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    • Red and Ruby, brother ans sister, have just obtained their Pokemon licences and are ready to collect their first Pokemon.

      This new region has all the Pokemon starters available to choose from and every Pokemon is available to catch in the wild. In this region Pokemon are also twice their normal size.

      The sister has always looked up to her brother and also has a little crush on him.

      After having their starters for a while they meet a strange man who offers to give each of them a valuable and rare evolution stone for a very unusual request.
    • Kinks:
      Anal, Sex with Pokemon/Pokemorphs, Incest, Public Sex, Tentacles
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      Left: Red, 16. Heroic, Competitive and Possessive. Right: Ruby, 15. Kind, Energetic and a Closeted Pervert

    April 5, 2016 7 A.M.
    In a small rural village called Fish Town, the morning sun crested the horizon and golden light poured in through the house of two young siblings and their mother. A calls of several bird Pokemon fill the air with joyous sounds and the morning bustle begins.

    In a small room upstairs, a young man arises from his slumber. He stretches and give a great yawn. Smacking his lips. rubs his eyes and looks out the window. When reality sinks in he leaps out of bed with a "Yipee!" He was really excited, because he had just passed his Pokemon licence exam and was getting his starter Pokemon in little over an our.

    Without a care he runs out of his room into the hallway in his boxers and heads straight into the bathroom to get ready. Unfortunately, it was already occupied. His younger sister, Ruby was one step ahead of him like normal. She, however, forgot to lock the door and when he saw her, his face turned red, and his morning erection poked with new energy out the fly of his trousers.
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  1. As morning comes around Ruby awoke to the sound of her pokeball alarm clock. She almost hit snooze before she realized what day it was. "Finally!" She jumps up out of bed, running down the hall to the bathroom.

    She started undressing from her pikachu pajamas to hop in the shower. By the time Red walked in She was completely nude except her pink and white horizontally striped panties. It takes her a moment for it to register before her face turns beat red and she covers her breasts.

    "H-hey! Learn to knock!" Her eyes drift lower to his erection and her face gets even redder. 'It's so big...' she thought to her self before shaking the thought from her head. "Get out!" She pushes him out, locking the door after. She takes a deep breath before getting her panties off, which now had a wet spot on them from her dirty thoughts.
  2. Red couldn't believe his eyes, he had never noticed his sister like this before. She was really hot. When she snapped at him to get out, his brain was brought back to reality. "I'm so sorry, Ruby." He covered his eyes and let her push him out. After the door shut, he leaned against it and sighed, trying to drive the embarrassment out. His penis was still rock hard, and it probably would be for some time.

    He tried to shrug it off this was his big day, so he decided to go downstairs for some breakfast while waiting for his sister to get finished in the bathroom. He went down stairs and got himself and his sister bowls of cereal ready. He poured milk in his own and started to munch down. He wasn't sure where his mother was, she was probably out in the garden doing some work.
  3. Unlike Red, Ruby decided to take care of her situation while she was in the shower. As she masterbated she moaned Red's name. After finishing she washes up and gets dressed into her normal clothes.

    She goes down to the kitchen, ready to go already, though she'd accidentally left her old clothes on the bathroom floor where he could see them. She blushes again as she sees Red and remembers him seeing her as well as her seeing him. "Is mom in the garden again?" She sits down, pouring milk into her cereal and eating.
  4. "Uh, yeah." He said, he wanted to be excited with his sister. They were about to go on an adventure together, but that embarrassing moment kinda ruined it. He wanted to fix it but wasn't sure how. He finished up his cereal and when he felt she wasn't paying attention hurried upstairs, still sporting his erection (now hidden away in his boxers).

    He noticed her clothes on the floor, especially the pair of striped panties. He picked them up and looked them over. There was a little bit of slick goo in the crotch. His erection flared full again and he couldn't help himself. He got into the shower, and with his sister's panties began furiously masturbating. He felt so ashamed of himself for being so attracted to his sister. But what was a young man to do. Afterward, he went into his room and got dressed.
  5. Soon enough Ruby finished eating and went up to her room. She noticed that she forgot to take her clothes out so she starts packing while she waits for her brother to finish in the shower. When she hears him get out she goes into the bathroom to get her clothes.

    As she picks them up she notices that her panties are stickier than before and damp with water. She blushes at the thought of her brother using them to get off, wiping some of his cum off them and tasting it. "It's salty... but good." She goes to his room, knocking before going in.

    She smirks a bit, holding her panties up. "Care to explain Onii-chan?" She giggles and walks closer.
  6. Red looks at his sister, his face going red to pale green looking at her panties. Ruby never calls him Onii-chan unless she's teasing him or in a funny mood. "Uh.." He stutters and finds himself a bit speechless. "I don't know what you mean? You just left them on the bathroom floor."

    He turns away from her in shame and picks up his backpack. He was carrying enough dry rations for a week, a small pop-up tent, a sleeping bag and a few sets of clothing. He put it on his back and before his sister could continue, he said, "Let's hurry, up and get our Pokemon. We're going to be late. Aren't you excited?" He walked out after that question and headed to the back yard where their mother was tending the garden.
  7. Ruby giggles, allowing him to change the subject. "Ya I am!" She brings her clothes to her laundry basket and puts her backpack on. "Let's go Red!" She runs outside to wait for him.

    'I won't forget what he did to my panties though' She thought to herself, blushing a bit. 'It means he at least thinks I'm good looking, even if he doesn't feel the same as I do.'
  8. Red and Ruby stood outside in the backyard and their mother was there tending the garden like they figured. She stood up and wiped some sweat off her brow, from working hard. She took off her gloves and placed them aside. Walking over to her kids she place a kiss on their foreheads and said, "Oh, my babies are all grown up and ready to get their first Pokemon." She sniffed and wiped a tear from her eyes.

    "I hope you guys have a fun time. Don't forget to write home and visit from time to time." She pulled them together in a group hug and kissed them again. Letting go, she looked at them both with proud eyes. "Now, you two take good care of each other out there in the wilderness and don't fight."

    Red said, "Okay, Mom. Love you." He looked a bit sad as well, but didn't show as much emotion, he was way too excited about getting his Pokemon. He looked at his sister and took her hand. "Shall we head off to the Professor's lab?"
  9. As their mom talked to them and said her goodbyes Ruby smiled, hoping it would help her mom know they'd be okay. She wasn't sad at all. The way she saw it, it's not like they'd never see her again or anything.

    When Red asks if Ruby was ready she nods and blushes. "Ya, Let's go." She starts walking with him. When they arrive the professor was just getting back from some research.

    "Ah, you guys are finally ready to start your journey? Good! Come in, I'll get you guys started!" He leads the way inside.
  10. "Good morning, Professor Larch." Red said politely with a slight bow. He was very exited, but didn't for get his manners. "Yes, Sir! Very ready." He followed the Pokemon Professor inside.

    Professor's Larch's lab was a small one. The smallest in the region. It was more like a library than a lab as well. Books filled with Pokemon entries lined the walls and a few computers whirred and beeped, flashing images of battle simulations and Pokemon statistics.

    Red had been here before with his sister on a class trip and again to get their licences. But the place never ceased to amaze him. He silently voiced a wow at the cool graphical battle simulations.

    Following Larch to a table with a pair of Pokeballs, locked in place. The Professor pointed at the balls and their names were engraved on each one, which looked fairly cool. "Ladies first," He said with a smile at Ruby. "Go ahead, grab it and call it out. Let's see your best battle pose!"
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