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    Lily thought about what they said. Of coarse, she would never force Geisha to evolve. She wanted what was best for her best friend. She was the closest Lily had to a sister. And if she wanted to be a snorunt for awhile, she'll let her.

    Lily and the others arrived at the lab. She didn't know what to expect. She was so used the one back home, but knew everyone was different. For all she knew, the professor could be a guy. And everything could be retro looking, or even futuristic. He or she could have technology beyond that of every other pokemon professor.

    As she stepped in, she noticed the professor was a man. And he had wickedly cool hair. The second thing she noticed was his tropias. She was beautiful. She stood there in amazement at how cool the lab was.
  2. Kameel walked in with smile on her face. It was awhile since she saw him. Even though at that time, he told her she wasn't ready. All he ever did was see her as a child. She decided to play it off as nothing happened in the past nor that she knew him. Arcanine tried to push his body in bit it was no use. She gave a chuckle and shook her head. "Sorry Arci. Stay out side." Her lilac eyes looked around. Nothing had changed it was the same boring lab, she used to tell the professor needed a redecorated view. The professor didn't even really change. Her eyes rolled letting her body fall against the nearest wall letting the others take care of business. Kameel twisted her hair and dangled it to one side. Another scientist looked oddly familiar. Was he there back in those days too? This man's hair was brown with a green tail and his skin pale. She shrugged it off. Oh well.
  3. Zarrel walked into Professor Birch's lab and looks around the place facinated by all of the technology around him as scientific studies were a particular interest of his as well as being a pokemon trainer. He still holds the pokemon egg in his arms securely as well.
  4. Jamual looked up from his capsule depositor.

    "Ah! One second you three! I'll be there in a moment!" he called out to the 3 children you had just walked in. He then pushed his goggles more securely on his face, and hit the huge red button in front of him. His capsule depositor hummed loudly, glowed many colors, then promptly exploded. Jamual coughed and sputtered to get the smoke out of his face. He removed the goggles and stared sadly at his destroyed invention.

    "Aw dang it. I had hoped that would work. Guess I put too much tension in the Hydro Coil..." Jamual sighed, then turned to the his new arrivals.

    "Well, anyway~ Hello you three! How can this humble Temp. assist you?" he asked with a huge grin.
  5. Lily looked at the crazy looking temp. His project had exploded. At first it smoked. But as the man walked up to them, his project caught fire. Immediately geisha ran over to the fire, sending the egg in the air, and rolled in the fire. Lily quickly caught the egg in the air. After a minute of rolling around in the fire, geisha's body temperature put it out.

    Lily stopped staring at her snorunt and looked at the temp. "Hi. I'm lily. That cutie over there is geisha." She said, pointing to the soot covered snorunt. "These are my friends zarell and kameel. We're here to give these eggs to the professor so he could take care of them. When will he be back?" She asked, a confused expression on her face as she noticed there was no one else there.
  6. Jamaul merely smiled. "Ah yes, he told to expect that this might happen. Yes, Prof. Birch left on a Safari Trip with a couple other Professors. He left me in charge until he returned. So, in the interest of time: where did you happen to get these eggs?" he asked.

    It was true Prof. Birch left him in charge, but that was until May arrived... which she had... 2 days ago. She had declined the responsibility, and had instead resigned to staying in the back office and using her PokeGear to call and talk to her boyfriend Brendan. Jamaul frowned on this, but he understood her want to talk to him. He was currently on Victory Road, training to take on the Elite Four. He was a good kid.
  7. Her lilac eyes shifted. She knew this guy just didn't know how. Her tossed her hair back behind her and pushed her self off the wall. Not want to boggle her mind too much by it, Kameel walked towards the exit of the lab. Her hand gripped in Arci's fur as he yanked her on his back. He ran in circles causing the young lass to bust out in laughter. Even when she fell off of him, she couldn't stop laughing. Especially when he pounced over to her and attacked her with licks. Kameel rolled out from under him and began to run around playing tag.
  8. Plop... Plop..

    "Mhmmm..." Plop...

