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  1. Trainers from around the world had been called to Goldenrod City for a Pokémon vaccine, that according to Lupus Corporation was necessary to stop a strain of disease named Contra that was sweeping the world. However, this disease only seemed to target those Pokémon who had been around humans consistently.

    It was a sunny day in May and hundreds of trainers had gathered in Goldenrod City for this vaccine as it would be a crime not to save their Pokémon from becoming part of the deceased. In the center of the city was a man by the name of Gemini who was giving a speech about the precious hope he was given to all the trainers.

    "Welcome trainers and Pokémon lovers alike!" Gemini's voice boomed across the restless audience. "What we of Lupus Corporation have brought you today is a savior to the epidemic that is over taking the world! Thanks to our researchers and scientists we have developed a resistance to Contra that continues to plague us, but no more! Come! We have turned the Goldenrod Department Store into a distribution center and allow your Pokémon to receive the vaccine Lamm!" With this final sentence Gemini not only commanded the crowds attention, he controlled their will as they eagerly entered into the Goldenrod Department store.

    Hyperion was one of the hundreds of trainers within the crowd that heard the speech and frankly it was a nice speech but seemed superfluous as Contra had been all over the news already.
    Hype looked to his Riolu named Jackal and said to him "Are you ready to get your vaccine bud?" Jackal responded hesitating, after all he had never had a vaccine before but nodded all the same; and he also had a strange feeling of Gemini's aura. It made him nervous since it was out of the ordinary.
    "Shall we go Boo?" Hype asked his lovely companion. "Yes let's hurry, I'm not a huge fan of crowds." she said anxiously ushering them to move somewhere with more space, and thus the group moved into the department store to get the vaccine for Riolu.

    Inside there were many booths, these were mainly based on the size of the Pokémon. However the strange thing was that there were curtains around all of them so they were given the vaccine in secret which seemed strange. Nonetheless member of Lupus were encouraging trainers to take part of Lamm so everything seemed alright.
  2. A tan skinned woman dressed in dark clothes and glasses, with goggles on her head, was standing in the crowd, amongst other trainers. She kept all her Pokemon contained, knowing that it would be downright chaotic to have them out in the open. Her Blaziken would surely get annoyed, her Milotic would drift away in the air and her Eeevee would likely get lost. Besides, she wasn't certain if she trusted this vaccine...

    In the distance, she recognized a pair of colourful people standing nearby Gemini. They were servants to him; that's what she thought of them. Those two showed up at some of the worst times during her travels, challenging her to battles or telling her about how their boss is trying to change the world, if not both. As to why, she didn't know.

    Then again, she was famed for her achievements in the world of Pokemon.

    This epidemic that he spoke of puzzled her, since she hasn't heard anything about it. The thought of this injection possibly altering her Pokemon's DNA or just making them unhealthy was frightening. Perhaps, she would be allowed to interrogate this man, if not just one of his employees. Some knowledge of this vaccine would be very reassuring.

    Eileen put her hands in her pockets as she moved towards the building, really in no rush. She let people move ahead of her to get this vaccine, much as she'd of liked to get everyone's attention to ask if they really knew what was going on. Drawing attention to herself seemed foolish, though. People who recognized her would probably challenge her to a battle out of determination to defeat the champion of the Pokemon league. Frankly, this was a bad time.

    When she got inside, she noticed how secretive the environment was. She stopped and stepped off to the side so she wouldn't be mistaken for somebody in line. For now, Eileen was observant.
  3. Reena had arrived at Goldenrod only a few days earlier. She had heard of the vaccine being released a day before that, and decided to make a stop at Goldenrod. Now, as she watched the vaccination going on, she felt uneasy. Esper stood by her side, as always, and she was just as uneasy as her Trainer. Reena has checked her Pokemon, on the day the virus was made public, and her Pokemon had seemed fine. She used her special healing abilities, abilities that she herself didn't fully understand, to make sure her Pokemon were always perfectly healthy.

