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  1. I've been getting into a mood to do a Pokémon RP.... But with Fakemon that I create. I mean, I love the original Pokémon, and I know it'll be a lot of work, but I think it would be fun making Fakemon and using them in our own personal adventure through a new region. I'm not sure about the plot or anything yet, since I want to see if people are interested before putting the time into it. I already have ideas for the normal flying type and the 1st stage of the starters, as well as a region. I'm not sure though ^^' Up to you guys. Though, as a warning, my Pokémon RPs tend to be a little darker than the games or anime. Darker in theme, and higher in maturity. Um... So yeah, here's the doodles I made of the starters (as you get them, haven't created their evolutions yet). The Water type is based off a Hippocampus, and it's final typing will be Water/Steel. The Grass type is based off the Kirin, and it's final typing will be Grass/Psychic. And the Fire type is based off a Phoenix & Peacock, and it's final typing will be Fire/Fairy.

    Poke Starter Hipposplash.png

    Poke Starter Peaflame.png

    Poke Starter Seedrin.png
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  2. Fun! I think I'd personally choose Seedrin. I would definitely roleplay this with you... bonus points if I could add a few of my own fakemon.

    (I just wanna say, and I seriously don't mean offense, that "Hipposplash" is kind of a funny name, and that Seedrin's back looks a lot like Shaymin's. ^w^)
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  3. Any Fakemon is welcomed as long as it's your own ^^' I don't really want to use Fakemon someone else worked hard on without their permission. And yeah, I couldn't think of better names. I couldn't even think of a good unique typing for the Water starter, so it ended up being Water/Steel since I could actually picture it ^^' I was going to have Hipposplash, Hipporain, and Hippour for the names of the Water stater, but yeah pretty silly. And I honestly didn't think of Shaymin. I just thought of combining seed and kirin, but Seerin didn't sound right. As for the back, I was actually thinking of Deerling. I just didn't want it pure grass, it looked bland, so I added pink flowers ^^'
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  4. Ahh, I see! That makes sense!

    Well, as I said, I would love to join. Do you need help with setting up a plot? I think a good first step would be to choose/create a region. Let me know if you need help.
  5. All help is very welcome ^^ As for the region, I have that thought out. It will be based off Hawaii and called the Tolnia Region. I had a group with it before but it fell through. It was a reserve region, where you had to catch Pokémon a certain way.
  6. (I keep looking at Peaflame and thinking 'aw, don't cry! I love you too, I just don't like fire-type starters that much!' Those EYESSSS)

    A certain way? Well, that might complicate things! Haha. Tell me about the region so I can have a little background to work with.

    As for ideas that just came to mind, well, a plotline is nothing without a goal, and when it comes to plots in pokémon, you can't do it without antagonists. My idea was a group with a rich/professional theme, where everyone was in it for money. Turns out the girl/guy at the top only needed so much money to pay to take care of his/her little son/daugther, who had a weird and incurabledisease. (S)he thought (s)he could pay scientists to find a solution, but in the end it would be hopeless... without the RPers, who ended up finding the thing/pokémon that solved it, thus bringing an end to his/her craze and his/her group. In order for the underlings let them leave the region, you'd have to pay them an insane amount of Poké, or defeat the whole organization. RPers would need to find information on the guy/girl leading the group and defeat him/her, then solve his/her problem, in order for him/her to evacuate his/her grunts. Could be Team Platinum. I dunno, though. What have you got?

    (:c Sorry your old rp didn't work...)
  7. Yeah, I think it was a little too complicated ^^' Um basically, you would have a ranger capture stylus and pokeballs to capture the Pokémon. Like you would use the stylus to befriend the Pokémon and when the capture ends, the Pokémon would choose to go with the trainer or not. The villains were poachers. But yeah, too complicated. I think I'll recycle the region but take out the reservation and such. I'm also trying to base the Pokémon on Mythology or folklore ^^
    Also, it's a tropical island with a volcano in the center.
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  8. I actually came up with a lot of Pokémon with the help of a friend using mythology ^^
    I don't have their names, evolutions, or designs yet but I have what they're based off of and their final typing.

