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  1. OOC thread: OPEN SIGNUPS - Pokemon Red | IwakuRoleplay.com

    Pallet town, a small town located at the southern west area of the Kanto region. Its a peaceful area, its Pokemon around the area aren't very hostile. Thus, the residents usually get along well with Pokemon. The houses are quite old, as there ain't much development & renovation on the place. Despite so, it has a great Environment scenery due to its inactive construction here.

    Also, its located nearby Viridian city, where there're Pokemon Centre & Poke Marts.

    "Yawns" Rammus was strolling back to Pallet Town, along with his Pokemon, Squirtle. He was back from his occasional trip to the 'nearest' Poke Mart, located at Viridian City. It wasn't really near 'cause it takes quite a while for him to get there & back, furthermore there are some wild Pokemon on the way too.

    Lighting up a cigarette he bought, he let out a puff as he approached back to his residence. ('Just another normal day huh~') He thought as he noticed his Squirtle shunning away from the cigarette smoke.

    "Ah, sorry, I almost forgot" Rammus removed his cigarette from his mouth, flicking it off to a wastebin.
  2. Sorena

    Sorena had just returned home with her very own Pokémon. The Pokémon she had chosen from Professor Oak was a Pikachu. The Pokémon was currently curled up on the pillow of her bed as Sorena packed a bag. She already had a belt of Pokéballs around her waist, all empty. She had learned quickly that her Pikachu was not a fan of its Pokéball, so she had let it walk home with her. Sorena herself wasn't a fan of keeping Pokémon cooped up in a ball all the time. Finally sufficiently packed, Sorena stood and slidd the bag onto her back. She sat on her bed and lightly ran her hand down her Pikachu's back. "Pikachu." The girl spoke softly. "It's time to go." The Pokémon yawned and sat up. It crawled into Sorena's lap, where she wrapped her arms around it and stood up and made her way downstairs.
  3. Catherine

    Catherine walked alone toward the woods towards Viridian City. She had purchased her first Pokémon from the professor Oak this Morning and said goodbye to her parents before leaving. She had hoped to own pokemon for so long that it was even made a list of Pokémon that she would like to catch on her journal. She played with her new Pokedex, trying to learn her new partner Nidoran movements as well as her evolution forms "Nidorina...Nidoqueen...What I need a moon stone to evolve her..." she muttered herself as she walked forward. Hearing a little crunch in the woods, she stopped, noticing a small brown bird Pokémon eating grains. Looking at her pokedex in order to get more information about the Pokémon "Pidgey...great...I will catch it... " she thought digging her Nidoran Poké Ball in her bag "Nidoran...use Scratch" she called, but the move was too slow and the scared bird fly away....
  4. Hawthorn Eastwood

    Pallet Town ----> Route 1

    "Let see Pokeballs... check, clothes... check, pokedollar... check, pokedex... uneeded!" Hawthorn packed his things to one whole green bag. As he heard footsteps coming from outside his door, he quickly hide the bag under his bed. "Hawthorn! it's already morning, how do you plan to stay on your room!" Hawthorn laughed as he trying to act normally. As soon as his mother went out he quickly took his bag and went out of his home avoiding his mother's rage who strongly appose him. Vulpix, Hawthorn first pokemon as well as long time best friend went out of his pokeball. "Let's go Vulpix!"
  5. Rammus

    "So, with this ball, I can catch Pokemon...?" Rammus began pondering at the Pokeball Professor Oak gave him, then a strange Pokedex which is capable of scanning his Squirtle.

    "If I throw this at a Pokemon..." Rammus threw a Pokeball at Squirtle, 'capturing' it in the process, "It will be captured for a wild Pokemon, and 'return' for my own Pokemon..." He the noticed more detailed info from the Pokedex. ('Quite a useful device huh O_O ...')

    "That looks awkward..." He looked at his mini Squirtle in his Pokeball, then putting him out & setting out for Route 1.

    "Squirtle, tackle" Rammus commanded in response to a wild pidgey attacking, holding up a Pokeball.

    "And now..." Rammus threw a pokeball at Pidgey at that moment, capturing his first Pokemon. "So I have a 2nd Pokemon now..." He opened his Pokeball, that got Pidgey to spray sand attack right on his face. ('I knew that was coming... time to train it first ... >.<')
  6. Sorena

    Sorena headed into the kitchen where her parents waited. As her mother stuffed snacks, for both Sorena and Pikachu, into any open pocket on the girl's backpack, Sorena promised to circle back at some point in her journey. Having said goodbye for now, Sorena set off on the road. It was not long before she heard a rustling in the tall grasses that lined the path. A Pokémon jumped out of the grass onto the path. It was a Rattata! Sorena glanced at her Pikachu, who leapt in front of the Rattata without hesitation. "Pika!" It was ready for a command. "Alright Pikachu! Use Thunder Shock!" Sorena commanded. Her Pikachu obeyed, sending an arc of electricity at the Rattata, sapping some of its strength. The Rattata retaliated with a tackle. Pikachu fell back a few feet, but regained it's footing. It waited for another command ftom Sorena, who gave another. "Use Tail Whip!" Pikachu landed the Tail Whip, sending Rattata flying a short distance. It tackled again, but the move was not as effective. "Thunder Shock one last time!" Sorena said. Pikachu sent another arc of electricity. The Rattata fainted and Sorena threw a Pokéball at it. Sorena stared nervously and Pikachu stood at the ready as the Pokéball rocked. Then it went still. Sorena had caught a Rattata! Letting her new Pokémon rest in its Pokéball, Sorena scooped up Pikachu and continued on her way.
  7. Dean

