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  1. So, Jessica Stansel proposed a pokemon rp in the official pokemon fan club. We started out already, but of course, we wanted more to join. Maybe you aren't in the fan club, maybe you are and didn't see it, or maybe you would like to rp in your favorite childhood anime/game.

    All you have to do is sign up, and get an approval from all three GM's.

    Character Sheet

    Name :
    Age : (does not have to be ten. But two of the main characters are, while the third is 21)
    Gender :
    Starter : (if you're ten, has to be one of the starters from any gen, if you're older, can be any pokemon WITHIN REASON)
    Favorite Pokemon : (not needed, but it would be nice to know)
    Appearance : (pictures please. If you're not able to post one up, either tell us or put up a link. I like to know what my victims look like. (joke between me and inkling))

    Story So Far

    The story has just started. But to catch you up, two of the main characters (jessica and your's truly) were on their way to littleroot. They spotted bandits looking for eggs. After the bandits left, they ran to the lab in littleroot, then ran into the third main character (inkling). Now they've arrived at the lab. The rp starts there. (the start was in the official pokemon fan club, but now we're moving it to an actual thread)

    Your GM's

    Yours truly, D'evil
    Jessica Stansel (the one behind the idea to start this rp)
    Secluded Inkling

    You must respect your gm's. What they say, and I, is law. We all are nice and lenient, but if you're unfair or your actions are intolerable, measures will be taken to assure the happininess of your fellow rp'ers.


    Most of you guys have been here long enough to know the rules. But, just in case, I will but up basics for you. I don't want people going around doing what they want without consequences and saying "There were no rules" or "You didn't say we couldn't do that"

    Rule #1 : No godmodding. This is a basic, every-rp rule. (Unless you want a godmodding rp, than that's your thing)

    Rule #2 : Do not fight with the gm's or your fellow rp'ers. Leave that outside of the ooc and ic and take it to the staff or pm. I don't want no trouble.

    Rule #3 : Like I said earlier, GM's word is LAW. What we say, goes. If you feel one of us is unjust, we'll have a GM vote. (since there are three of us, majority rules)

    Rule #4 : The most important rule of all IS..... Have FUN. This is for us nerd loving, poke-fans. Or whatever you want to call us. It's suppose to be fun for all.


    Either ask one of the GM's in a pm, or you could post it here. I'm on most of the time while at home, so please, don't hesitate to contact one of us.

    IC Thread

  2. Name : Lily Karisa
    Gender : Female
    Starter : Snorunt and oshawatt
    Favorite Pokemon : Absol, Froslass, Tyranitar, Scizor, and Steelix.
    Appearance : pokemon_oc_yay_by_chi_chirumiru-d3guom5.png

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  3. :D yay~!!! It looks great~!!!
  4. You should put your char sheet inkling. Maybe a nice picture too.
  5. If you don't have a good picture, ask and I'll find one. That goes for anyone that joins.
  6. Name : Kameel
    Age : 14
    Gender : Female
    Starter : Arcanine named Arci.
    (only travelled a year because started late due to the professor telling her she wasn't ready. That's when she said screw it and went ahead)
    Favorite Pokemon : Hehe ^^ Raikou, Ninetails, Mew, Vaporeon, Arcanine, Blaziken, Houndoom, Mightyena, Dragonair, Quilava, and Teddiusra ^^
    Appearance : Platinum Blonde hair that runs down to upper thighs. Lilac eyes. Lightly sun-kissed skin, white holster sundress that has two toned strings sewed into it to match the two tones streamers of her hair accessory that ties in a bow, wears blue denim shorts under the dress, bright colorful sneakers that match her mix and matched colored bracelets, wears a neon colored rainbow necklace, and carries a messenger bag holding everything in need of use.

    I don't know if the person I described could even be found a picture of. Haha. ^^;
  7. Woot! I'm back and excited! By the way thaks for the heads up Inkling.

    Name: Seth

    Age: 15

    Gender: Male

    Starter: Combusken. Nicknamed pyro

    Appearance: 1115721.jpeg

    Fav pokemon: Too many to right down right now! But i'lld my fav types: Dragon, fire, fighting.
  8. No problem. ^^

    not sure about age... Kameel is close to Lily's age maybe a year older. I think jess's character is 10 though.
  9. Name: Zarrel

    Age: 10

    Gender: Male

    Starter: Treeko

    Appearance: I only have one pic of Zarrel so far and it's a team rocket pic of him. At the time I created Zarrel I made him to be a team rocket character so yeah sense I was a huge fan of team rocket when i created Zarrel's character in my mind and it was shortly after the "Busted" song Off the Phenius and Ferb Show came out. So yeah I'm still a fan of team rocket^^lol but I thought about making Zarrel out instead to be a good guy when I started playing him in this rp so I'll have to draw a non rocket pic of him before I can put it up here. But the team rocket pic of Zarrel is on my deviantart account in which my username on deviantart is haru181 if you want to take a look at the pic.

    Favorite pokemon: I like a whole lot of them. I love Eevee and all of Eevee's Evolution forms, I love dragon types, Ancient pokemon, Ghost types, Poison types..and many many others^^lol
  10. Name : Jamaul
    Age : 27
    Gender : Male
    Starter: Tropius named Beauty
    Appearance : Jamual.jpg (I know he's just a horrible re-color of a Black version 2 character, but the artist took my idea alright?)

    Small Bio: He's scientist hell-bent on perfecting Pokemon Cloning. (Maybe you all can meet him AT the lab you entered? lol)

    My personal favorite Pokemon is Hitmonlee, because I could just SEE a Bad-ass Hitmonlee using Muay Thai to kill someone. xD
  11. [MENTION=1460]DorianGray[/MENTION], you're good to go. I will have the ic up later today. I actually have to finish a project beforehand. [MENTION=2100]XxStephxX[/MENTION] your character is ok. Except, I need age. Also, depending on age, you'll have either a torchic or keep your combuskin.
  12. Ic thread is up. Secluded inkling, I don't think I could or should respond so we'll wait.
  13. Understandable. ^^ other people need the chance.

  15. I changed my ooc post. please answer those questions... im confuzzled.
  16. I was going off what D'Evil posted. ^^ I fixed my post to make it correct. Now post you butt. Heheh
  17. I am not a BUTT! I am a DORK! Big difference! XP

    Fine, I'll post as the Temporary Professor of Littleroot while Prof. Birch is away on business.
  18. I apologize for the confusion. Professor birch is existent. He's off getting chased by poocheyena. So yes Dorian, I figured you'd be his replacement as you have stated we would meet you there. You can be an assistant that tags along. I'd you want.
  19. Changed the age to 15. I'll post like a good girl once its accepted!