    I got the starters already mentioned, Hippocampus (whose final form will be a Kelpie), Kirin, and Phoenix/ Peacock. Here's the rest I got so far in no particular order:

    Jackalope: Dark/Psychic (based both on the mythical creature and the Rabbit on the Moon)
    Hedgehog: Electric (Surprisingly does have some folklore)
    Griffon: Flying/ Electric
    Wendigo: Ghost/Dark
    Wolf: Electric/Fire (has some mythos, like a wolf destined to destroy the world XD)
    Tanuki: Grass/Psychic
    Chimera: Fire/Poison
    Cerberus: Fire/Dark (pre-evo Orthrus)
    Basilisk: Flying/Poison
    La Guita Xica: Dragon
    Pixiu: Flying/Fighting
    Bake-Kujira: Water/Ghost
    Airauata: Water/Flying
    Santelmo: Fire/Ghost
    Sphinx: Ground/Rock
    Ahuizotl: Water/Normal
    Enfield: Flying/Normal
    Hydra: Dragon/Poison
    Wyvern: Dragon/Steel

    Peryton: Grass/Flying
    Catoblepas: Water/Ground
    Dryad: Grass/Fairy
    Gargoyle: Rock/Flying
    Imp: Psychic/Fire
    Manticore: Dragon/Poison
    Minotaur: Ground/Fighting
    Death Mantis: Dark/Bug
    Dragonfly: Dragon/Bug (There's some mythos behind it. It's literally a dragon the size of a fly)
    Killer Bee: Bug/Flying (kinda ripping off Beedrill, but not really....)
    King Moth: Ghost/Bug
    Giant Spider: Bug/Steel
    Nymph: Water/Fairy
    Pegasus: Flying/Ice (evolves from a pure Ice type with certain item)
    Unicorn: Ice/Psychic (evolves from the same Pokémon Pegasus does with certain item)
    Reindeer: Ice/Grass (Santa? :D)
    European Dragon: Ice/Dragon
    Polyphemus: Ground/Psychic

    And yeah.... That's all I got.... We need a little more Fairies, Grass, Steel, Normal, and Fighting. I think.... I dunno...
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  9. Oh, cool! Actually, I made up sort of a mammalian kind of dragon that is Normal/Dragon and evolves once into a Fighting/Dragon. I also came up with a Poison/Electric sprite... Would these have a place in this rp? Mind if I show them to you?

    As for the others, I could help you design some of them. Just hand me a few and I'll show you my impressions!
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  10. Both are welcome ^^ They sound cool! Also we can have thirteen each to design and make evolutions for. Take your pick, first half or second half? And remember, not all need three stages or any stages at all ^^
  11. Hm... I can draw up the first half, if you don't mind. Also, there are 37 ideas on your list, not 26. o.O

    Also... Here are the dragon ones, Drakkit and Felgine. I haven't actually drawn the last one digitally yet. Fakemon Drakkit.png Fakemon Felgine.png
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  12. It's so cute XD I love it! And 37, yeah. I can't do math properly when I first wake ^^' And the first half is yours! Let me find out where it cuts off.... Seems to cut off at Hydra unless you want the Wyvern too? One half will have 18 the other will have 19.
  13. I'll take the first 19. I'll show you when I've finished, say, two or three at a time. :D
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  14. Thank you so much for your help ^^
  15. Lunany
    Fakemon Lunany.png
    Fakemon Effedge.png
    Shockrif (Evolves, see below)
    Fakemon Shockrif.png
    Fakemon Grivvolt.png

    Let me know if I'm doing anything wrong. :3
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  16. Next batch, ready!

    Witigore (You said your rps "tend to be a little darker", so I didn't hold back. Hope this is ok)
    Fakemon Witigore.png
    Felecta (Evolves into Elflame)
    Fakemon Felecta.png
    Elflame (Evolves into Flouput)
    Fakemon Elflame.png
    Fakemon Flouput.png
  17. Round 3!

    Fakemon Tanuriif.png
    Fakemon Miera.png
    Fakemon Orthwarm.png
    Fakemon Cerberhot.png

    That's it for my drawing today. I'll get back to this tomorrow. :3
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