Pokemon RP: City[e]scape

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  1. Three teams, one city, one race, twelve pieces.

    The distant pattering of rain is the first, melancholy sound you manage to hear. You hear before you open your eyes. A minute later, a noisy alarm clock continuously beeping is what causes your eyes to sleepily open.

    Five more minutes…

    You brain tumbles like the clouds outside.

    Then your eyes open once more, only to find you’re in a completely different and unfamiliar room. Plain. Plain grey walls, plain bedding, plain dull brown desk. The only thing colorful features of this room are the numbers on the alarm clock. Jolting up, you see a magnificent city-scape through the window, one familiar building sticks out. Red and white building with the acronym PC above its doors.


    This RPs outcome and story will change on how your characters chose to live and what options they chose. There are many mysteries to solve in this RP, how they got to the city, the goal of the Pokemon professor and more. There are various puzzles and riddles to be solved within this RP.

    Your character’s tale begins with awakening in an apartment building in a room specifically decorated to be dull. They can decorate their room later as they gain more money to buy furniture.

    They may have one pokemon of their choice with them, and while the level system won't be used, the maximum power pokemon they can have will be the second evolution for pokemon with two evolutions(example, you can't have the final evo of a starter when you begin in the RP), and the first evolution for the pokemon with only on evolution(example, you can't have a Zoroark you can only have a Zorua with your character starting out). Optionally, you can go get another starter pokemon in the Pokemon Center across the street, if your character chooses to go there. More will also happen at the Pokemon Center, the 'main goal' of your characters' existence within the city will seemingly also be revealed.

    Your character has the option of taking up an occupation within the city; there are many occupations to choose from, mostly common ones to start off such as a waiter or competitive battler, but battling will always give you a decent amount of money to work with.

    Wild pokemon are imported daily into the various parks in the middle of the city.

    Jobs that are available will be listed later on.

    I'm looking for nine spots to be filled.