    As she walked among the other people, all waiting for the vaccination, she couldn't help but wonder that this seemed... unusual.

    "Come over here, Esper. Let's watch..." As she spoke, Esper nodded and followed, standing by the wall, not far from where several other people were sitting or standing. She did not need to keep an eye on Esper, for ever since she had made the initial connection with her healing powers, she could feel Esper's emotions at the back of her head, along with Lava's and Fross's. Yet, even though she didn't have to, she did anyway. She always watched over her Pokemon, like a protective mother. As she sat down, Esper hopped onto her lap, and Reena began petting her. Once she thought no one was looking, she closed her eyes, and rested her hand on Esper's head, her palm above the tiny gemstone on Esper's head, and focused. She delved into Esper's mind and body, checking her mental and physical health. As per usual, Esper was perfectly healthy. But she was a little hungry, so Reena took Esper's food out of her pack and put it in a small bowl.

    "This vaccine... the whole virus strain itself, seems odd..." Reena was intrigued, naturally, since she wanted to be a Pokemon doctor. With her ability, she figured she could help a lot of Pokemon, using medicine for normal illnesses, while using her healing ability for life-threatening sicknesses. As she watched, however, she began polishing her Pokemon's Poke Balls. "Let's wait and see..."
  4. After a good 30 minutes all of the trainers and Pokémon lovers had squeezed and shuffled their way into the department store, they entered the lines or stood and sat around to watch others before they would proceed themselves.

    Hype, Boo, and Jackal had been waiting in line for quite some time when after several people ahead of them had gone it was finally their turn. They approached the booth and Hype picked up Jackal to place him on the table. As the technician turned away to grab the vaccine Jackal saw the true colors that were hidden behind the mask of deceit the technician had. Jackal began growling and jumped off of the table to stand beside Hype. "What's wrong bud?" Hype said worried as he knelt down beside the little Riolu.

    Riolu let out a cry and Boo agreed saying "Something is off" and she motioned for Hype to back up and took a battle stance, ready for anything. The technician turned around and with an evil glint in his eye said "Now now there is nothing to be afraid of we are simply giving you a shot, you'll barely feel a thing."
    However, Boo didn't budge and though someone could phase right through her the technician nor anyone else knew this and she looked fierce; and she replied "That's what they always say jerkface."
    The technician soon figured this out as he tried to make a grab for Boo's arm and slipped completely through. While he was in the state of surprise Boo quickly followed up with a Sucker Punch that was controlled enough to look like she punched him herself and sent him into the table where he was momentarily stunned. She hoped no one saw the technician phasing through her, as that would no doubt raise questions.

    Boo then quickly stated with conviction "I've only stunned him. We need to move now!" Surveying their surroundings she chose the most appropriate get away point. By this time they had caused enough commotion to be noticed by several other trainers in the area. Boo ushered them with her hand to follow and at that moment the technician began laughing and put his finger to his ear saying "Activate Operation Midnight."

    Almost immediately metal gates and shutters backed up by force fields covered the doors and windows that even the toughest Pokémon couldn't break through. To follow up an invisible gas began to flood the room as all of the technicians placed gas masks on their faces. The only indication of the gas was a soft hissing noise and it took only several seconds for trainers and Pokémon to begin dropping, sound asleep.

    "Hype! Jackal! Come by my side!" Boo said hastily "As long as you are next to me the gas will have no affect, don't ask how just trust me." "You'll hear no questions from me Boo." Hype said gratefully as without her they would have been in a dire situation. The technician then released a Gastly from a Pokéball and and prepared to battle with Hype and Boo.
  5. Eileen was admittedly bored as she waited for something else to happen. Squeezing out of this place would have been impossible, since there were crowds of people blocking the doorways. Besides, if she really needed to get this vaccination for her Pokemon, she didn't want to miss out. Her companions needed to be treated with the best care possible, after all. What kind of champion lets her Pokemon suffer like that?

