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    • Accepting New Characters: Yes

      Rating: E - Everyone

      Basic Setting: This is the Pokemon World, based on Pokemon Red/adventures, within the Kanto Region. Pokemon and humans coexist along one another, and trainers are those who capture & raise Pokemon. Trainers would challenge Gym leaders and collect badges on their journey. There's an evil organization known as Team Rocket, who experiments and kidnaps pokemon for their evil purposes, and we would be facing them along the way.

      We all start at Pallet Town, to choose to starter Pokemon of either Charmander, Bulbasaur, Squirtle or Pikachu (You can pick other pokemon if you want, as long as its part of the 151 pokemons but not one of the legendaries), and receive a Pokedex then we start the adventure o.o ~

    • 1) Do not leave RP without notifying any of us. It complicates things alot when people disappear silently. I will skip those whom haven't posted within 3-4 days, and after 14 days of unnotified inactivity, the fate of your character will be up to my discretion.

      2) Existing characters are allowed, as long as its not a Gym Leader. OCs are allowed too~

      3) No godmodding

      4) You can choose any of the 151 Pokemon as a starter, as long as it isn't a legendary pokemon or something too OP.

      5) You can evolve your Pokemon IC , but make it realistic and reasonable, just don't make charmander evolve into charlizard right in Pallet Town/Clefairy evolves without moonstone~

      6) Be respectful

      Character Sheet

      Name: Your Char name
      Nickname(s): If any
      Age: how old?
      Gender: Male or female?
      Appearance: Picture or description
      Personality: Optional
      History: Any backstory with ur char?
      Pokemon: Your starter pokemon & others if there's any

      Blank Template


    • Active
      Rammus (Noodles)
      Catherine Riverbank (WolfStar)
      Dean Sampson (Lord of Dragons)

      Hawthorn Eastwood (Greensea)
      Sorena Morgan Chandler (CynderTheDragoness)
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  1. Dibs on Red. Starting Pokémon: Pikachu

  2. Name: Hawthorn Eastwood

    Nickname(s): Professor

    Age: 12

    Gender: Male


    Brilliant and friendly, what else do you expect more than the genius? Hawthorn is known for his knowledge and friendliness in Pallet town but there are people who still keep away from this young man due to his evil tenacity to experimenting people around him. Not only his freaky experiment, he seems to be thick skin as well.


    Known as the famous genius kid of Pallet town with some called him the Professor. Hawthorn was born from Oak's Aide, which is why he already exposed to pokemon ever since he was a child. Vulpix, his only current pokemon, was first found injured in the town due to kids throwing stones on it a few years ago. Hawthorn took the Vulpix into the lab in rush as he saw the Vulpix was dying. After a months of treatment, the Vulpix survive and with ever since that, it becomes Hawthorn's pokemon.


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  3. I was going to make an OC with a Pikachu.
  4. Name: Sorena Morgan Chandler
    Age: 16
    Gender: Female
    Personality: Sorena is a quiet girl. She also very caring, especially toward Pokémon. She'll never abandon one or deny it the help it needs. She can be a little more shy and akward towards peopleat first, until she warms up. Then she's a loyal friend.
    History: Sorena's parents ran a small Pokémon sanctuary, and sometimes Sorena helped out. She couldn't do much in the way of lugging feed around our helping to treat the sick ir injured, but she could make them feel at home. She doesn't know much about battling, but she can take care of a Pokémon and make them feel loved. She'll never abandon a Pokémon.
    Pokémon: Pikachu
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  5. Name: Rammus

    Nickname(s): N/A

    Age: 17

    Gender: Male

    Appearance: [​IMG]

    Personality: Will be revealed on IC.

    History: Rammus was from Pallet Town, living along his grandmother since his parents died at a young age. He've been living a normal trainer life with his squirtle .

    Pokemon: Squirtle

  6. Sorena's age is subject to change depending on tbe ages of the others. I don't want ber oldest, nor the youngest by far.
  7. All accepted, but for Greensea, just state which pokemon you're starting with and you're done :)

    Started IC thread, you all can post there~
    Pokemon Red IC | IwakuRoleplay.com
  8. No problem with that :3
  9. Red will probably be 18, depending on.
  10. FYI, I'm working on a sheet, don't think I'm just using the image as my character sheet xD

    That was a placeholder post
  11. Okay I've chosen Vulpix as my starter
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  12. Name: Catherine Riverbank
    Nickname(s): Cathy or Cat
    Age: 16
    Gender: Female
    Personality: She is quiet,stubborn, friendly and loving. She not only loves pokemon her other hobbies are music, drawing and she wishes do become a champion.
    History: She is born to a Saffron city, but they move to the Pallet town when she was 14 years old. She is born to be close with pokemon's, because her father is been a pokemon trainer and owns many pokemons. She is always wished to have her own pokemon, but her busy life she never get a change to have one.
    Pokemon: Nidoran (female)
    Other: Nope!
  13. Accepted :)
  14. I am. Yes. Sorry, i got caught up with work and family.
  15. Name: Dean Sampson
    Nickname(s): Pyro, Red-Eyes, or even Yin-Yang
    Age: 17
    Gender: Male
    Dean Sampson (open)

    Personality: Dean is a guy who takes more of the heroes approach to things, he likes too help out, and wants to be able to make sure that all people and Pokemon are safe in a dangerous situation. He will risk life and limb to save anyone, even if it means he will see an enemy again. Proof of this is the scar across his right eye, as he had went into a burning building to save the Pokemon that actually started the fire on accident at 14. He had gotten slashed across the eye just slightly. Thankfully he can still see out that one eye, but the damage had changed something in his eye as well. It gave him the ability to see auras, not that he could actually do anything about it, this has taught him a lot about things. He has become more humbled, and wiser in his life as well.
    History: Since Dean was just a baby, he loved Pokemon. His family had a Pokemon wildlife area built on their island, and yes he is rich, but they had the area built just so they could have a vacation spot, and also workplace to live around. Known as Sampson Spa and PokeWildlife Island Co., Sampson grew around a wide culture of people and Pokemon. He always had helped the Pokemon in any situation and people with anything that they needed. His childhood was his career with Pokemon. People and his parents had seen such greatness in him with Pokemon, that his parents wanted to send him on his journey at 14. Though that was the day of the fire in one of the wildlife buildings, and Dean had his accident. It was that day he actually met his first Pokemon, a Charmander that Professor Oak had brought over to give a vacation before it was journey time. Since that day, Professor Oak has not been let down about giving Dean his starter. Dean himself has been using his aura sight to watch out for different things of danger and more. He had save a Spearow from a falling tree at one time, catching it just in time before the tree had fallen. Dean really cares for Pokemon and won't let any danger stand in his way of saving them.
    Pokemon: Charmander, Spearow
    Other: His aura sight only lets him see auras, he cannot use them like an Aura Guardian. His sight of aura's is quite exceptional, though he doesn't know of anyone else with this skill.
  16. Accepted, just letting you know but abilities like this are from Viridian Forest as according to Pokemon Adventures manga :P
  17. Thanks, but from what I remember the aura sight came from movie 8 of pokemon actually when there was the mentioning of Lucario and Sir Aaron. That was the first time Aura Guardians and aura in general was mentioned, as Riolu and Lucario did not ever show up in any episodes until after that and after the episodes with Riley, the Aura Guardian in training that Ash and his friends met on Iron Island in Diamond and Pearl.
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