    Dean sat in the Pokemon Center of Viridian City, resting himself up along with his Charmander and Spearow. The trio were having a nice set of food at the moment. Holding a cup of hot tea, Dean took a sip and looked around the Pokemon Center. He finished his tea as his pokemon finished their food. "Alright, time to return dear friends" he stated returning the pokemon to their pokeballs.

    Standing up from the table, Dean had walked out of the Pokemon Center. Looking towards Route 1 he saw a female trainer coming this way, and she held a Pikachu in her arms. "This seems promising, maybe a battle should be in order possibly" Dean suggested to himself. Holding Charmanders Pokeball in his hand, the teenager thought to himself for a moment, Should we really do battle?
  8. On the path ahead, Sorena saw another person coming her way. She wanted to battle, but she didn't feelike bothering the person. Plus, her Rattata needed to get to the Pokémon Center after battling Pikachu before she caught it. It wouldn't hurt Pikachu to get a little extra rest too. She continued on to the Pokémon Center. She saw Nurse Joy as the reception desk. She greeted the woman as she set Pikachu on tbe counter along with Rattata's Pokéball. "I captured a Rattata, and I want it to be well rested before I train it. Pikachu could use a little extra care too. It must be tired after helping me obtain a new friend." She smiled.
  9. Catherine

    Catherine desiced to follow the pidgey which fly away for her just a moment ago. Muttering herself she was seriously wanting to catch her second pokemon. Pidgey disappeared somewhere, but Catherine thought it was still somewhere near. Her Nidoran was out of pokeball and suddenly she gently nudged her leg "Hmm! What is it?". Nidoran make a light voice and turned around toward a one big bush. Catherine looked at the bush when something moved there, purple snake slithered out "...Hm! Great Nidoran use Scratch" she called without even looking at her pokedex for more information. It seems to work, but the snake still kept his cool... "Again" she called taking her pokeball out, knowing that this could be her chance. As the snake was weakened By the attack she used her pokeball to capture it.
  10. Dean

    Seeing the girl go into the Pokemon Center, he decided to join her, maybe chat with her even. Walking into the Pokemon Center once again, he greeted Nurse Joy, "Hello again Nurse Joy." Then turning his attention to Sorena, he saw her Pikachu, "Now that's a shocking personality you have on your hands. I'm more of a heated type myself." Dean...trying to be a charmer.
  11. "Now... According to that old man Oak, I've to challenge Gyms to get badges that makes my Pokemon stronger huh..." Rammus pondered along the entrance of Viridian City, looking at his worn down Pidgey & Squirtle "Glad that there's a Gym nearby, but first, the Pokemon Center~"

    "Two Pokemon" Entering the Pokemon Center, Rammus handed the nurses his Squirtle and then a Pokeball containing Pidgey. He still kept his Pidgey in his Pokeball, 'cause he haven't fully trained her yet, still a bit disobedient, but at least better than just now when he got sandattacked over and over, his eyes are a bit red from that.

    "And quite a crowd here today, it seems o.o" He said with his slight curiosity, sitting on a sofa as his pokemon got healed, while trying to resist laughter from the epic speech he heard from Dean.
  12. Hawthorn Eastwood
    Route 1 ----> Virdian City

    The fist route which Hawthorn ever stepped in, his first impression well nothing. His curiosity needs has been fulfilled through books that he read in the pallet town, from the climate to pokemon that can be captured here. For the first hour in the Route, he tried to find Pidgey which he thought it's essential for later on for flying uses but finding and reading in the book is a different experiences for him, Hawthorn never had the chances to exercise his muscle and kept on reading while sitting on his chair. It took another hour later for him to catch a pidgey using a pokeball, with him catching the pidgey already, he ran his way through the next city which is Virdian City as he doesn't want to spend his first adventure night on the first route. With his intelligence, he went to the nearest path to Virdian City. As he reached the Virdian City, he directly went to pokemon center to heal his pokemon but as he walked inside, he met some familiar faces from his hometown.
  13. Catherine

    After following the pidgey she was accidentally left from the path, but it would not be a problem since she had visited Viridian City once before. Taking her Nidaran back to her pokeball she walked toward the little hill which took directly to the Viridian city. Taking a hard sight she looked at the sky "It's getting darker? I could find a restourant and some place to rest" she thought as she entered to the city. The pokemon center was just on her way, when the Pokemon Mart was almost behind it, even the gym roof could be seen in the distance. Walking toward the pokemon center she desiced to heal her pokemons first then go to get some food.
  14. Rammus
    ('That kid, he's the one from our town right? Seems very familiar...') Rammus was about to approach Hawthorn until the nurses notified him that his Pokemon has been healed, them carrying his squirtle and his Pidgey still enclosed in a Pokeball. ('Now that they're healed, its time to challenge a Gym ^_^') He exited out of the center, approaching to the worn-out & tattered Viridian gym, without noticing a [CLOSED] sign right beside the door.