    Of course, this vaccination was looking to be unnecessary after all.

    She was backed up against the wall to allow her posture to slouch, but once she heard a commotion, she straightened up. A woman, a man and a Riolu looked to be attracting the attention of whoever gave the shots. The more she observed, the more it made sense... This was indeed the work of Team Virus. They weren't trustworthy in the least; she certainly didn't trust the pair always stalking her.

    Eileen pushed her glasses farther up her nose before pushing through the panicking people, noting the Ghastly that was released for battle. There was also gas in the air, causing people and their Pokemon to fall to the floor. Quickly, she covered her face with an arm, then took out a Poke'ball. In a flash of light, a Milotic with a light blue bow on her tail popped out.

    "Safeguard," spoke Eileen's muffled voice. Mystery coiled around her trainer, still floating mid-air, and a made a soft humming noise. There was a brief glow around them, shielding the effects of the sleeping gas. With this, Eileen was able to keep moving forward to watch what was going on. If need be, she could help this poor fellow out.

    "You'll battle, won't you? It shouldn't be too difficult. These people are stupid," she told Mystery, who verbally agreed. It relieved Eileen to hear this... She didn't want to have to bring out any of her other Pokemon for this. Once the gas ran out, Mystery wouldn't have to safeguard them anymore.
  6. Hype and Boo both acknowledged the trainer that released a Milotic and covered the affects of the sleeping gas with Safeguard.
    Boo then still battle ready said to the mystery trainer "Welcome to the fray. I see you can handle yourself quite well. Feel free to jump in anytime. Don't let me stop you." Not letting her eyes off the opponent.

    Team Virus had since all gathered around them and released various other Ghost-type Pokémon including, Haunters, Duskulls, Shuppets, and Misdreavus.
    "You see" said the original technician "Ghost-type Pokémon aren't affected from this sleeping gas made from Gastly. Not only that, we have you severely out numbered. You may as well surrender and except defeat."

    "Well that doesn't sound like very much fun does it?" Boo retorted in a tone that was close to mocking.

    "How cocky you are human!" he replied now slightly in a more agitated state. "Attack!" Boo only smirked and began to let loose a hidden barrage of Sucker Punches as Team Viruses Pokémon closed in on Boo as well as this new Trainers position. However she could not move far from Hype as she needed him to stay conscious if they were to escape this sleep trap, so her movement was limited. Boo only hoped that this possible ally Milotic would help defeat the horde of opponents before them.
  7. Allister Chartreuse had arrived just as everyone was entering the Department Store. He had been sceptical about getting the vaccine for his pokemon, but figured that it would be better safe rather than sorry. His Abra, Andy, was riding in his backpack, head just poking out. He had been sleeping through out the day.

    "Hopefully this vaccine is on the level..." He said to Andy, as he got into line. He grew more suspicious of the way the vaccination area was set up. He was beginning to have second thoughts about the vaccination, when sudden commotion burst out from one of the booths. "I think somethings going on..."

    Andy nodded, in a drowsy state. Allister glanced over his shoulder and instructed Andy, "Prepare for the worst, little buddy! I think there may be something suspicious about these vaccinations..."

    Not soon after issuing his instructions, all the entrances and exits were barred shut. They were all trapped, and trainers, and pokemon a like, were beginning to drop. "Andy! Their gassing the place!"

    Andy was one step ahead of his trainer and popped out his arms, a faint glow began to emanate around Andy, and slowly began to engulf him and his trainer in a neat green sphere.

    "Good job on the Safeguard! I knew all the training would pay off!" he smiled, "Keep it up until the gas dissipates! I have a feeling we're in for a fight!"
  8. Reena reacted quickly, when the gas had appeared. Getting up, Esper threw a Safeguard around both of them. As Esper did so, Reena spotted two people who seemed to have resisted the effects of the sleeping gas, and were surrounded by a lot of the people who were giving vaccines. Rushing up to the two, Reena stood beside them. "What's going on? Who are these guys?"

