans
    (As I'm not so tech-savvy, I don't know how to insert much of anything, so I'll just stare the song. If you want to hear it you'll have to look it up.)
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  6. [​IMG]
    Munira "Mune" Hussain
    [Age: 15 || Starting Rank: E || Starter Pokemon: Poliwag]
    Munira stands 5'4 with a lean build and hints of muscle growth under her caramel toned skin. Her dark hair is often braided and carries tones of green while her dark eyes carries tones of orange, traits she shares with her mother. Though athletic and unafraid of getting down and dirty, she does love her skirts and pretty clothes but does dress appropriately, and fashionably, for the occasion. Her traveling attire is her training attire; a purple skirt with a split up the side and a matching tank top, both worn over a white leotard cropped above her knees and elbows. She bandages her hands and feet like her sister had taught her but doesn't often engage in hand to hand combat unless directly provoked. Worn over her bandaged feet are purple slippers. Her casual attire varies and often brightly colored.
    Munira's family originally hailed from a different country but moved closer to the Tavern when their first daughter, Leila, showed an interest in becoming a trainer, so they could be there to see her off and welcome her back. She was ten when she took on her first mission, Munira barely saw the passing of her third birthday. For the first year of being a trainer Leila wasn't around very much until Munira began following her around and mimicked her every move. By the time Munira was four, Leila took on fewer missions and stayed back home to teach her sister what it meant to be a trainer and help her with her martial arts training, something Leila learned from their father, who raised fight pokemon. It was from him Leila picked up her liking of fight pokemon and she in turned, inspired the same feelings in Munira, but Munira didn't take to them so wholly as Leila.

    To her, fight pokemon were straight forward; strong and powerful. But water seemed much more than that. It showed when her mother watered her garden and gaver her water after training with her sister and father, and it showed itself in a different way during a storm that left varying degrees of damage. Water nurtured, sustained, and, if provoked, fought back, and she admired water pokemon for these qualities. Not as much as she admired Leila, but admired them nonetheless. Like any other child, she received her first pokemon when she turned ten years old, and had her first battle with Poliwag against Leila of course. But despite holding back the older and more experienced trainer won and Poliwag was quickly ran to a Pokemon Center. Luckily, Poliwag's wounds weren't serious and treatment went smoothly. It was then Munira realized she didn't want to battle pokemon, but look after them.

    She started her studies almost immediately. From there, life took a much simpler turn with her studying to be a nurse during her days, training with her father and sister when she was around in the evenings, and caring of Poliwag in between. Until, it was not so simple anymore. Munira was fifteen when Leila decided to take on another mission. Not just any mission. The mission. Factoring in travel time it should have only taken a week to complete. But then two weeks passed and Leila hadn't returned yet. Her parents figured there was a complication but Leila would be back soon. Only, two weeks turned into three with no word and her parents began to worry. Maybe she had taken on two missions and neglected to tell them (again). Three weeks turned a month and her parents had about enough. They paid for a mission request to search for her sister but it would be much to their surprise that Munira took the mission.​

    Rough and Tumble Girly Girl: Munira plays like a tomboy but still remains a little fashionista, loving cute dresses, skirts, jean attire. She enjoys being active and won't shy away from a little mud. Don't think for a second a skirt will make her think twice about delivering a nice high kick, she always wears something underneath.

    Heroworships Leila: If there's one person she strives to be, it's her accomplished older sister who made quite the name for herself as a strategist. She has her sister's quick wit and brash behavior, though doesn't always have the confidence to back it up. She has a rather loud mouth on her that can land her in sticky situations but that was what her sister was there for right? Only, Leila is no longer around to come to her defence and that sometimes slips her mind. She can definitely herself of course, right?

    Bound and Determined [to find her sister]: When Munira sets her mind to something it will take nothing less than an army to change her mind, especially when it comes to finding out what happened to her sister. This can lend itself to brash behavior and acting without much thought or little planning. She means well, in the end, but this can translate into stubbornness and trying to tell her she's wrong is something she'll refuse to hear out; even if she is in the wrong.

    Naive and Sheltered: Growing up in her sister's shadow ensured nothing could touch her. Leila did a good job of that. If you so much as looked at Munira wrong Leila would lay into you. Thinking her sister wouldn't go on her own journey, and neither did Munira honestly, Leila practically glorified the life of a trainer, telling of all the good they did and riches they uncovered. While she eluded to the dangers, she never specifically touched down on those dangers beyond wild pokemon, but that's why she has her own pokemon.

    Kind and Caring: She'll stop and help anyone in need and with what medical training she has, will look after pokemon, or at least ensure they make it to a pokemon center. She likes making people and feel good about themselves, and if she wins, she'll encourage her opponents to do the best they can next time.​
    Likes and Dislikes
    + Pretty clothes, pretty things.
    + Working with pokemon.
    + Aiding pokemon in need.
    + Martial arts and training, athletics.

