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  1. I have decided to create my own RP after participating in many Pokémon RP's composed of different plots and adventures. The RP will be ready to go once I find people who are interested.

    Since this site will be closed tomorrow, I will only post interest points to gather people's attention. After the site comes back up, I will post the full plot.

    This will be an intermediate and above Pokémon roleplay. There are three main reasons for the level requirements:
    1. I want people who understand more than the basic concept, including natures, stats etc...

    2. I want people who can post descriptive content and complete thoughts.

    3. I want people who can follow rules and understand the NO GOD-MOD concept

    I have created a list of ru es and basic knowledge that will be available after I post the RP.

    Quick Summary of Plot:
    You are apart of the new generation of Pokémon living on a world in fear of Humans. Wherever your adventure starts, you are in charge of how it happens.

    Feel free to post questions, comments, and concerns.
  2. Id be very interested in joining and I know one other person who would be too!
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  3. Awesomeness! Haha. I'm going to post the roleplay sometime today.
  4. Awesome! Link me up, I can't wait to join!
  5. -squirms-

  6. I just realized that there is a group option and I might move the content into a group, if that would be more organized.
  7. Still looking for members!!
Thread Status:
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