    Esper stood protectively in front of her Trainer, growling quietly, yet threateningly. "Ghost Pokemon, then? This will be risky, Esper, but... Fross! You too!" Tossing a Poke Ball up, Reena's Froslass appeared in a dazzling flash, surrounded by glimmering lights. Fross was a shiny Frosslass, a rare find. "Fross should be able to help, she's also a Ghost Type..."
  9. Ghost Pokemon were a tough type to defeat; Eileen could even admit that. Actually, it was probably her least favourite to fight, right next to psychic. A battle was a battle, though and it looked like this woman and her friend needed some help. Skip wasn't going to be of much use, of course. Avoiding a fight using her Hero was for the best, she figured, she he could likely burn the department store down. That's all she needed, was turning this place to ashes on her good reputation!

    "It's all up to you, Mystery," she told the Milotic. "Should I drop cold to this gas, don't stop fighting. Am I clear on that?"

    Eileen's commanding voice was very calm, which this situation called for. A finger scratched at her chin as she looked around at the ghosts closing in around them. Some of them had intimidating eyes, but a comforting hand stroked along Mystery's body to keep her relaxed while she pondered what the best course of action would be.

    "Use your attract, and then ice beam 'em all," she said with a smirk.

    Mystery chimed a response and nuzzled her nose against the trainer's cheek. "Don't attract me, you goof! The Pokemon!" That been said, Mystery reused safeguard and then went floating towards the group before them. She posed the best way she could think of, sparkles dancing all around her body. Those that it didn't affect were at least distracted by her attempt to charm them all. These ghosts weren't the sharpest tools in the tool shed, Eileen concluded.

    When all was over with, Mystery opened her mouth to unleash a powerful ice beam on the Pokemon she got the attention off. The majority of them dropped out cold and returned to their Poke'balls. Those still standing lunged for the dragon, which she made lazy dodges from.

    "Water pulse!" Eileen barked, and watched as the water attack struck the remaining few they were up against. Not far, she saw a girl with an Espeon and a Frosslass coming to the scene to help. That Pokemon was shiny... Eileen made a note to ask to pet it.
  10. Allister noticed that three trainers, like himself, were still standing and battling. He ran over to them, still surrounded by the sphere that Andy had conjured up, and joined the battle.

    "Go, Gross!" He yelled, as he casted out a heavy ball. A large Metagross materialized before him. It seemed unaffected by the poison gas. "Gross! We're up against Ghost-type pokemon! This is going to be a tough battle! Use Psychic!"

    Gross turned to its opponents, eyes beginning to glow brightly as it used Psychic.
  11. There seemed to be an endless amount of ghosts around, and Team Virus was persistent. Even with the arriving trainer and his Metagross, there remained an army of these Pokemon! Right now, Eileen believed that getting to safety was the best option. She didn't want anymore attacks to bring harm to those who have passed out on the floor due to sleeping gas.

    Boo seemed to have the same thinking:
    "Can your Milotic use confuse ray?"

    Eileen made a nod and put a thumbs up in the air to assure this stranger she knew what was going on. "Mystery, confuse 'em!"

    She watched as Mystery's eyes made an intimidating glow, her psychic ability toying with the ghosts' minds. This very moment made Eileen thankful to the trainer that bred this Milotic with the ability to use confuse ray. Mystery couldn't do this on her own, though. Eileen assumed that this intelligent woman had a Pokemon using the same attack.