    - Bullies and people who take pokemon for granted.
    - Battling until her pokemon faint.
    - Lazy people and being lazy.
    - Ghost pokemon.​
    (This is just in case someone wants our characters to know each other before the events of the roleplay and will be used to catalog relationships she makes with people during the course of the roleplay.)​

    Music Theme/Additional Info
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  7. Name: Henry
    Age: 14
    Starting Rank: E
    Starter pokemon: Magnemite
    Appearance: Henry stood at an unimposing 5'3" with a slightly built body sustained by a life of farm working. His white hair is unusually soft for one in his class, his skin following suit in weirdness by not having the tan one should have from being under the sun constantly. Despite the knightly image he wishes to hold in his head, his mannerisms and looks are rather... feminine. His clothing however is not as cute as he looks, wearing little more than an oversized brown tunic tied at the waist by a string given to him by his father. What is supposed to be a tunic that reaches one's knees instead reaches down to the ankles of Henry. His shoes were small leather shoes that reached to his ankles.

    When on a mission, he adds his armor on, which is little more than a dull metal breastplate, greaves, and a single vambrace on his right arm. All pieces have obvious signs of previous use, his breastplate in particular sporting dents and even hints of rust at the edges.


    History: With the noble bloodline of two farmers who both deemed it unnecessary to even recall their family names, his early life was rather uneventful. All the boy really had for entertainment outside of farming were his small collection of fictional stories and poems about knights of old given to him by a merciful traveling merchant, full of stories and morals which absolutely captivated him. Nevertheless, he continued his farm life for 14 years, making sure his family could actually handle one less pair of hands in the house before leaving to go obtain a starter. Not knowing the way to the tavern, much less any place that isn't his home, it took him about a month or so before finally reaching it so he can officially become a pokemon trainer. With enough riches, he hopes to one day return to his family with enough gold for them to improve the farm to much more comfortable living.

    Personality: With the stories of knights coursing through his veins, he at least attempts to do the right thing with those around him. He's a fairly patient boy who won't hesitate to speak his mind when he feels something is amiss. While he isn't one to just give up on things, he figures there is more dishonor in attempting something with no chance at all than running away from sure defeat. That said, he is particularly determined to doing almost all he can to increase his fame, boasting and trying to take most of the credit included.

    Likes: Knightly virtues, good food, fame, riches
    Dislikes: sad music, dishonorable ideas, dumb ideas even more

    Music Theme/Additional info:
    -Before his journey, he used every coin of gold he had to buy a relatively poor suit of armor, riddled with dents and obvious signs of rust. Being metal however, this sometimes leads to him or Magnemite being pulled to one another due to magnetism.
    -Musical Theme :
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  8. Sorry all I forgot to add appearance to the CS, preferably anime~!
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  9. Munira is done :) I don't have a theme song for her or any additional info at the moment.
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  10. You compel me to want to make more history, but it would just be a more in depth look at the uneventful life of farmers, peasants at that really.
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  11. I didn't mean to write that much o.e Normally I just write a paragraph or something because histories are not something I enjoy writing but apparently I'm inspired ^.^;
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  12. A-Also just to make sure. Henry is indeed a guy, I kinda used a trap picture though.
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  13. Accepted~!
    Accepted as well

    I'll start to make mine soon!
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  14. Found Munira a theme song :D
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  15. Whelp, can't say I saw the group being possibly 4 girls and a trap.
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  16. I'm really sick, but as soon as I'm unzombified I'll finish my sheet!
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  17. [​IMG]

    Name: Daisuke Kobayashi

    Appearance: Daisuke is a tall and well-built (6’0’’, 165 lbs) young man that looks like he regularly engages in physical activity. He has medium black hair that is dangerously close to covering his eyes, while not quite long enough to warrant a visit to the hair salon. His eyes are a dirty shade of yellow that reminds people of a wild cat. Daisuke tends to favor stylish button-up shirts, a waistcoat, and long trousers, which unfortunately he often ruins in a variety of ways: popping his collar, not tucking in his shirt, and having his sleeves partly rolled up. Furthermore, you smell the slight unmistakable aroma of tobacco around him. Well, if you haven’t already seen him smoking a cigarette.

    Age: 17

    Starting Rank: E

    Starter pokemon: Gastly (Male, Dusk Ball)

    History (open)

    Daisuke was suppose to have taken his first Pokemon and went on his journey to become a trainer four years ago. However, on the day that he would be able to realized his childhood dreams as a Pokemon trainer, everything went wrong. There was a rude knocking at the front door, and when Daisuke went to open it, someone kicked it down. Well, a Hitmonlee. And behind the fighting Pokemon were a half dozen men. They claimed that they were here to collect money. Apparently, his father had accumulated debt from gambling over the years without telling his family. When Daisuke’s father tried to ask for more time for the payment, the men stormed the home and broke everything.

