Pokemon Survival RP?

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This is an animal -based roleplay. I just wanted to spice things up! However, this will be 18+ due to brutal violence, etc.

Welcome to the Ivory Forest, where many different types of Pokemon roam and make their homes here! It's a nice place to call home... not thinking about the predators and trainers, of course. Thankfully, there are many hiding places where one can escape the grip of death. Unfortunately, not many make it there in time.

The Ivory Forest is made mostly of woodland, and there are several places where there lie thickets of brush and low hanging trees. Spruce, pine, oak, and birch make up most of the foliage, but a multitude of bushes and trees also bear berries of all kinds. To the north lies the Alpines, which is where the Mainland's diverse amount of trees thins out into solely pines. Further north lies the Embercliff Mountains where several predators make their homes. To the very south of the Ivory Forest lies the Palesands-- the Mainland branches off into beaches and coves until it reaches the Dark Seas, where a distant island can be seen. Anyone who goes to that island does not come back, and thus it was dubbed the Shadow Isles.

Smaller Pokemon usually keeps to the Mainland unless they wish to explore. However, if they leave the Mainland, they are walking straight into the jaws of death.

What will you do? Will you spend your days hiding, running? Or will you do everything you can to survive? Maybe clans and alliances can form, maybe brutal massacres can occur... these Pokemons' stories are in your hands.

But when it all comes down to it... it's eat or be eaten.
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