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  1. A brush went through long red hair and soon a black hat was pulled snugly over it. A smile appeared on the girls face. "I can't believe I'm going to get my first Pokemon!" She ran down stairs and grabbed something from the table before rushing out "Bye mom!" She shouted back into the house before scurrying off. She could hear her mom call back from the kitchen window "Wait, Victory!" Victory cut short and returned giving her mother a hug then ran off "Goodbye!" Shouted her mother. Victory smiled and continued her way.
  2. If there was one thing that Chiara knew it was adventures, she had read all the books and been on a few of her own. They had an allure to them. They had endless possibilities, they were full of uncertainties and that made them exciting. Although Chiara would have rather enjoyed being out in the woods she kept having to bitterly remind herself that she needed to go into town for supplies. Even if she did find a rare Pokemon out in the woods it was pointless if she didn't have a Pokeball to catch it with.
    The town she found herself wandering into was remarkably small, only four or five houses in total. It was almost too good to be true. Like one of those pictures from a travel magazine. The sky above was the perfect shade of blue while the grass below was the right shade of green. She quickly scanned the roofs, looking for the distinctive blue color, and felt a pit grow in her stomach when she couldn't find one.
    "Excuse me miss, if you could take a moment from your day to direct me towards the nearest Pokemon Market I would be most grateful towards you." She said as she stopped the nearest person, a young girl roughly her age who seemed very eager to be getting somewhere.
  3. Victory stopped and looked at the girl. Trying not to seem too interested in her clothing, she snapped out of it and said "oh!" smacking her head softly with the palm of her she continued "thanks for reminding me!" As she lifted her face up a warm smile stay brightly across it. "I forgot all about supplies. Since we're going the same way, how about you just follow me?" You could tell this girl must have a drop of hyperactive in her. She talked slightly fast-paced, her eyes were bright and always looking for something, and she seemed to be energetic about everything.
  4. "Oh, well thank you. It is most generous of you to do so much for me. My name is Chiara, I thank you once more for your willingness to help a stranger. Do you happen to live here? I have only just wandered in myself." She said with a small smile, readjusting her backpack with a small turn of her shoulder.
    She started to walk before realizing how rude that was of her. Asking a question and not waiting for an answer. Mild blush crept over her checks and she turned, laughing nervously as she did so.
    "Forgive my eagerness, that was rather rude of me." She apologized timidly.
  5. "Don't worry about it. I do that a lot too." She went to walk beside her as they talked. "My name's Victory, and actually i live at the end of the road." She pointed towards her home and then looked back at her. "So, I'm guessing you're getting you're first Pokemon too?"
  6. "Oh, eh, well I actually already have a Pokemon. I only came into town too pick up a few Pokeballs." Chiara said rather quickly, frantically thinking of a way to change the subject away from her. She looked around for inspiration yet she couldn't find anything interesting enough. The more she tried to think of something the more flustered she got. What if this girl started asking more personal questions? What if she said something wrong? What if Uncle found out? It was clear from looking at her now she was one step away from a full blown panic attack.
    Luckily for her they found themselves in front of the Professors lab, taking the opportunity she quickly pointed it out to her companion. She couldn't deny she felt a rush of relief. She quickly opened went and opened the door for her friend, gesturing her inside with a swinging arm motion. She was trying to give a sincere and comforting smile yet it ended up looking rather strained.
  7. Victory's energy seemed to have drained from her. She walked in but stopped and said "uhm, I'm sorry if I said anything personal.." She murmured quietly glancing at her. She looked sincere...yeah, she didn't seem like the insensitive type. Before letting herself get the other girl anymore upset, she ran off to grab some supplies. Though she stayed nearby, she kept quiet and just picked up everything she needed.
  8. Chiara could tell she had unnerved the girl, probably because she had that miniature panic attack back there. She couldn't help but feel let down by that, she hadn't meant to scare the girl especially considering how friendly she had been to her. Although she wanted to reassure her friend that she hadn't been offended by her innocent questions she wasn't sure how to go about it. Instead she focused on finding the supplies she needed. She was somewhat disappointed by the small variety featured at the 'store' but found what she needed.
    It was strange for the store to double as a Pokemon research facility, perhaps the facility had no other ways of funding. As she glanced around at the various monitors on the wall she noticed something.
    "Eh, Victory? The professor left you a note. It says he had to go somewhere this morning due to urgent matters that needed his direct attention. He says he left your Pokemon and your Pokedex on his desk."
  9. The girl immediately perked up and spun around almost dropping her things. "Really?! I can't wait!" She finished shopping and paid for everything before racing off to the proffesor's desk. She looked down as she got there and picked up her pokedex. Looking further to the right she gasped. "You're so~cute!!" She picked up the Vulpix smiling. The Vulpix smiled back "Vul!! (Hi!!)" looking it over, she said. "Hmm..I'll call you...Flash!" Vulpix looked like he was thinking for a moment then shouted excitedly "Pix! Pix! (Ya! Ya!)"
  10. Chiara smiled at the moment, excited that she was able to witness such an important moment. Everyone would go on about how the first time they met their Pokemon was the most important of their lives, certainly it was an important moment for her. It was then that she felt out of place, the girl was experiencing such an important moment of her life. Chiara shouldn't be there, witnessing something so much more important than her.
    "Eh, I should get going. Thank you for helping me find my supplies, I wish you luck on your endeavors." She said with a short bow before turning to leave.
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    "Hey, wait!" Victory had put Flash on the ground and was smiling. "You seem pretty calm, and the professor said I need someone to help calm me down a bit." Victory turned her head a bit and grinned a bit more. "Do you wanna be partners? So we can start off the adventure together!" She then opened her eyes and had a straight face which didn't match her vibrant eyes at all. "Unless you already have a team. That's alright too."
  12. The most surprising thing about the proposal was without a doubt her straightforwardness. They had only just met, neither had done anything too explicit for the other, yet here she was asking Chiara a request more suited for a friend. Chiara could only stand there, paralyzed. The idea had some appeal to it, traveling the world and seeing the wonders of it, yet Chiara also knew how it would have to end. Something about this girl made that idea especially bitter.
    "I, I suppose I could. I mean, if you would take me along. I have to give you some fair warning though, I am rather troublesome to deal with. If you want a quick adventure I recommend finding a different company, I enjoy exploring." She eventually said, faintly hoping the girl would turn her back on her.
  13. Victory blinked a few times in response. This girl was confusing, but she could sense how she was feeling about her straightforwardness. "The reason I'm not asking a friend is because all of them think I'm crazy for doing this. None of them like Pokemon and all of them would rather just stay home and do mediocre stuff. That's what most of the girls in my area of the village our like, so I wanted to break the stereotype." She smiled a bit sadly. "That's why I was happy to find you. Another girl that's a trainer like me." She forcefully made her smile bright. " It's okay, though, I don't mind being by myself." Flash had looked up at Victory as she called to him. "Come on, Flash. We have a lot ahead of us!" She walked away but her gait was especially different from before. Flash looked at Chiara then to Victory before skipping ahead to walk beside her, looking a bit worried.