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  1. pokemon rp

    ok so the rp will start in hoen but will carry into the others. please start of with only one char but others can be created later(just ask). all of us are freinds who grew up together in petalburg and are just starting our adventure. because we are playing in hoen you should pick your starter to be a hoen starter (treeko, torchic, or mudkip). you char can be a cooridinator, or a trainer, heck you can even be both. it is ok to creat a secondary char who only shows up during contests or the pokemon leage, if you ask(and if so do not make them to op remember they are only a secondary char). you can also ask to play as a gym leadr when ever one of us does a gym battle.

    char sheet recommendations
    on your char sheet please list the following (this is also my char sheet)

    age:10(we are all only ten)
    likes: grass types, food, sleep, water types
    dislikes: ghost and dark types
    perso: very out going, funny and careless. he will dash into any situation without much hesitation
  2. OMG! I was listening to the Pokemon theme when I found this.
    I am unfamiliar with Hoenn, but I know the okemon and the main structure of the other games.

    Name- Lucinda. (loo-sin-du)
    gender- female
    age - 10
    starter- does it have to be an actual starter? if so, torchic. I would rather have Bagon
    likes- ghost, dark, and psychic types.
    dislikes- normal and bug types. also hates idiot humans.
    perso-feirce, but smart and calculating.
  3. Yea I would like it to be a real starter and don't worry, your char can just be a stay at home all there life person so you don't need to know about hoen, my char can help guid you
  4. Hey, it's been awhile. Well, I created another Pokemon Rp called Kidnapped to Kalos.

    Anyway, wanna just move this to a one on one RP since nobody else joined?