WORLD SHOWCASE (Pokemon RP Planning) Regional Variants!

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  1. This was the best section I could find to dump my info.

    Basically, I plan Pokemon RPs from time to time and when I bumped into Alola forms, I pondered - why not make my own?

    Basically, regional variants are Pokemon adapted to the environment they live in. For instance, Alolan Vulpix is adapted to snowy terrains, while regular Vulpix is not.

    To avoid conflicting with canon, these will be used only in RPs with custom regions, allow Fakemon, or both.

    While this is a little personal, you are free to suggest ideas of your own and see if you're good at making your own regional variants!

    So there we have it. There we go.

    Regions are listed as ???.

    There will certainly be more to come soon.

    Gen 1


    Gen 2


    Gen 3

    Trapinch Line (open)

    Added 02/11/16

    In Hoenn, these beasts are spirits of the sand. But in ???, they thrive in waters. There are tales that long ago, many merchants traversed the seas by Flygon. These Flygon laid their eggs in sandy beaches of ???, allowing Trapinch to thrive. Over time, Trapinch were driven out of the beaches by native species, forcing them to adapt to the waters.

    Trapinch | Water | Swift Swim/Hyper Cutter
    ??? Trapinch are of a transparent texture, much like glass, and their internal organs are visible. In place of their stealthy trapping tactics, Trapinch are very agile in water and can outrun prey, but are very slow on land.

    Vibrava | Water/Dragon | Swift Swim/Hyper Cutter
    ??? Vibrava are noticeably red in hue compared to their desert-dwelling relatives. In place of wings, they have evolved great pincers. These sea dwellers use great pinsirs to snip prey and consume them.

    Flygon | Water/Dragon | Sheer Force/Hyper Cutter
    ??? Flygon possess great shells that protect them, and are noticeably larger than their Hoenn cousins. Their larger, more sturdy pincers are a great threat to many. Their red hue allows them to blend into the red corals of ???, to hide and capture unsuspecting prey.
    While illegal, some would do anything to traffick the meat of ??? Flygon, as it is said to be delectable and valuable.

    This line is supposed to resemble lobsters. Because.
    And yes. They learn Crabhammer.
    I initially did this in mind - what if Flygon lacked Levitate and Trapinch retained Sheer Force when it evolved?

    Gen 4


    Gen 5


    Gen 6


    Gen 7

  2. THIS IS A WONDERFUL IDEA! Can I help out?
  3. Go ahead.
  4. Here are my ideas of what Pokemon should get regional variants!
    So we should definitely pick Gen 1 Pokemon that they haven't made yet:
    Weedle Evolution Line
    Clefairy Evolution Line
    Oddish Evolution Line - Plant variants! :D
    Growlithe Evolution Line - Elements?
    Horsea Evolution Line

    Gen 2 Pokemon:

    Wooper Evolution Line
    Swinub Evolution Line
    Houndour Evolution Line
    Teddiursa Evolution Line - Different types of bears?
    Shuckle - It needs love XD

    Gen 3 Pokemon:

    Wurmple Evolution Line
    Skitty Evolution Line
    Sableye - Different gems
    Cacnea Evolution Line

    I think those are good for now. Tell me what you think? Eventually I'll be able to draw up some of these too!
  5. I think Growlithe and Arcanine deserve the Water typing, just like the rumours of their Alola forms that, unfortunately, turned out to be false.
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  6. Most definitely. They deserved to be Alola forms :c
    What do you think of Weedle's evolution line to have the typing of Bug/Dark? :o
  7. Maybe make Weedle and Kakuna the same, while making ??? Beedrill Bug/Dark.

    Don't forget the Mega evolution.
  8. The Bulbasaur line has limitless potential for variants. Just imagine all the different kinds of Bulbies you can make just by swapping the bulb out for something else.

    Like, just off the top of my head -- a water-type Bulbasaur with a lily pad on its back that allows it to float in the water. I imagine it would also have webbed feet and overall look very frog-like, probably blue-green in color.


    Water/Ground Magikarp and Ground/Dragon Gyarados. The ground variant of Magikarp is accustomed to living in shallow, muddy water -- such as that of swamps, or dried-up streams or lakes. When it evolves, it gains the ability to easily create tunnels in the ground, and moves deeper inland, often to drier areas. This form of Gyarados, while rare, is known to cause massive property damages whenever it starts to encroach on cities and towns.


    Poison/Water Lapras -- Unlike its ice-type cousin, this variant of Lapras dwells in tropical waters, and is an eye-catching hot pink color. While it is gorgeous to look at, its bright colors should be taken as a warning of the powerful venom released by the spikes on its shell, which are also much sharper than that of a typical Lapras.

    I will probably have more to share later. owo
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