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  1. I have been wanting to do a pokemon roleplay for, like, ages. I would hope for there to be romance in these stories but I'm not gonna force it on you.

    Pairing wise, FxM or FxF is preferred but i'll take part in a MxM if you really want.

    Plot #1 TAKEN
    In this universe the age of which you can get a pokemon was changed to eighteen, as it was believed that youth would be too reckless with them. The world has changed a lot over the years with humans moving into maze like cities to escape the world. Gym leaders no longer exist, having all quit, same goes for the elite four and champion.

    Humanity runs under strict rules but the main rule is you are never allowed to leave the walls, you can move cities but only if you are being taken to your new city by two or more guards, and even they you aren't allowed
    on foot. The amount of pokemon you are allowed has also been lowered to three as opposed to six, the only people who can break this rule is the government.

    There are four cities, Trost, Rose, Echo and Mariana. (YC) has recently moved from Rose, the calmest of the three cities, to Trost, one of the rougher cities. Here they meet (M/C) who wants to leave the walls and be free, the two decide to join a rebellion that's trying to break free and leave the walls of the maze they live in. They face hard times, with the government trying to find everybody in the group and have them killed. Will they make it out of the walls alive?

    Plot #2

    (M/C) works for an evil team called Team Zerum, who want to wipe the slate clean, they think humans are becoming too reckless and need to be taught a lesson. (M/C) never enjoyed working for this organisation and only works there because hey father happened to help start the group.

    (Y/C) is the champion and ends up putting the group out of business and meeting (M/C) shortly after, they don't know that (M/C) used to work for the organisation and the two very quickly become friends.

    The two embark on their own little journey, gaining more then platonic feelings fir each other along the way.

    Then (Y/C) finds out about (M/C)'s past job by accident and it puts a strain on the relationship, it doesn't help that Team Zerum is back and requesting (M/C) to join them again. What will they do?

    If you have any ideas for a plot just PM me.
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  2. Im very interested specially a FxF Rp if that is alright with you. The first plot sounds great and if there is more I wouldn't mind looking at them too but I am more than happy to Rp with you if you don't mind.
  3. So glad I got a reply so quickly! I would be really happy to roleplay with you, just PM while I mark Plot 1 as taken and work on plot 2.
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  4. Okay, I'll Pm You in a little got to cook something to eat for the house
  5. Okay!
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