    Very puzzled ghosts were now floating around, if not beating one another up, attacking their own trainers or directing their attacks in their own faces. This was the perfect chance to make an escape. "Let's go!" she barked, pointing to a staircase that would bring them up a floor. Eileen didn't hesitate to rush there, taking the leadership initiative as always. Mystery followed close behind in her usual lazy fashion.
  12. At Eileen's command, Reena turned and rushed after her, calling for Esper and Fross to follow. "Esper, Shadow Ball! Fross, you too!" Turning around, both Esper and Fross formed two separate Shadow Ball attacks, and launched them at the Ghost Pokemon. On hit, the attacks exploded, hurting quite a few of the ones that had begun chasing them. "Fross, you come on back!" Enveloped in the red light, her Froslass retreated to her Poke Ball. "Come on Esper! We won't have to fight if we get away!" As she reached the stairs, she gestured for everyone to go on. "You all hurry, Esper can put up a Barrier and Light Screen to hold them off. We'll be right behind you."

    Turning to face Eileen, she pointed to the enemies. "Who in the world are these guys? And why the heck are they attacking us?"
  13. Thanks to Eileen and Boo the group had their escape route and they were without a doubt going to take it! Hype grabbed Allister who simultaneously returned his Metagross as it would be quite difficult to get him up the stairs. Boo was trailing the group as the last one up the stairs and let loose a vicious Secret Power into the ceiling above the stairs causing it to collapse, allowing for a little more time. To those watching however she just seemed unnaturally strong. Hype normally would have been bewildered but this was not the time to make funny faces.

    Unfortunately for Hype he knew who these people were and had been warned by the old man who made him acquainted with Boo of Team Virus. Turning to Milotic woman and the mystery girl Hype said "At the moment it's not the best time to explain. Right now we need a plan to get out of here and potentially shut these guys down. So what are our options? Miss with the Milotic you seem to be the battle expert here what are your thoughts?" At this point Boo had returned to Hype's side anxious to continue moving, keeping a look out for enemies.
  14. Hype was right; there wasn't much time right now to explain anything. There was actually a lot to explain once they'd get the time, to both of them. Their safety was Eileen's top priority and her mind had to think quickly in order to achieve this. She almost laughed when Hype called her 'Miss with the Milotic'. That was a new one.

    "Let's get to the roof," she told them, climbing up every flight of stairs that came into view. They were getting farther away from the violent scene at the first floor, finally. Everything was getting quieter, and she didn't see anybody following them. The Pokemon must not have seen any follower either, else she was certain at least one would verbally warn them.

    "Those people are members of Team Virus. They work for a man named Gemini, who has freakin' insane ideas," she began to say, grinning when the last set of stairs showed up in front of them. "Once we're on the roof, we'll decide where to go. I think Hyperion can help us figure out Team Virus's next move."

    The woman flashed a small smile to Hype; she anticipated him to wonder how she knew his name. It was highly fortunate for her that she was here on the run with him, out of the hundreds of others she could be helping escape.
    Once they reached the roof, she let out an exhausted sigh and stopped herself from falling back on the concrete to sit. She lifted her glasses for a moment to rub at one of her eyes before introducing herself,

    "My name is Eileen Jennings. I'm the Poke'champ..."

    One of her hands scratched at the back of her head, her lips curling into a coy smile. She then looked to her lazily floating Milotic and took out the Poke'ball to return her. Mystery used quite a bit of energy fighting all those ghosts, so it made sense that she'd want to relax. An annoyed look then showed up on Eileen's face as a man and a woman dropped from an aircraft to a space behind her. They were colourfully decorated in shades of red, yellow and orange, with devious smiles on their faces and a Delibird standing at their feet.

    "Conquering planets near and far!
    We can touch any single star.
    We are the phantoms of the night!
    And we will never lose a fight.
    Team Virus, vowing to change the world!
    For every Pokemon, boy and girl."

    The man and woman posed beautifully as the Delibird known as Jojo took his position at their shoulders, then clumsily fell forward with his sack of 'presents'. An Ampharos and an Arcanine were then released from from their Poke'balls, eying Eileen like she was some sort of prey.

    Eileen had her palm on her forehead, clearly embarrassed by these two. They always stalked her and said this really lame poem. "Ya know, world still doesn't rhyme with girl. I keep telling you that. Pleeeaaaase change it." She threw a ball into the air, letting out a Blaziken who was most certainly unhappy to see these two members of Team Virus.