    "Heard alot about this place, to think that I'm challenging it today, heh..." He murmured as the door opened, the inside revealing a pitch black room. "So this is how a Gym looks like, pitch black everywhere..." He, along with his squirtle, walked into the Gym , noticing a broken statue. ('This is getting creepier the more I get in...')

    "RAWRRRR" The sudden roar hurt his left ear, to think he saw a machoke right beside him when he turned. "ARGHHH!!" Rammus shouted in shock as the Machoke from the Gym used Body Slam on Rammus and sent him flying out of the Gym. The impact was strong enough for him to finally reach land outside the city. "Ouch... this hurts like a bitch..." Rammus' right arm had been dislocated, "Now where dafuq am I...?" He struggled to get up, only to realize his squirtle was gone, the only Pokemon that he has right now was a Pidgey he recently caught. "Viri...dian forest...?" He read a sign, noticing a weedle staring at him, "This will be a loong day..."


    Squirtle ran from the Gym, running to the Pokemon Center for help. ('Help me! I need to find that stupid Rammus who got blasted away by a Machamp!') Squirtle tried to relay that to the people in the Pokemon center, but all he ended up saying is usual Pokespeak.
  15. Catherine

    She was entering the pokemon center when she noticing a fearful Squirtle ran inside, shouting something like Pokemon language, which she did not get any clear. However, the Pokémon's attitude told that something was wrong. She walked to the back the Pokémon, and bowed herself toward it "So little one, is something wrong?" she asked, feeling little bit stupid to ask, when she knows that she could not understand anything if the Squitle would speak to her.
  16. Dean

    Dean had smiled as he walked away from the girl, as he noticed a commotion with the Squirtle. He walked on over, "What seems to be the problem by any chance." Dean had noticed something wrong in the Squirtle's aura, as it seemed to be distressed. "I can help in any way if you would like" Dean told the Squitle. He was interested in what was happening as it could be a chance to help.
  17. Rammus

    "Pidgey, sand attack!" Rammus took out his Pidgey, as she sprayed sand at the wild weedle. "Now, return!" Pidgey returned to the Pokeball as weedle attempted to use Poison Sting on his Pidgey but missed. Then, he took to his heels & fled. Unfortunately, the poison sting that missed hit Rammus' left leg, piercing and infecting that wound due to the poison effect. ('First, my right arm, second my left leg, third, I myself is poisoned...') Rammus gritted his teeth, limping throughout the Viridian Forest, meaning he himself have no room to escape. "Damnnit, the city's miles away, now getting to the Pewter City instead sounds more logical... And I swear to god this forest is hell..."

    ('A wild caterpillar thing... great...') Rammus thought, summoning out his Pidgey as he commanded his bird Pokemon to use gust, throwing the Pokeball when it seemed weak. It was a failure, it escaped the ball and shattered it into pieces, but he've one more and reacted quickly to throw another one, this time, it was caught. "Caterpie huh... cheesy name..."


    Squirtle, frantically pointed the direction of where his owner flung himself to, the direction of Viridian Forest. However, he seemed tame, and willing to listen to commands by strangers, due to the dire situation right now. ('Sigh, I should have gotten used to the Pokeball...')
  18. Dean

    Dean had looked to where the Squirtle had pointed, and then back at the Squirtle. "Alright then little one, take me to where you had last seen him and then we can go searching for him after that. I'll help out no matter the situation" Dean declared, with a heroic nod of his head. He wanted to be able to help this Pokemon as best as he could, not wanting to stop for an inch.
  19. Catherine

    Catherine standed up and looked at the Dean "Is this Squirtle yours? Or do you know it's owner? " she asked confusedly. For her it almost heared that he could understand the pokemon language. Sighing she looked at the Squirtle again *Hm! I guess something bad did happen to it's owner...* she thought to herself.
  20. Dean

    Dean had looked over to Catherine and smiled, "Well not really either. I actually understand Pokemon better than people really. The Pokemon is obviously worried about someone, so whether it be a Pokemon or trainer, it wasn't going to be difficult for me to figure it out. Besides, this Squitle was pointing in a certain direction of somewhere, so it must mean something. I made an edjucated guess really. Hopefully I am right, plus I have the ability to see aura's meaning certain visualizations of an aura give me a better understanding of what someone is speaking of." Dean had explained all of this, at the same time hoping not to burn Catherine's brain with all the info. He looked back at the Squirtle, and then back at Catherine, ntoing her aura in this situation, it had no negative qualities that was for sure.
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