    The collectors torn up the house, beaten Daisuke’s parents, and took everything off value. While, Daisuke was large for his age, he was no match for adults that were accustomed to violence as a profession. Daisuke’s father was crippled that day. The Hitmonlee broke bones in his back, causing him to never be able to move his lower body and legs again. As a result, Daisuke and his mother were both forced to work multiple jobs to help pay for rent and his father’s debt. A large variety of the jobs that Daisuke took were often quite shady, and he learned the criminal side of life. Daisuke had to learn how to lie, steal, and even fight to survive every month's payment. It would take the mother and son three years of hard work to pay off the debt. Father Kobayashi, however would not survive to the final payment. Alcoholism had finally taken its toll, and his liver gave up.
    Shortly after a few weeks, Daisuke’s mother committed suicide as well.

    After crying his eyes out for a few months, and cursing his father for ruining his future, Daisuke eventually stood back up. He continued his hard labor jobs, and studied hard in the evenings to pass his local region’s mandatory Pokemon trainer exam. Daisuke managed to pass with full marks, and was given a Gastly as his starter Pokemon. Thanks to his years as a minor and desperate criminal, he has learned that being sneaky and clever means a lot more than brute strength even in Pokemon battles. His overall style of Pokemon battle relies on reading an opponent, disabling their modus operandi, and then swiftly removing them from play.

    Finally, Daisuke was free to pursue his childhood dreams to become a Pokemon trainer. But, he was already considered old for a new trainer. Nevertheless, Daisuke moves on, trusting in himself and his new ally to carve a bright future of his own.

    Personality: For the most part, Daisuke is relatively friendly and smiles politely to everyone he meets. He loves to joke around with others, and isn’t shy about flirting with women of all ages. If someone hasn’t known about his past, there seems to be nothing wrong with Daisuke at all. Well, as long you don’t manage to touch topics he isn’t comfortable with.

    Likes: Cigarettes, Pokemon battle tactics, working out, girls, money

    Dislikes: Owing someone anything even as minor as a small favor, his good for nothing dead father, straight up 'fair' fights

    Music Theme/Additional info:


    Lemme know if anything needs to changed. I know his history might be a tad bit on the dark side. As well as anything in history that doesn't work with the setting (cigarettes, Pokemon being used for violence, regional exams for trainer license, etc)
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  18. I am having the most difficult time with history ;3; Creativity via writing has been at a zero all day!
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  19. [​IMG]
    Name: Kurono

    Kurono stands six feet tall with a fairly muscular built from his past life as a knight. He has fairly long brown hair which goes up to middle of his neck. There are traces of scars from his back from the harsh training he got during his knighthood day. As for his everyday clothing, he tend to use what farmer's usually wear which is why people though him as a mere farmer more than a knight. As for his attire when he set out on adventure, he use his armor when his at service, not to mention his favorite blade that he kept in his belt holdster and the only thing that he didn't wear is his helm.

    Age: 18

    Starting Rank:E

    Starter pokemon:Squirtle

    Born and Raise in a farm in the side of Vitolo with his father alone, his mother died several days after he was born so there's not much of recollection memories about her except for visiting her grave every year with his father. His father kept a secret about Kurono's mother as a knight in Vitolo, but despite all of the secret, Kurono decided to be a knight like his mother did. His father with a smile on his face couldn't believe what happen and though that knighthood runs in his blood, so he let Kurono go to Vitolo to be a full fledged knight. Kurono liked his life as a knight at first but then he come to realized that the knight isn't doing anything at all as the nation were less chaos and they were not needed. He traveled around the region and finally met a giant castle and it was the Tavern, ruin of Vitolo's arch nemesis base, Ostia. Shortly after he joined as a full fledged trainer, he got his first pokemon, Squirtle who he named Lancelot.

    Kurono had never been much of a talker, he never talk that much even to his family. His cold stare also made everyone things that he hate everyone but that doesn't the case with the 6 feet tall brunet, he just don't know what to said to them as much as he wanted to. There will be time where he talks and it usually when he's in quest or someone in danger. He's a type of person who think a lot on his mind, he thinks about everything starting from his mistakes to people's worry. Deep inside, Kurono had always wanted to have friends that he could rely on and accept him for who he is.

    Likes and Dislikes: (Approx 3 each)
    -Saving people

    -His behavior

    Music Theme/Additional info:
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  20. If it helps, I drafted my sheet and broke it down into points like shown when Greensea quoted me :) Would doing something like that help?
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