    "Ahh im up!" Seth screamed as another acorn plunged down to his tender skull. He looked around for a moment, grasping the situation. "Oh yeah.. I forgot" Seth fallen asleep under the shade of a tree in whatever forest this was. Sadly,he didn't know exactly where he was. They had been traveling for what seemed like forever and-. Seth killed his own thought by roughly knocking on the base of the tree. Suddenly, out fell his trusted firery partner, Pyro. Pyro landed on its feet with not a sound, it was more of the strong silent type. Seth rose to his feet with a long yawn. The morning breeze blew his cool dark hair back passed his onyx eyes as he took a glance at the sky. "Have a good rest bro?" Pyro gave a slight nod. "Cool. Any idea where we are this time?" Pyro shook his head no.
    "Heh, Thought so.. Well let's cover some ground and find out. Maybe we can get some battles in on the way eh?" Pyro nodded once more."Don't worry you'll become a Blaziken one day...The strongest." With that they begana casual stroll

    With Pyro's sharp eye they spotted a road. Following it lead them to a little town. After what seemed like more uneccessary traveling the pair stumbledupon what seemed like a pokemon lab. Seeing it as an interesting looking joint Seth decided to barge ininvited and laid eyes on a unusual looking room. Outside was a girl and a boy, a professor and.. eggs? Thescent of recent flame lingered aswell. Outside was a girl riding an Arcinine. Even Pyro was a little thrown off. "Eh..?" Seth mumbled as he looked towards his partner.

    Deeming the inside view to be boring Seth glanced over his shoulder to the girlplaying with her pokemon. "Hmm.. Fire type"
  9. Zarrel looks to Jamual and says "Well we found the eggs I guess in the midway between my hometown in Oldale and here. Two guys looking to be from one of those pokemon trainer team gangs were after all three of the eggs." He looks down at the pokemon egg he's holding and then says "The pokemon who layed these eggs was scared off I think because no pokemon was around when we found the eggs."

    Zarrel then looks and sees another guy with a combuskin just outside the lab and says to himself ~"There's another person with an evolved pokemon. Guess that person has been on his journey for a while too."

    Zarrel after noticing hin turns to see Kameel playing tag with her Arcanine and smiles thinking in his mind "They seem to be having a lot of fun."
  10. Lily set both eggs down and ran to her snorunt. She began cleaning off geisha, wiping all the soot off with her sleeves. Soon, she was covered in the darkened ash. Lily giggled at how dirty she looked. It was strange to be covered in ashes when your Pokemon was an ice type.

    Lily stood up, geisha in her arms. Looking outside, she could see a new face. The trainer looked to be older than her but younger then kameel. He also had a combuskin following him. He must be good to have evolved torchic. She herself couldn't even evolve her snorunt.
  11. "Ah, well there are a lot of those Poke-nappers out and about aren't there. Well, ashamed to say you can't trust me with those. I'm the curious sort you see. But there is someone you CAN leave those with. Pardon me- MAY! Get your lazy toochus out here! I have a favor to ask!" Jamaul yelled out.

    May's head poked out of the back office, her typical red bandana wrapped around her head. "What do you WANT Jamaul?!? I'm busy!"

    "C'mon May, let Brendan train in peace! I need your help with these-"

    "OMIGOSH!" May squealed. "Eggs! And a cute little Snorunt! Why didn't you call me out sooner?!?" She ran out of the room, snagged the Snorunt out of the trainer's arms and squeezed it in a squee filled hug, before turning to Jamaul again. "What's that smell?"

    "Nother experiment blew up in my face... literally this time."

    "Not gonna give up are you?"

    "Never!" he replied indignantly.
  12. Zarrel says seeing May snatch up Lily's Snorunt "Umm. Okay then." He holds the egg he has in his arms and steps towards the other two eggs that are on the floor behind him.

    He looks to Lily who just had her pokemon snatched from her and then looks to May again seeing her squeezing Snorunt like she is and it starts making him feel a little bit nervous.