    "Could I get a little help?" she asked the other trainers, then said to her Blaziken, "Use focus energy, Hero. Then give that Arcanine a double kick. Watch out for that stupid Ampharos' electric hugs of doom."

    Dorris snarled at Eileen. "You twerp! Allie is NOT stupid!"

    "Chyeah... I'm so sorry," Eileen apologized sarcastically, rolling her eyes and then smirking as Hero charged towards Jacob's Arcanine for some kicking.
  15. Hype happily let Eileen do the talking as they ran through the building ascending flight after flight of stairs as she explained who Team Virus was. As they continued to run she mentioned his name which caught him slightly off guard.

    Once they reached the roof almost everyone had to catch a breather, Boo as always never had a problem running at full speed for long periods of time, she didn't seem to have a problem with a lot of things.
    A few moments passed and right as Hype was about to inquire how this girl knew his name she said "My name is Eileen Jennings. I'm the Poke'champ..." and before she could finish her sentence was interrupted by a couple and a Delibird who burst onto the scene. They stated probably the worst catch phrase in the period of man kind and were proud of it.

    Hype noticed Eileen's reaction to the trio that descended and found that she had dealt with them many many times before, and asked for help from the new acquaintances. "You have to deal with these clowns? Do I feel sorry for you." Hype said to Eileen with a sympathetic tone of voice, only infuriating the Team Virus members more.
    Boo was ready to step up and fight again but Hype being oblivious to the fact that she was a Pokémon said to her "Boo, relax this is a fight for Pokémon one on one. You must be tired from your fight earlier keep a look out for any surprise attacks O.K? I know you want to fight but now isn't the time." Boo responded with a disappointed and almost angry "Fine" and stood watch.

    Jackal was right beside Hype as always and Hype knelt down to him and said "Ready to take on the toughest opponent ever buddy? It's going to be one heck of a battle!" Jackal responded with a valiant cry and walked in front of Hype ready to battle the Ampharos named Allie.

    Dorris was a bit taken aback by the Riolu that entered the field parallel to Allie. "Oh? You're going to fight me with that little Riolu? Don't make me laugh! Allie can destroy that puny thing with one attack! Allie use Charge and then let loose with a Thunderpunch!" Dorris ordered to her Ampharos.

    "Don't be intimidated Jackal!" Hype said encouraging the little Riolu. "Use Screech and make sure to dodge that Thunderpunch when it comes close! You can do it you're faster then it!" Riolu let loose a Screech that hurt everyone's ears and effectively lowered the Ampharos's already low defense by two stages. In the process of this Allie had charge up and was brimming with electricity, and began to charge with her fist dangerously glowing.

    "Alright buddy here is comes wait for it...wait for it...." Hype said consoling Jackal as he may not be the best battler but catching Pokemon did allow him to gain the ability of letting his opponents think they had the upper hand. Allie had loomed almost too close to Jackal when Hype barked "Alright Jackal dodge it with Quick Attack and hit her hard!" Not only was Quick Attack a first priority move Jackal was slightly faster then Allie and dodged her Thunderpunch by dodging to the right and landing a solid hit on Allie's back, then bouncing back creating space between the two.

    "Alright! Great job Jackal way to give it to them!" Hype said in a joyful tone. This was short lived however Jackal then almost immediately knelt to the floor as he had become paralyzed. "I hope you didn't forget of Allie's special ability Static did you? There is a 30% chance she will paralyze any opposing Pokémon that touches her! You're doomed now your speed has been halved!"

    Of course Hype knew of this but didn't have any other choice as Jackal only knew physical type moves and had to risk it. "Jackal when she attacks again use Counter!" Hype said not allowing Dorris to start another monologue.
    "Alright Allie use Thunderpunch again and make sure to hit your target this time! He's paralyzed and should be easy prey!" Dorris said with an evil smile.
    Allie turned right around and made a beeline for Jackal and made successful contact this time but took a brunt from Jackals Counter move.

