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  1. hello, so i am looking to do a pokemon rp. this is very short because i would like to set up the rp with the people so just reply if you are interested. thanks​
  2. I'm interested. What do you have in mind?
  3. Depending on the plot I may join
  4. Yup! I'd love to join.
  5. Well like I said we will build the plot together and I guessed four of us sounds good so how about what region do you guys want to start in, I would like it to be hoen
  6. I'm cool with hoen, can we catch poke on not native to hoen though?
  7. Yeah of course just not to over powered misfortune Pokemon need to be sorta week. When you get them, but there is always the super strong oddball, also I was thinking we start out together all of us as gerunds from the same home town and we go on an adventure together
  8. Ok cool, sounds awesome.....we just need the other two's confirmation
  9. or you and me start in horn and they start in onather region after us
  10. Yeah We could
  11. ok let me make a group real quick
  12. Ok, FYI it's getting kinda late where I am and I have school tomorrow so I'll be going to sleep soon
  13. ok so about how much longer do you have
  14. About 5 mins, but if you want to make the thread I'll respond sometime tomorrow hopefully in the morning while I'm at school
  15. ok cool, there will be a char sheat thread and a story thread, put your char in the char sheet one to get started
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  16. Sounds good to me guys
  17. Totally interested!

    What system are you running..?
  18. I woulden't mind joining
  19. Still have a spot for one more? :3
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