    He looks to Jamaul again while standing next to the two eggs at his feet and holding the one in his arms securely.
  13. Lily looked at May in disbelief. She's never had geisha token away from her. And all of a sudden, some random girl decides it'll be ok to do so. She didn't want to be mean of coarse, so she just let it be. Realizing her pokeball was missing from her belt, she walked over to zarrel. "Hey, could I have my oshawatt back? Seeing as how we are out of danger and you could your starter once Professor Birch comes back."

    As she said his name, the professor walked into the lab. His face was that of confusion. It was a strange sight to behold when you've only been out for a few days. He didn't bother with the others outside. Just those in his lab. "Hello May. Is that someone else' snorunt? And Jamaul, why is part of my lab smoking? Why couldn't you have waited for me to return?" He then looked over to the two new kids that were there. "And who might you two be? Come to get your starters?"

    Lily looked at the professor. "No. I have my starter. But Zarrel here doesn't have his. Me and him came here cause we found three eggs with no mother. We were wanting to know if you'd take care of them?" Her last statement was more expecting than a question. She wouldn't know how to raise the eggs. Especially if geisha was around. She'd freeze the egg before it hatched.
  14. Zarrel gives Lily's Oshawatt back to her and then walks over to Professor Birch holding the egg he carried to the lab in one arm and the egg Lily's Snorunt carried to the lab in his other arm. The third egg is propped up next to his backpack on the floor. Zarrel politely introduces himself to Professor Birch saying "It's nice to meet you Professor Birch. I'm Zarrel and I come from Oldale Town."
  15. Seth watched, his expression as nonchalant as it could possibly be. Two more "colorful" characters entered the odd mix. One of them was loud anda little annoying. He glanced down at his partner for a moment. It seemed as though Pyro was glaring intently at the other fire type being ridden by the younger girl . "Why don'tcha go say hi man?" Seth joked and received a scoff in reply. "Heh, Whatever. I'm just waiting for this to end so we can get some directions to the nearest gym. Pokemon to catch and battles to win... We need a team" Pyro gave a slight nod. Seth stood silently by the entrance, leaning on thewall behind him
  16. Zarrel looks outside at to the combusken and it's trainer and to Kameel riding her Arcanine again and then he looks at the table where the starter pokemon that are inside the pokeballs lay.
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    Professor Birch looked at the kid. "Well, Zarrel from oldale. I assume your here to get your starter. Now. Over on that table, I have three different Pokemon. You are allowed to take one. Now. Go on."

    Lily walked outside. She pointed at the kid with the combustion. "I challenge you to a battle." She said, wanting to test out her oshawatt.
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    Zarrel nods and walks over to the table and finds Treeko's pokeball and takes it off the table then looks to Professor Birch walking back over to him and says "I've picked Treeko Professor Birch." Zarrel then hears Lily's challenge and looks to the doors.
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    She ran after Arci as she was 'it'. Round and round a tree then behind buildings, then so on. Moments later, Arcanine stopped suddenly about to run into the kid slightly older that her in front of him. Kameel accidentally ran into Arci and fell to the ground. "You butt!" Kameel reached her feet then dusted off her sundress. She'd die if ti got any grass stains. Kameel walked around seeing a guy she didn't think she recognized for around the town. "I'm really sorry. Happy Arci didn't run into you though." The young lady smiled as she tried to be friendly. She suddenly heard the familiar female voice. Her head turned to see lily point to the male teenager in front of them.
  20. Jamaul smiled at the preceedings. Young trainers and their freedom. Man, he wished he could do what they were doing. Travel the world, finding new pokemon, figuring out special mysteries behind pokemon,... living their dreams. He sniffled a little, knowing he couldn't do that. He had a commitment to Prof. Birch. He owed the old guy everything.

    He sighed loudly, not meaning to. Either way he caught Prof. Birch's attention. He gave a meek smile and looked the other way, towards the battle beginning outside.

    Oh, look a distraction! he thought, then rushed outside to watch. "Beauty! Come on you!" he called to his Tropius on his way out.