Pokemon Shifter RP?

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  1. "The humans' greed has spited us... and now, because of their greed, they are after us."

    It all began a millennium ago-- three pompous princes were gifted three legends of the magical beasts called Pokemon. Suicune, Raikou, and Entei lived within their palace, but were mistreated and used only for conquering nations. The three beasts noticed the humans' want for power and glory, and thus cursed the three princes and the king of the long forgotten kingdom. The king and princes became half-human and half-Pokemon; they would uncontrollably shift into beasts and were branded witches by their own people. They were exiled by the kingdom and fled deep into the mountains.

    Fast forward to 2016; the curse, dubbed the Curse of Xanje as it was named after the king of the fallen kingdom, is still present throughout the world. But those afflicted by the curse have learned to control their powers and earn somewhat of a normal life. They are students, florists... they have struggled to keep their true selves in secrecy in fear of what the humans would do.

    It all changed when a rather arrogant shifter-- or half-blood --decided to reveal his true power to the humans. Taking on the form of a powerful Salamence, he ravaged his hometown and devoured those who faced him. After a long battle between the half-blood and several trainers, the feral beast fell at their hands. Instead of being purely horrified, governments around the world became intrigued-- there was no way that the Salamence half-blood was the only one of its kind. And so, they funded a group called the Syndicate: a group of trained hunters with one goal in mind-- to capture every half-blood and put them to good use, whether it be in the military or for experiments.

    Urakami City has always been somewhat peaceful; the Japanese city has had its fair share of issues, but nothing severely impacted it. The half-bloods there have lived quietly, attending university amongst humans and bonding with trainers themselves. It all changed when the Syndicate set up base in the very heart of the city, constantly patrolling the streets with specially trained Pokemon that could pick up a half-blood's scent with just a whiff of the air. The shifters have been backed into a corner. Some have claimed the forested areas nearby as their refuge and aggressively attack those who entered it. Instead of working together, they are at each other's throats, not willing to trust any of their own kind. Tension is escalating and they are becoming desperate. Their whole world is crumbling at their fingers as the jaws of despair are coming closer.
  2. This is interesting.
  3. Modern-day? WITH POKEBALLS?

    I mean, yeah, OK. Glad to see you back on track.
  4. This idea sounds really interesting to me! I really want to see where you take this!
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