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  1. Here's what I had in mind

    this takes place in the fictitious region known as Kusarno
    Recently, Notyorus got into a fight with Flaventi this left the mighty lion injured which gave Flaventi a chance rise, and so he did. Using his powers, the great bird has caused chaos throughout the region. Wild pokemon have begun to attack trainers more frequently and a lot more viciously. Many pokemon have also begun to attack their trainers without a second thought. Groups of wild pokemon have also started attack towns and cities.

    Flaventi's goals are much like team plasma's, to free all pokemon from their trainers. He thinks that trainers are just enslaving their pokemon to do their bidding and are just tools for entertainment. Flaventi seeks to make pokemon on the top of the food chain once again and have them rule over their human masters


    Notyorus is the region's guardian, his main goal is to keep Flaventi's ambitions in check. he believes that the trainer pokemon relationship his one to behold and must be kept at all cost. Any time Flaventi tries to rise he's always there to stop him and make sure his goal is not met.

    Our characters are best friends or are dating (whatever you prefer) that have been planning to tour the region for a while now. They have never been outside of their cozy town known as Coraick and haven't really noticed these events until they start traveling.
    The legendaries are trying to convince the 2 into joining them.
    My plan is to have our characters slowly but surely drift apart due to their conflicting ideals. (one of our characters will side with Notyorus and the other will side with Flaventi. The outcome of the fight can be decided as we plot a bit more

    -some more info-
    -As our characters travel through the region, things get worse over time
    -The part where are trainers start to have diverging views is when a festival celebrating Notyorus happens (could happen anywhere/ anytime you want) and the 2 legendaries appear before them
    -The reason why the legendaries are after our characters is because there is something special about them (could be anything like they could talk to pokemon or it could be anything that doesn't involve our characters haveing something special
    -This rp doesn't have to be a one x one it could also be a limited group rp (about 4-6 characters)

    -Info about me-
    -PLEASE don't be discouraged about rping this plot because I'm a teenager I'm having a hard time finding rps because people don't want to rp with kids my age [​IMG]
    -I'm open to any other plots and am willing to do this plot with multiple people
    -I tend to post about a paragraph or 2 per post but, it really depends on how much you post
    -I pretty much only rp males but, I will make exceptions sometimes
    -I'm cool with any gender pairing
    -I use anime face claims
    -I tend to think of plots as we go along but, I'm sure I can come up with a plot if you give me a few elements you want in the rp
    -I'm not very experienced in romance rps so excuse me if I don't rp characters relationships too well. I am however at least decent at rping since I have been rping for almost 5 years now
    -I'm sorry for any grammar mistakes that could happen (I'm not the best ay grammar)
    -Check out my profile for more info
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  2. Hey, I'd definitely be up for doing this RP with you!
  3. Alright cool :3 would you want to do it as a limited group or a private rp
  4. I'd be up for either, though I'd definitely prefer having a couple more people. Waiting to see if others are interested sounds good.
  5. Someone called?

    But yes, Group RP please. What are the limits on Pokemon I can have? I'm thinking of starting off with both Wishiwashi and Tynamo.

    I would prefer to be seperate from the group, then meet them during the journey.
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  6. Oh, and @Solgaleo is looking for Pokemon RPs before SM's release. Can you handle two?
  7. Alright, we'll do it as a group then :3

    @Crow sure, that's no problem you can have any pokemon really. when are you planning on joining the group?
  8. I'm thinking that your characters could be lost in their first cave since... well... it's their first cave. That will be when my character pops in.

    The cave could be connected to the seas in some way, said seas leading to her home archipelago, allowing her to bring them home.

    My character will be some sort of water tribesperson of sorts, and everyone in her tribe uses Aquatic Pokemon.

    So my Starting Team is Tynamo and Wishiwashi then. Alrighty.
  9. I'm pretty interested, and I've had a pokemon character that I've wanted to play for a while now.

    On a related note, what's your stance on people playing Gym Leaders? Ideally in a sort of mentor role?
  10. Well since people are saying the characters they're going to play, I'm just going with what was listed and playing a girl from Coraick. Gotta have some characters who actually fit the role right?

    Also, I think having Wishiwashi isn't the greatest idea since it isn't, you know, even released yet.
  11. @Eon that's fine your character can be a gym leader just as long as they join the group

    @Crow I could be wrong but, I don't think there are any locations like that on the map

    My character will be a guy who lives in Coraick, his starting team will be Noibat and Growlithe.

    You guys can have multiple characters if you want and everyone from Coraick will already be friends.
  12. If that's the case, I guess I'll just have her meet the krew halfway... somewhere.

    Which route will you guys be taking first? Ancient Pokemon Temple or Crystal Lake?
  13. Also @AT-LOW what is your verdict on me using Wishiwashi?
  14. @AT-LOW I already have ideas for my character. She'll have a Misdreavus, but there's something else I'll want to check on.

    So, my idea is that her father was a Pokemon explorer, and when he divorced and left the family he left a box of stuff for my character to have. My idea is that:
    1. In the box is an artifact that my character and her friends (anyone from the town) accidentally break, exposing them to something, and this makes them special in SOME way, which is why the legendaries would want them.
    2. This is a bit iffy. I was thinking that maybe there's a Phione egg in the box. It won't hatch right away obviously, but she'll have this egg well into the journey.
  15. I had plans to invite one more person but it appears that @AT-LOW has been inactive for a week with no known evidence or reason.
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