Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon!

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  1. Pokemon turns 20 years old!
    And they still use such original names.

    The trailer is really just a buildup but good memories, yeah?
    What was your first Pokemon game?


    New Pokemon...?
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  2. My first game was Heart Gold! My first starter was Totodile <3

    Also, can I just say that I love the fact that they included adult players in the ad :)
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  3. Another game my kids are going to bug me for....>_<

    I never had a Gameboy or a DS, but I always had an emulator either on my computer or my phone. My first Pokemon game was Red, but out of all of them Soul Silver is my favorite. No idea why though.
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  4. The year countdown(up?) was so, so sweet.
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  5. Pokemon Yellow was my first game, oh the memories of trying to play my Game Boy Colour in the car at night.
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  6. Oh, man. My first game was Yellow, and my first starter was Bulbasaur. <3 I've played almost every game since(aside from Alpha Sapphire, which I'm waiting to order until I have more money).

    So much hype.
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  7. [​IMG]
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  8. It was Blue. I had 300 hours in it.

    Simpler times.
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  9. My first was gold, and then second Ruby. They helped me pass time during so many car rides.
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  10. My first was Red! My brother had Blue. :D My first starter was Bulbasaur, and I was super bad and mostly just watched him play. I remember him beating the entire game with just a Pidgeot haha.

    I've played every single Pokemon game since the first ones, but honestly my favourites were probably X and Y, followed closely by Diamond and Pearl. Don't get me wrong, I've loved all of them, but X and Y were just so good! Also, I could play dress up. Do not underestimate the power of dress up.

    I'm so excited for this. I'll end up with both, I know it, but I'll probably go with Moon first!
  11. Those were the days...



    Oh well I'll still play it :P
  12. My first game was Red.

    I used to be suuuuuch a Pokenerd.
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  13. Played Emerald first but personally I like BW > >
    I have no shame in remembering all the names.
  14. I'm still waiting for the post apocalyptic set Plutonium and Uranium editions.

    I am curious what gameplay changes there will be, but I'd reaaally like to see them shake up the formula a bit.
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  15. I never got to play an actual pokemon game until I was in college because only the rich kids got gameboys. I had card through, everyone did, I would go to car shows with my dad and dust off the collector cars for a handful of quarters, saving them until I would visit my dad's office, buying everything I could get from the comic-book store in the mall he was in..
  16. My first game was technically Yellow, but in practice it ended up being Gold.
    Reason being I got both of them at the same time (Birthday Present) and everyone told me to play Yellow first.
    So I did... Briefly, until I misplaced it at a mall and never found it again.

    Which ended up leaving me with just Gold, and as a result it became the game I played all the way through and was introduced to Pokemon with.

    As for this recently announced game?
    I originally freaked out on Facebook, because I was under the impression that it was combining all the regions.
    Except a friend of mine soon commented saying that wasn't the case apparently.

    So I guess I'll have to wait and see. :/
  17. O.o Not sure where such a rumor came from, but I have heard speculation that this might be another double-region adventure (like how the Johto games let you visit Kanto), with these games introducing a new region that connects back to Kalos. Some of the reasoning for this being:
    • There's a train station in Kalos that doesn't go anywhere.
    • There are a lot of other unexplained things from X and Y, or locations that never seemed to be used for anything (like those weird ghost girls, and that power plant).
    • There are NPC's that make references to being from another region, one of them even going so far as to specify that it "isn't Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, or Unova"
    • I don't remember specifics, but I remember someone said something about a lot of Kalos landmarks featuring sun/moon themes (doesn't one of the towns have a giant sundial, for instance?).
    • And probably most convincing -- we haven't yet gotten the much-anticipated "Pokemon Z", and we still haven't seen an official release for Volcanion yet, so it feels weird to move straight on to Gen VII when it seems like Gen VI hasn't even been properly finished yet -- unless the two are supposed to be closely linked.
      • And what makes this even more convincing is the fact that they've shown us all these alternate Zygarde forms that haven't gotten any use.
      • Plus, there are still all those unused locations and things in Kalos that one would otherwise assume would be expanded on in Pokemon Z.
      • And, while we've already seen Gamefreak shake up traditions regarding the "3rd game" in each Gen (like they did with Black2 and White2), it still seems unlikely that they'd skip the 3rd game outright... especially given the aforementioned Zygarde forms and unused locations, which seem like perfect material to use in a hypothetical Pokemon Z. So, it's possible that, instead of just giving us a 3rd game to go along with X/Y, Sun/Moon is going to sort of fulfill that role as well as starting a new Gen -- by giving us a double-region adventure that will allow you to look into new developments in Kalos after you've finished exploring the new region (similarly to what they did in the Johto games).
    • Also, they've already revealed a (presumably legendary) Pokemon from Gen VII that bears an interesting resemblance to Diancie... so there might be some connection between the two.

    But yeah, I don't know where the rumor of combining all the regions would've come from. That's a crazy ambitious task, and I highly doubt we'd ever see it happen in a main-series game. XD But it's definitely Gen VII, though. That's for sure. o3o
  18. It wasn't a rumor I heard from anywhere.

    The trailer just gave very little info other than "20 years, look at all these regions! This is a new game!" which made me assume that it was a game with all the regions.
  19. I never played Pokémon (fully. I played bits, but never go into it). Thought it was stupid, still think it is stupid and probably will always think it is stupid. This goes for the game, the animes and the mangas.

    DISCLAIMER: By no means am I saying they ARE bad or it IS stupid. I consider them stupid, and that is my opinion.
  20. Oh.

    Yeah no, I think it was just trying to say "look at the wonderful history of pokemon! Look at all these generations! This is the next chapter in that history, the next generation!" essentially.

    And seeing as how it's the 20th anniversary year and all, I'm really not surprised that most of their marketing for pretty much everything is coming in from that nostalgia/"look how far we've come" angle.