    After this bout Jackal couldn't stand up again, but knelt and was dead meat if he was hit by one of Allie's attacks one more time. "One more time Allie Thunderpunch!" Dorris commanded and Allie pulled her arm back and thoroughly connected with Jackal once more sending him skidding towards Hype. At first glance it seemed Jackal had been knocked out but slowly he got back up again with fire in his eyes. He gave a glance back to Hype and he nodded encouragingly saying "Let's do it!" and through Hype's bold words and the friendship they had shared over the past couple years Jackal began the unmistakable evolutionary glow.

    In moments Jackal evolved into Lucario and the tide of the battle was turned. "Congrats bud! Thanks to your evolution we may still be able to win this thing!" Hype said with renewed vigor. "Alright, thanks to your Screech earlier her defense is low! Use Bone Rush and finish this!" The Lucario put his paws together and a light green bone made of energy appeared and he rushed towards Allie.

    Dorris was surprised as was everyone else, even if it was only for a moment and then commanded "Watch your opponent! He's still paralyzed you'll get the hit in first! Use Elecball!" Allie began to charge a ball of electricity aimed at Jackal releasing it. Jackal however having evolved had now mastered his training through aura and easily read where the Elecball was aimed and dodged. "Oh no!" Dorris exclaimed and Jackal made successful contact with Allie landing a series of blows being super effective. Through the previous attacks as Riolu and this follow up Bone Rush Allie fainted unable to battle any longer, though it was a close one for sure.
  16. Reena had run after her new companions, staying close. When they eventually reached the rooftop, she took several deep breaths, already a bit tired. On hearing of Team Virus, Reena became angry. "So, they're a criminal syndicate!"

    When she was about to say more, two people suddenly appeared, and immediately struck Reena as extremely flamboyant. Once their motto had been recited, the battle begun. When she watched her allies battle, she decided to not fight directly. "These two can surely fight. I'll help from the rear!" When Hype's newly evolved Lucario had finished it's battle, Reena decided to aid it. "Esper, Heal Bell!"

    At the command of her Trainer, Esper focused her energy and created a large, ethreal bell above her head. It rang several times, and all Pokemon that were on her side and afflicted with status ailments were cured, removing Jackal's Paralysis. "There you go! I'm not much of a fighter, but I can help you from here!" Turning, she watched Eileen and her Blaziken, Hero. Once Blaziken lunged, Reena once again decided now would be a good time to help. "Esper! Help Hero out! Use Helping Hand!"

    Once again closing her eyes, Esper lent Hero her strength, each kick now as strong as Hero's and Esper's combined attacks. "Don't worry about the Arcanine's Thunder Fang, Esper can heal Hero's Paralysis as well, along with HP!"
  17. Eileen flashed a thankful smile to Reena. It was highly fortunate to be in the presence of a healer, especially one willing to assist her in battle. She watched excitedly as Hero launched a powerful pair of kicks to the Arcanine, inflicting more damage than Jacob anticipated. Hero jumped back before Max could retaliate, and landed two more kicks at in the face.

    "Come on, Max. Don't let that twerp kick you around. Use your take down attack!" Jacob said with a flip of his hair, smirking as his loyal friend went charging towards their foe.

    As Hero landed on the ground, he was faced with a very large Pokemon using take down. "Dodge and slash 'im," Eileen instructed, making a sigh of relief as her Blaziken jumped out of the beast's way. To her dismay, Max had no intention of stopping still. He kept running towards Hero, smacking into him just when he was preparing his claws to slash. At least then, slash did some damage, causing Max to howl with pain.

    "Quick attack, and then sky uppercut!" Eileen shouted, grinning as Hero zipped towards the Arcanine. She hoped that he didn't mind Esper's assistance... Sometimes, Hero was reluctant to accept help from others, but didn't seem to mind for this time.

    "Try and stop it with crunch, Max!" Jacob yelled, gritting his teeth when he saw his Pokemon struggle to get up. Powerful kicks were delivered to his body. Had it not been for that helping hand and focus energy, he knew that Max would still be strong.

    With all his might, Max snapped his jaws at the quick moving Blaziken, yet failing. Before he knew it, he was being kicked into the air and crashed into the ground, twitching his limbs in an effort to stand up.

    "Oh no, Max!" Jacob rushed to his companion's side, running his hand along his fur.

    "Nicely done, Hero. And look, Hype's little buddy evolved!" Eileen looked to the scene where she caught the evolution in the corner of her eye, where Dorris was also wailing about her defeat. It looked like winning against these two would be so much easier with these new friends.

    "Return, Hero." In a flash of light, her tired Blaziken returned to the ball. Eileen then looked to Reena and said, "Thanks for your help. Those were some handy moves."

    "You haven't seen the last of us!" spoke Jacob, Dorris and Jojo. The three of them returned to the aircraft which carried them, flying off to their appointed destination. It was their task to follow Eileen and her team, but there were other matters to attend to...
  18. *After the department store was cleared of danger and trainers the group met outside the store*

    "So now that we don't have imminent danger threatening us I believe we can properly introduce ourselves. My name is Hyperion or Hype and this is my partner Anubis formerly known as Jackal before he evolved. Last but not least this is Boo she is assigned as my bodyguard to protect me from Team Virus. Let us get acquainted before we proceed to stop Team Viruses next move." Hype said as the better they got to know each other the better the probability they could stop the evil deeds of Team Virus.
  19. "Like I said before, I'm Eileen," she said to everyone, and then crossed her arms over her chest. She turned her head to Hype so she could explain to him why she knew his name, "Professor Elm 3.0 told be about you, Hype. You're a catcher, so you know your way around, right? I was told that if with our skills combined, we can put a stop to Team Virus. I can tell you all more about them later."

    Eileen pushed her glasses up her nose as she then turned to Reena, making a friendly smile. "We could sure use your help, too, if you're up for it. You've got some skills, girl." Both of her arms extended outwards, a hand presented to each of them so they could shake on their words. It could easily be said by now that Eileen was... Well, a dork. Her personality always kept things light, though.

    "You should come along too, Mister Metagross!" she called out to the trainer dressed in green. She didn't know how else to address him, since she didn't know his name yet.
  20. Reena listened to the introductions, and nodded after Eileen and Hype were done. "I'm Reena Farway, of Viridian City. This is Esper, my first partner." Shaking hands with Eileen, she tilted her head curiously. "You're Eileen... you don't happen to be... Eileen Jennings? The Indigo Plateau's appointed Champion?" Looking at her, she nodded to herself. "I recognize the battling you did earlier; I've seen you on television plenty of times, during the annual Indigo Plateau tournaments."

    Nodding once again to herself- she seemed to do that often- she crossed her arms and sighed. She then perked up, remembering the mentioning of Team Virus. "Those guys we fought are from... Team Virus, you said?" As she spoke, Reena's voice became angrier, though only a bit. "And they were using medical science as a cover up for some plot, then?" Turning to Esper, she nodded to her partner. "We've got to crush them! With such false aliases, they'll give real doctors a bad name!"

    With that, Esper nodded her agreement, giving her master a determined cry. Once again, Reena turned to her new companions. "Ah, if your Pokemon are injured, I'd be happy to heal them. It's better than using up any Potions or taking the time to go to the Pokemon Center. See, I have a... special power... I can heal Pokemon by focusing this power, as well as read their minds or delve into their memories." Reena decided to explain all this now, to get it out of the way. She always felt uncomfortable with the abilities she had, and never told people unless she had to. If she healed her Pokemon near others, she tried to hide it best she could. "My mother says I got it because I was born in the Viridian Forest... But she doesn't know for sure, since she adopted me."